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Bridge USA Interview
Posted on Mon Apr 06, 2015 8:00 pm



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SCANDAL recently did an interview with Bridge USA, a Los Angeles-based Japanese info-tainment magazine, about their upcoming LA show and their world tour.

We're our own rivals!! We want to create songs that people worldwide can sing along to!!

SCANDAL, who represents Japanese girl bands in both name and in reality, have announced their world tour 『WORLD TOUR 2015「HELLO WORLD」』. They will be conquering Chicago, Los Angeles, Anaheim, and Mexico. What kind of girls are 「SCANDAL」, the hottest thing in Japan right now?


・I've heard that SCANDAL has deep feelings for LA. Why did you absolutely want to play a live in LA?

HARUNA: Ever since we went to LA on tour during our indie days, it's been a city that we love! Since there are many people here who support us, we've always thought about wanting to go back again.

・I was so happy when I heard that you're finally able to play a live in LA!

MAMI: I'm very happy that we get to play a live in LA again. I'm also truly grateful that we're able to play a one-man live. It'll be our first time back in LA in a while, so I'm really looking forward to it! It'll be the best night ever!

・It's not just LA--you're holding your first ever world tour. Please share with us your enthusiasm about it.

RINA: Since this world tour is the first time we're going around the world, I'm so happy that we're able to go overseas and bringing along our latest album packed with who we are right now! I'd be very happy if people overseas are pleased with it too!

・How will SCANDAL grow and evolve on your world tour?

MAMI: Personally, when this world tour ends, I think the band's atmosphere and motivation could change. I'd like to take in all kinds of influences and utilize it in our production too.

・What kind of band do you feel that 「SCANDAL」 is? Also, what is your biggest selling point?

TOMOMI: We're a band whose members all take charge of main vocals. All 4 of us singing with completely different types of voices is our forte as a band.

・Currently, are the 4 of you 「co-workers」? Or 「friends」? Please share your relationship.

RINA: We can say we're both. For us, the band is more like "life" to us than it is a "job." We're wonderful friends who are sharing life than only happens once.

・Currently, what is the 「goal」 that SCANDAL is aiming for?

TOMOMI: If there are people who are interested in us, we want to go play lives in places we haven't yet gone to.

・Who is SCANDAL's biggest rival?

HARUNA: Nothing really comes to mind, but it might be us ourselves. I want us to always stay new and never be satisfied with how we presently are.

・What kind of band would you like to be in the future?

MAMI: We go overseas to play a live without fail every year. We want to continue to cross the ocean to go play lives as always, go to many places we didn't go to on this world tour, and become a band that enlarges their scale even more because there are people interested in us. We'll do our best with it.

・I want to do this! What are SCANDAL's ambitions?

RINA: We want to create songs that people worldwide can sing along to. Since we're a band that goes overseas to play lives every year, keep watching over us from here on too!


2011.07.03 SCANDAL @ AM2 -Anaheim, CA 2012.03.28 SCANDAL vs BUDOKAN @武道館 2012.11.03+04 SCANDAL HALL TOUR 2012 @愛知 2012.11.10 SCANDAL @ Happy MUSIC Live 2012 2013.03.03 SCANDAL OSAKA-JO HALL 2013 @大阪城ホール 2014.06.01 Honolulu Ekiden & Music 2014 2014.06.02 SCANDAL Fan Meeting 2015.04.25 SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2015「HELLO WORLD」 Paris, FR 2015.04.26「HW」London, UK 2015.04.30「HW」Essen, GER 2015.05.15「HW」-Chicago, IL 2015.05.20「HW」Mexico City, MEX 2015.05.22「HW」Los Angeles, CA 2015.05.23「HW」Anaheim, CA 2016.01.12+13 SCANDAL ARENA TOUR『PERFECT WORLD』@武道館2016.05.21 Welcome Fan Meeting 2016.05.22 Honolulu Ekiden & Music 2016 2016.05.23 Farewell Fan Meeting 2016.08.21 SCANDAL 10th ANNIVERSARY FESTIVAL @泉大津フェニックス 2017.07.14+15+17 SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour
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Re: Bridge USA Interview
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International Performer
International Performer
For us, the band is more like "life" to us than it is a "job." We're wonderful friends who are sharing life than only happens once.
This is so wise.

"For us, the band is more like "life" to us than it is a "job." We're wonderful friends who are sharing life that only happens once." -Rina
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