SCANDAL Animal Crossing QR Designs
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Indie Artist
Indie Artist
I made a few SCANDAL designs a couple months back for the game Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I never shared them but after some thought, I began to wonder how many other SCANDAL fans played AC as well? I thought sharing them with people would be a good idea so other SCANDAL fans can add a bit of the girls into Animal Crossing~ And I thought this place was the best place to share them. ^.^

If you've made any SCANDAL designs on your own AC game, please feel free to post them and share them with us. :3


The first design I made was something I thought would be fairly simple... SCANDAL's logo. Turns out SCANDAL's logo isn't so simple to make on AC. x) Got it done though and I made it into a regular pattern, a shirt, and a dress. All of which are simple and you can find them below, as well as a preview for them:
SCANDAL Logo, dress, and shirt:

SCANDAL Logo Dress:

SCANDAL Logo Shirt:

The next pattern I made was Canta. However, Canta was proving to be a bit hard for me so I did use a QR making app to get the basic design for Canta. He came out blurry so I fixed him up a bit, but this Canta wasn't one I made completely on my own.
Canta design:

The last pattern I've made so far is a full dress pattern. The dress is the outfits they wore during their Doll days (which I named the pattern Shiroten for some reason instead of Doll lol). The pattern, admittedly, is not the best but this was the first time I had made a full dress by hand. I do better with designs or horror based clothing (as you can see from what's behind my character in the preview lol). I think it turned out well for the first time.

SCANDAL's Doll outfit is below:

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Re: SCANDAL Animal Crossing QR Designs
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International Performer
International Performer
Purple hair... so this is MAMI? =P

Nice =) You need to make the red ball monster from HARU's YokoAri outfit  Onion XD 

[GAME] FUN with SCANDAL on Memrise :
[GAME] 2048 SCANDAL Editions :
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