5 reasons why SCANDAL will stand the test of time
Posted on Tue Aug 07, 2012 4:03 am


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-The girls share a very strong friendship dating back to their high school days

-They seem so happy in their lives. (Tomo b/c the crowd likes their music, Haru b/c she just loves singing, Rina's always smiling no matter what, Mami likes the cool factor in being "that girl" doing the guitar solos)

-Based on forum polls, it seems that each member shares more or less the same amount of "preference"

-Each girl's talents is used extensively, and in some cases entire songs heavily feature them (Ex: Switch: Tomo's bass, Tokyo Skyscraper: Rina's drums)

-They seem to have fun with each and every one of their songs. Prime examples being the recent Cherry Jam and Koi no Hajimari wa Diet

To sum it up, SCANDAL just has so much chemistry, fun and talent that it's hard to see them breaking up before they're like 40. LONG LIVE SCANDAL

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So basically what you're saying it that they would last for more than 20 years?
I love this kind of optimism :D

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