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Posted on Tue Apr 19, 2011 3:49 pm


Caless Student
Caless Student
Both manga and anime, hope to introduce to people who have no heard of it,

Anime: 11eps, quite old, so you have to hunt for it.

Manga: Currently at chp49

What so great about it was that, i love how they display/present each short stories in a simple and cool way.
How the solve each customers 'little problem' without being directly involved.

whats more, it introduce you cocktails your may/ may not seen/heard before

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Re: Bartender
Posted on Fri Jul 01, 2011 1:52 pm


International Performer
International Performer
Second "slice-of-life" anime that I've watched. Sucks that it only lasted 11 episodes. I could see it continuing for a very long time; there are a lot of cocktails out there, after all. But it didn't, and it disappoints me. :\

It was awesome while it lasted, though. Novel concept, with great stories told through the different cocktails presented in the anime. I also like how the customers of the bar remain "connected" in some way, with Ryu Sasakura -- the titular character -- being the "glue" that holds everyone together. And the opening and closing theme songs add a nice touch overall. :)

Highly recommended. To drinkers and non-drinkers alike. :P

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