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Re: Acoustic Album
Posted on Fri Sep 06, 2013 2:21 pm


Shiroten Performer
Shiroten Performer
An acoustic album would be something i would look forward to... be it a new song or an acoustic version of their current songs... it would be nice to hear something different since they are currently trying out new things

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Re: Acoustic Album
Posted on Sat Sep 07, 2013 7:53 am


Mainstream Artist
Mainstream Artist
raynsity wrote:
ichiruki! wrote:Well, in a recent blog post, Rina did say that she got a cajon which mostly goes with acoustics. Unless SCANDAL are thinking of creating Peruvian or Cuban music or just incorporating it in their usual music, I don't think an acoustic album/single/EP is too far away!

Calling Very Special as an acoustic live is quite hard lol since only the guitars were acoustic. Tomo just played with her coronado which is apparently a 'semi' acoustic bass and Rina just had a tiny drumkit. I'll look forward to when Tomo plays an actual acoustic bass but Rina's cajon is already ticked off the list now Tongue
Rina actually played a normal-sized drumkit but she used multi-rods instead of normal drumsticks. About Tomomi, yes she did use a Coronado which is not a full acoustic bass guitar. However, most of the acoustic bass guitars are actually acoustic "electric" bass guitars once they have pickups, etc, for amplification so it's still legit to call it acoustic. Some bands even used a Hofner 500/1 bass guitar for MTV unplugged.
You brought up good points there, the acoustic bass and the Coronado are both quite similar in some aspects. Lol when you bring up the Hofner, it totally takes me back to the Beatles. Too bad Paul McCartney's original apparently got stolen but that's a little sidetracked. Back to the topic, I like the Coronado's deep tone but I think I still dig the usual acoustic bass for an acoustic session...

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Re: Acoustic Album
Posted on Sat Sep 14, 2013 8:23 am


Indie Artist
Indie Artist
Actually I want them to have like a Scandal Unplugged album with some of their songs played in acoustic. Then play it live and have a DVD for it or something.... 

If I would choose some of their current songs that would be played in acoustic it would be.

1. Sayonara My Friend
2. one piece
4. Bitter Chocolate
5. Kagen no Tsuki
6. Kimi to Yoru to Namida
7. Beauteen
8. Harukaze
10. Very Special
11. Scandal Baby

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Re: Acoustic Album
Posted on Mon Sep 30, 2013 8:43 am


Indie Artist
Indie Artist
I think an acoustic album would be splendid! Aha, I've always wanted to see more of them playing acoustic. I haven't seen any videos at all, only pictures. If there is a video of them playing acoustic, please direct me to it! (Pretty please and thank you.)
I also think it's doable but I don't know why I wouldn't put high hopes into it. 

My dream acoustic setlist (in no particular order) would be:
Welcome Home
Scandal Baby
Kimi to Yoru to Namida
Kagen no Tsuki
Anata Ga Mawaru 
One Piece 
Bitter Chocolate

On another note, in regards to Rina playing the piano, I'd like to see that, too! Actually playing a full song, not just little parts like in Kill the Virgin. 
Ever since I found out Mami used to play the drums, I've wanted this kind of set up: 
Mami on drums. Rina on keyboard. Haruna stays with guitar. Tomomi stays on her bass. 
Of course, Mami probably can't play very well anymore but I thought it would bring a bit of diversity (and fan service ahahaha).

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Re: Acoustic Album
Posted on Mon Sep 30, 2013 11:26 am


International Performer
International Performer
Many fans would like to see that for sure haha. MAMI fans would be like this -> Nose Bleed 

My dream set would be more like... all the songs played live in a giant acoustic live version xD Can't choose a normal setlist, too many awesome songs!

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