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Final Mixdowns
Posted on Tue Jun 04, 2013 12:28 pm



Indie Artist
Indie Artist
Greetings all!
It occurred to me that during the clean-up of the SHCB threads we eliminated the links that contain the final mixdowns of our songs. I know many of you may want to load our creations onto your MP3 players or smart phones, so I've started this thread as a permanent home to find the tracks we create. I've locked this thread but I will update it as final tracks are created. So far the only track I am missing is Beauteen - so if you have it, post it and PM me the link!
Great job everyone!

Initial kick-off experiment - Doll listen/7sxqsh6b3mx9exz/doll_mixdown_7_19_2012.mp3

#1 Sakura Goodbye listen/6qmqbpxe7r2d184/sakura_goodbye_SHCB_mixdown02.mp3

#2 Shoujo S listen/c752x2qyq82lx8x/shoujoS_mixdown_final.mp3

#3 Beauteen

#4 Switch listen/ildghh8ph77i1nu/switch_mixdown_final_SHCB.mp3

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