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GiGS, March 2018
Posted on Sun Jan 28, 2018 9:12 am



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Reviewing the special feature on SCANDAL!

Packed in this issue are solo interviews that close in to their thoughts as expressionists for the interview for their new album 『HONEY』 out on 2/14, introductions on their new equipment, an applicant service project, and more!
Read their words before listening to the album!

Another shot from the shoot for the special feature on SCANDAL in the March issue of GiGS.
This was the first try for the pictures for SCANDAL's special feature!
Thinking it'd be cool, we tried it out, and it turned out so much cooler than expected... Please check out the magazine to see what the finished shot looks like!

■GiGS has been restocked on CD Japan



2011.07.03 SCANDAL @ AM2 -Anaheim, CA 2012.03.28 SCANDAL vs BUDOKAN @武道館 2012.11.03+04 SCANDAL HALL TOUR 2012 @愛知 2012.11.10 SCANDAL @ Happy MUSIC Live 2012 2013.03.03 SCANDAL OSAKA-JO HALL 2013 @大阪城ホール 2014.06.01 Honolulu Ekiden & Music 2014 2014.06.02 SCANDAL Fan Meeting 2015.04.25 SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2015「HELLO WORLD」 Paris, FR 2015.04.26「HW」London, UK 2015.04.30「HW」Essen, GER 2015.05.15「HW」-Chicago, IL 2015.05.20「HW」Mexico City, MEX 2015.05.22「HW」Los Angeles, CA 2015.05.23「HW」Anaheim, CA 2016.01.12+13 SCANDAL ARENA TOUR『PERFECT WORLD』@武道館2016.05.21 Welcome Fan Meeting 2016.05.22 Honolulu Ekiden & Music 2016 2016.05.23 Farewell Fan Meeting 2016.08.21 SCANDAL 10th ANNIVERSARY FESTIVAL @泉大津フェニックス 2017.07.14+15+17 SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour
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International Performer
International Performer
Selected scans from the March 2018 ish of GiGS:


~ CHECK OUT MY 「PERFECT WORLD | Road to Budōkan」 VIDEO! 見てください!  ~

16-17/3/2013 *SCAPE Warehouse | SINGAPORE
29/1/2015 たましんRISURUホール | 立川市、東京都、日本
31/1/2015 ベイシア文化ホール | 前橋市、群馬県、日本
26/4/2015 O2 Academy Islington | LONDON, UK
12/1/2016 日本武道館 | 東京、日本
13/1/2016 日本武道館 | 東京、日本
10/9/2016 Melkweg | AMSTERDAM, NL
17/9/2016 Szene | WIEN, AT
24/9/2016 O2 Academy Islington | LONDON, UK
10/6/2018 MacPherson Stadium | HONG KONG
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