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Seniors SCANDAL appear at KANIKAPILA's live

The active high school girl band KANIKAPILA, residents of Fukuoka・Kurume, held the tenth and final performance of their monthly lives 『KANIKAPILA “HAKATA” BASE』.

The members left MIZUHO (Vocals & Guitar) to leave the stage. MIZUHO said, 「We'll now be calling our our first guest!」 as an introduction, and she talked about the relieving episode she had when she first met MAMI, who MIZUHO admired from when she was in elementary school, at 『SCANDAL Copy Band & Vocalist Contest』. Amid the mild atmosphere, they played a special version of 「Koe」, one of SCANDAL's songs on which MAMI sings vocals, with MIZUHO on the electric guitar and MAMI on acoustic guitar. Their crystal clear harmonies were softly sung in harmony, captivating the venue.

As the other members of KANIKAPILA appeared on stage once more, YOSHIKA (Vocals, Guitar & Ukelele) said, 「We have one more guest today! HARUNA from SCANDAL!」, and then, 「SCANDAL is a band we look up to that got us in KANIKAPILA to pick up instruments and start a band. We made a goal, and we wouldn't have held these monthly lives if it wasn't for SCANDAL.」 With their roots in SCANDAL, they performed together on stage for the first time, expressing their joy and feelings of gratitude.

The 9 of them--KANIKAPILA, HARUNA, MAMI--performed SCANDAL's 「SAKURA Goodbye」, perfect for this season, and SCANDAL's debut song 「DOLL」. KANIKAPILA carried out their first co-performance on stage with the members of SCANDAL, a senior band that they had looked up to.

For KANIKAPILA, who were the winners out of the 550 groups of 『SCANDAL Copy Band & Vocalist Contest』 held in December 2013, the audience was also moved to tears from this precious collaboration.


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