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thoseguiltyeyes wrote:@kozaru: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Jinnan 1-3-1 (東京都渋谷区神南1-3-1)


Starting today they'll have SCANDAL's second Osaka-Jo Hall outfits on display.

 Thank you !!! ^w^LOVE

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Comments from HARU about her shirt design:

.。.:*・゚☆・*:.HARUNA。 。.:*・゚★・*:.。 。.:*・゚★・*:.。 。.:*・゚★・*:.。 。.:*・゚

With the concept of "HARUNA's everyday use,"
I had something that I like be docked.
V-necks are my favorite because it's a form that looks cool on both genders.
But because only the form is simple, having a gecko coming out from a pocket
Came out as playful with a fresh design.
Since there's a legend that geckos protect homes,
I included a wish that happiness with visit those who wear them too.
The fake blue pocket is effective, and it's my favorite!

★・*:.。 。.:*・゚★・*:.。 。.:*・゚★。.:*・゚☆・*:.。 。.:*・゚★HARUNA・*:.。 。.:*・゚


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Shiroten Performer
Shiroten Performer
I went to check out the SCANDAL shop last week, and it was actually pretty cool! 

(cooler than I thought it would be? And harder to buy something than I thought...)

I bought the MAMI t-shirt but spent a long time deliberating over what my next purchase would be ... and ended up going with the photobook. /left of field. 

As for personal opinion - HARU's shirt is very much a "boyfriend" shirt, imo. The V-neck in contrast to the other three, and the fake pocket makes it more masculine. It's not impressive from pictures, but I think what really appealed to me was its wear-ability.
TOMO's heartbeat design, with the 'alive' in handwritten, cursive script on the back, was really very cool. I don't know, I can see a lot of people dissatisfied with them but I think the quality of the shirts as well as the simplicity and attention to detail really tempted me @_@ The 'Feedback!' shirts, on the other hand, are overpriced for what they are...

Anyhow, I also attempted the GachaGacha corner expecting a badge or something - but surprisingly, I got an A-rank prize! (This means I've also used up all my luck for the year or something) It's one under the top ranking S-prize, but I didn't mind so much and picked up a 'Queens Are Trumps' tee. :3

I also bumped into someone (I think from Malaysia) who was buying SCANDAL stuff for a friend while I was there!

... and then I found the Temptation Box photobook at Tower Records down the road XD

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International Performer
International Performer
hehe the Temptation Box photobook Clap I agree with you about Haruna's T-shirt. The fake blue pocket looks nice.

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International Performer
Nice for you! Congrats on the A-rank item Thumbs Onion 

I would spend a lot of money if I enter that shop Onion Skipping  then would have no money left at all Dead Onion

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