Sony Bank's Picture Campaign
Posted on Mon Jul 04, 2016 5:58 am


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SCANDAL is participating in Sony Bank's 「Post your pictures from a fun trip and share them with everyone」 campaign! In addition to posting photos to Instagram, there will also be many things such as interviews and presents related to the campaign.

Campaign period: 7/4 (Mon.)~8/31 (Wed.)

*The contest is only open to Japan residents.

SCANDAL appeared in the shoot for the September issue of andGIRL magazine× Sony Bank♡ Sony Bank is starting an Instagram campaign from today!

From the happy moments from overseas trips uploaded with the hashtags #絶景sbw #至福sbw#ご褒美, the top 9 BEST PHOTOS will be given Canvasgrams as a bonus prize, and the person chosen as the TOP1 will be given a 5-star Hong Kong hotel trip (1 pair--2 people) as the grand prize! Also, the BEST3 photos will be used as the cover picture for Sony Bank's official Facebook and blog.



2011.07.03 SCANDAL @ AM2 -Anaheim, CA
2012.03.28 SCANDAL vs BUDOKAN @武道館
2012.11.03 SCANDAL HALL TOUR 2012 @愛知
2012.11.10 SCANDAL @ Happy MUSIC Live 2012
2013.03.03 SCANDAL OSAKA-JO HALL 2013 @大阪城ホール
2014.06.01 Honolulu Ekiden & Music 2014
2014.06.02 SCANDAL Fan Meeting
2015.04.25 SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2015「HELLO WORLD」 -Paris, FR
2015.04.26「HW」-London, UK
2015.04.30「HW」-Essen, GER
2015.05.15「HW」-Chicago, IL
2015.05.20「HW」-Mexico City, MEX
2015.05.22「HW」-Los Angeles, CA
2015.05.23「HW」-Anaheim, CA
2016.01.13 PERFECT WORLD
2016.05.21 Welcome Fan Meeting
2016.05.22 SCANDAL @ Honolulu Ekiden & Music 2016
2016.05.23 Farewell Fan Meeting
2016.08.21 SCANDAL 10th ANNIVERSARY FESTIVAL @泉大津フェニックス
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