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SCANDAL New Era caps, Feedback! shirts, and MANIA luggage will now be available to purchase!

SCANDAL × New Era Caps

Along with a SCANDAL logo cap, the infamous Dobondobondo caps that MAMI and TOMOMI debuted a few months ago will finally be available to purchase! They will be displayed on their upcoming MANIA tour and can be tried on as well.

【Product details】
SCANDAL × NEWERA (Dobondobondo ver.)
Sizes: 「7 1/4」・「7 1/2」
Price: 6,500 yen
Sales begin: 11/15 (Tue.)~

※This will only be available to purchase through Kitty Entertainment Web Shop.

Feedback! Big T-shirt

A new one-size-fits-all Feedback! is now on sale at the Feedback! Shop in Shibuya.

Color: Gray, Navy
4,800 yen

MANIA Carry-On Luggage

A carry-on luggage will be available only for SCANDAL MANIA members.


Here is how to purchase from Kitty Entertainment Web Shop.

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Here are the new goods that will be available at Feedback! Shop starting July 16th!

Collaboration goods with HAJIME FANTASY:

There are all kinds of goods including popular song t-shirts for new song 「Take Me Out」 「Shunkan Sentimental」, and 「Taiyou Scandalous」; a "Sentimental Ojisan" t-shirt; a tote bag with 3 pins; and a "Yay" cap!

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Sales will take place at the venue entrance, located next to Hard Rock Café and start at 3pm on June 4th. All sales are cash terms only. All sales are final and no returns and exchange of non-defective items will be accepted.


First 200 Fans who brought designed SCANDAL 「Yellow」Towel (The Yellow Colored Towel on the photo shown at below) with any one of: merchandise/ CD/ DVD can join HI FIVE Meet & Greet with SCANDAL after concert!
While Stock last!

*Each Person can purchase one HI FIVE Meet & Greet Quota only
*The 「Yellow」Towel only available for sale with the HI FIVE Meet & Greet Quota
*Please shown your Scandal Tour 2016 「Yellow」Hong Kong Concert upon purchasing any merchandise/ CD/ DVD.
* Cash only

Merchandise Booth opening time/ date: 9 June 2016, 3:00pm, located at 3/F Star Hall


Exclusive! First 200 people who purchase 1000 baht will receive a signed poster.

Sales start from 3:00 pm.

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YELLOW Tour Goods - Sun Apr 10, 2016 1:02 am

Pictures of a handful of the YELLOW tour goods:


SCANDAL T-Shirt - Tour 2016 YELLOW


Fragrance Tag

Silicone Bands

Sign Plate

Tissue Box Cover


Pin Set + Towel Holder

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SCANDAL TOUR 2016「YELLOW」- Goods List - Wed Apr 06, 2016 11:53 am

The goods list for the YELLOW tour:

Item details:


Sizes: S/M/L
Colors: White / Yellow
3,000 yen

SCANDAL T-Shirt - Tour 2016 YELLOW
Sizes: S/M/L
Colors: Black/Gray
3,000 yen

Color: Yellow
2,000 yen

SCANDAL Towel - Tour 2016 YELLOW
Color: Green
2,000 yen

SCANDAL Muffler Towel - 2016 Spring
Color: Blue
1,500 yen

Sizes: S/M/L/XL
Color: Gray
6,500 yen

5,000 yen

Multi Box
Size: 290 x 230 x 170 mm
2,000 yen

Tissue Cover
2,000 yen

Towel Holder
*You can put your towel in through the pizza cut-out!
2,000 yen

*There are many ways to use it, such as attaching to to your car (do not leave it attached when driving) when photographing it, or decorating your room!
2,000 yen

1,500 yen

Fragrance Tag
*You can hang it up on things such as a doorknob or in a closet. Enjoy its fragrance♪
1,500 yen

1,500 yen

Pin Set
*3 pin set
1,200 yen

Kitsch Hair Ties
1,200 yen

Stackable Mugs
1,000 yen

Silicone Bands
*Look for the special color YELLOW!
500 yen each

500 yen

SCANDAL ARENA TOUR 2015-2016 『PERFECT WORLD』 Special Photo Book
A4 size, 32 pages
1,500 yen

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Search found 5 matches for goods

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