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SCANDAL's "heart-pounding" performances & collaboration MV for a Bourbon 「Fettuccine Gummi」 TV CM unveiled

SCANDAL will appear in a commercial for Bourbon's 『Fettuccine Gummi』. It is their first TV commercial, and it will be televised in order from 2/26.

Featuring a tie-in with Bourbon's 『Fettuccine Gummi』 fruit flavors, the CM song uses their new song 「LOVE ME DO」, with lyrics and music by MAMI, from their 7th album 「YELLOW」 that will be releasing on 3/2.

Additionally, a short version of its music video has been made public as of today, the 23rd.

It's a work that is filled with many "heart-pounding" scenes perfect for the product image of a "heart twinge and a pleasant chewing feeling." Surprising "heart-pounding" scenes that were kept secret from the members until the day of the shoot were each prepared, and the common stages of life each in different situations had the members blushing realistically.

The quartet's facial expressions are cut off in the identical scenes where their handkerchiefs are picked up. In their individual scenes HARUNA's arm is pulled and she is saved from danger at a shopping mall, MAMI is praised at a secondhand clothing store, TOMOMI is presented with a handkerchief while taking shelter from the rain, and RINA takes a book into her hand at the same time at a library. It's a production in which you can catch a glimpse of each of their reactions and see a cute side to them that they haven't really shown on stage until now.

"You don't know each other's pasts well, and you don't know what will happen in the future. But, the two of you loving 「now」 is the most important thing." are the emotions that filled the new song 「LOVE ME DO」's outlook coupled together with a music video that is filled with many first-time challenges that had been a little different until now.



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