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Flying get day - 2020-02-11 (RINA) - Tue 11 Feb 2020, 13:10

Flying get day

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Our new album
『Kiss from the darkness』
Hits stores today!
Those who have gotten it early,

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Today, HARUNA and MAMI went to Nagoya.
TOMOMI and RINA stayed in Tokyo
And went to Tower Records Shinjuku
And left autographs and comments〜♩

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We've put out our feelings and what we can do right now
Into each and every song
So much so that supplementing it with words isn't enough.
We hope that it reaches
As many people as possible.

And, I hope that
You find a song you like...!


2020/2/11 18:53



『Kiss from the darkness』







2020/2/11 18:53

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"Tonight" MV to premiere - Tue 11 Feb 2020, 06:15

"Tonight" music video premiering tonight at 12 am JST (here's a time zone converter ):

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work - 2020-02-10 (RINA) - Mon 10 Feb 2020, 12:25


I saw the news
About the Academy Awards,
And I immediately went to go watch
The movie 「Parasite」,
Which I hadn't had time to see before!

It is a must-see, as rumored,
And it felt like two hours went by in a flash.
It tackles social issues in South Korea,
And there were parts that hit hard even without words,
Using only facial expressions and reflections.
This director's original work is amazing,,,
I haven't really seen many South Korean movies,
But I'll take this chance to watch a bunch of them!

Another new interview article
Has been published.

In Townwork Magazine,
I talk about a bunch of stuff such as my outlook on work and life

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When I was a student,
It felt uncomfortable
To call music "work,"
But little by little as I grew up,
A lot of my views changed.

I'd like students who are working their hardest at part-time jobs
And those who work everyday for themselves and/or their families
To read this.

Let's all do our best together!


2020/2/10 20:04


「パラサイト 半地下の家族」










2020/2/10 20:04

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【"her" Magazine, Vol. 01】MAMI - Private Interview
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"It's as if we're high school classmates who became mom friends (laughs)"

Next is the personal interview with MAMI. In 2018, her hobbies turned pro when she sold remade items. Focusing on her thoughts on that point in time, we had her talk about things like her overflowing love for the members.

"It personally feels like a new start to me, but SCANDAL's not changing at all"

―During MAMI WEEK [in 2018] at the Feedback! Shop in Shibuya, you sold remade items. You put quite a lot of effort into it, didn't you?

MAMI: That was one of my highlights of 2018 (laughs). It was like, "I'm finally going beyond the field of my hobby, and am selling it!" (laughs). From the start I've liked to design apparel, but my hobby taking a clear and defined shape surprised me as well. It might have been the hardest I've ever worked in my life (laughs).

―I was surprised at how well-done it all was. It was pretty tough, wasn't it?

MAMI: Because there's no template unlike musical instrument software, I had too much freedom and it was really hard to come up with ideas. They were remade items, but I wanted to make things that could be used everyday. When I previously asked Yoshie, [clothing store] CANDY STRIPPER's designer, for advice, she said, "I think music and fashion are very closely related to each other right now. You listen to music influenced by fashion, and you make clothes influenced by music." It's exactly like that. It was the first time I thought that way after making my own clothes.

―As always, it's amazing how you get into your hobbies.

MAMI: If you're hooked on it, you'll thoroughly pursue it. Like, I'm at the point where I'm like, "What's the name of this part? This sewing method? This wool?" (laughs). Since I myself am a craftsman, I'm very curious about a crafter's soul and its reverse side. Lately, I've been going to festivals where handmade things are for sale—not just handmade clothes, but also things like sweets and tableware. It's hard when you go to events like that because you find so many things you want to buy for others. Like, this bowl would be good for TOMO-chan, or these earrings would be nice for RINA-chan. Ever since last year, I've been giving out "ordinary-day presents." That means I give something to someone on an ordinary day that is neither on their birthday nor for Christmas.

―It seems as if the members already share a love that's like one between a middle-aged married couple (laughs). It seems like you guys have been getting along even better recently, hasn't it?

MAMI: We have a good friendship between each other, as if we're high school classmates who respectively got married and became mom friends (laughs). It's a transcendent friendship that's different from friendships during high school (laughs). I think it also has to do with age. Everyone's grown up.

―I hear that you all go to the studio once per week (laughs).

MAMI: That's right (laughs). It always starts off feeling like, "We weren't at the studio two days ago, right?" (laughs). We keep in touch almost everyday, so it feels like we're seeing each other even though we're not.

―I know there are times when you get together because you have a goal like a tour or solo live show, but I think it's really amazing that you get together even when you don't have something coming up.

MAMI: This is the most important thing. We all have that kind of awareness. A former roadie of ours told us that we seem even closer compared to before. When you're looked at and evaluated objectively, you realize that you're achieving results.

―Finally, we'll ask you about "her." How would you convey your current situation to the fans?

MAMI: It's so that we can entertain everyone even more. It feels like we still have more room to grow (laughs). We're women, we're at this age, we're worried about our audiences—rather, we were concerned that something could happen. We don't know if might disband, or if we might take a break, etc., but something like that's always on the table. However, by creating "her," it gave us relief. There's still much more to come. It personally feels like a new start to me, but SCANDAL's not changing at all. Rather than it being like chapter 2, doesn't it feel more like after two years of training as described in the manga "One Piece"? It's not "One Piece 2," is it? But they got together, got super strong, and made a comeback (laughs). It feels really fresh, so that in itself is something new. It feels more like we powered up than being made anew.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 7QnMJFc

MAMI's current obsession:


When we were on our US and Mexico tour in 2018, croissants were sold absolutely no matter we went. I started eating them because the taste is more consistent than soups and sandwiches, and I got hooked after that. I like plain croissants without any chocolate or ham inside. Surprisingly, there are popular croissant shops in Japan too. I'm so addicted to croissants that I have a private croissant account on Instagram (laughs). I've gone to almost every croissant place in Tokyo, so the only places I can post about now are when we go to rural places while on tour.

First time - 2020-02-09 (RINA) - Sun 09 Feb 2020, 11:49

First time

How's your Sunday goingー?

I woke up early and went to the salon〜
I'm glad I got a touch-up
Before seeing everyone◎

"GeGeGe no Kitaro" aired too〜!
Seeing Kitaro trending on Twitter every week after its broadcast
Is awesome...! As expected...!

A commercial for our album
Aired today during a commercial break.

We also announced
That we've added more overseas dates to our world tourー! Yaーy

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This time,
We're playing in these four cities in North America:
Anaheim, Dallas, Atlanta, Toronto!
This will be our first time playing in Canada. Happy

Just like our fans in Japan,
We receive a ton of messages every day
From overseas fans,
And it really encourages us◎
If there weren't people waiting for us
We wouldn't be able to do this kind of tour.
Whenever we release a music video,
We too are surprised by the large amount of foreign languages
We see in the video comments on YouTube!

We're still planning to add
More overseas performances,
So look forward to them〜!

Ah, also,
The deadline to preorder merch for our domestic tour
Is tonight at 23:59 JST.
The merch will be delivered
Before the tour starts◎
Please utilize it if you'd like〜!

(The items that are sold out right now
Will be available at the venues on the day of the shows, so don't worry☺︎)

Well then,
Next week, our long-awaited
『Kiss from the darkness』
Will be out!


2020/2/9 16:56













「ROOFTOP ONLINE STORE」の「SCANDAL,SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 “Kiss from the darkness” [JAPAN]」カテゴリーの商品一覧


『Kiss from the darkness』


2020/2/9 16:56

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Getting ready - 2020-02-08 (RINA) - Sat 08 Feb 2020, 17:34

Getting ready

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We had rehearsals after doing a live radio appearance
We worked up a great sweat,,
Those coming on the 13th to our first live show of the year,
Best regards!
Let's go crazy◎

General sales for the Japan shows in our world tour
Have startedー!

Each and every one of them will absolutely be great days,
So please come out
To a venue easily accessible for you!

Those who haven't seen us live in several years,
We'd like you to come out again.
I'm sure your way of living has changed as well,
But we'd like you to come out if the timing's right.
We want you to see who we are right now.
Hope to see you!

Tour rehearsals have yet to begin,
But we're right in the middle of holding a ton of meetings
And building things up little by little.
It's looking to be a tour packed with things we'll challenge ourselves to!

I really can't wait,
And I'm already a little nervous! So early! haha

We'll do our best to the utmostーーー
Let's have fun togetherー!


2020/2/8 22:21






SCANDALのライブ情報・チケット受付 - イープラス







2020/2/8 22:21

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US and Canada dates officially announced!

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・September 17, Anaheim, CA @ House of Blues Anaheim

・September 19, Dallas, TX @ Canton Hall

・September 21, Atlanta, GA @ The Masquerade

・September 23, Toronto, Canada @ Queen Elizabeth Theatre

#front-page #kissfromthedarkness
RINA's "Kiss from the darkness" Lyrics Essays

First Essay: "Masterpiece"

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 Scandal-band-official-1577151067175

It's very important that the gasoline called "excitement" is stored in your heart.

On February 12, SCANDAL will be releasing Kiss from the darkness, their first album from their private label "her." The album will contain 11 songs. Vocalist HARUNA talked about how this work is a very ambitious one for them: "We have confidence in it. It's seriously the best thing we could make. Our four creative energies are exploding."

Today's song column is the first of three lyrics essays that will be posted weekly from drummer RINA, who has written the lyrics for many of their songs! What we had her talk about are her feelings towards "her," the private label started by the girls; and how their song "Masterpiece" reflects those feelings. We recommend it to those who are excited about new challenges in front of them! Please enjoy both the essay and the lyrics!

~First Lyrics Essay: "Masterpiece"~

2019, spring.
A few months removed from the 10th anniversary of our major label debut, we established and started up our private label called "her." I'm sure that there are many people who don't really understand what "private label" means when they hear it. To put it simply, it's our new place for making and dispatcing music.

We named our label "her" because we thought it'd be nice if you catch at a glance that it's related to women. We never thought this day would come, and although it was ambiguous what changes would occur, we were simply excited to have created an atelier just for us.

When making things such as music that are invisible and cannot be physically touched, it's very important that the gasoline called "excitement" is stored in your heart. The more there is, the more it feels like you can run further. The good/bad things along the way will make your heart sway, which will then become a melody or lyric.

You refill the gas and stand in front of a brand new road. Without having a set destination, you go, "So where shall we head to now?" The song we wrote at that time was "Masterpiece."

Our feelings were overflowing and it took quite a bit of time to complete the song, but I think we were able to finish up an exihilarating and punky "beginning-again song" that's very frank and doesn't give you time to waver.
―――Our second chapter had begun. That's what it felt like.

It's been a year since then, and we're making music feeling more free than ever before. We were freed from curses we had cast on ourselves―our way of thinking that SCANDAL needs to be a certain way, or rules for production―without realizing it.

Then, in regards to launching our label, more musicians were interested in it than we expected. We're happy that it was talked about several times at places such as the backstages of festivals. One musician stated, "It feels like the blood's been flowing ever since you started 'her.'"

When you listen to this song when you feel unsure about something, you feel like you can remember the day when you became stronger and went, "I want to keep being an adult who always chooses to take on challenges without fear."

Accepting all that has happened and will happen, we stand on stage in all our frankness. I'd like to think that every day was a masterpiece. A masterpiece is a stand that replenishes excitement.

Second Essay: "A.M.D.K.J.":

Third Essay: "Tsuki":
【"her" Magazine, Vol. 1】HARUNA - Private Interview
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"It's more fun to live life your own way"

Following the long interview with all of the members, are solo talks where they each roughly talk about their current statuses. Unlike the first interview, we asked them to talk casually about their private lives. First up is HARUNA.

"It's just a waste if you live your life only listening to what people say"

―HARUNA, for you, your solo trip to New York during the New Year's holiday [December 2018] really was a big thing for you, wasn't it? Haven't you always been the type of person who travels alone?

HARUNA: Not at all (laughs). That was my first time traveling alone! I had a friend in NY so I went out to eat dinner with them, but during the day I actually was alone for my 4-night, 6-day stay.

―And NY is overseas too. I'd understand if you had gone to somewhere like LA.

HARUNA: I thought that too (laughs). I thought I prefer places like LA where you can take it easy, but I strangely got hooked on NY after traveling there in the summer and fall last year. That informative feeling is fun. Something I've never done before was doing a thing like riding the train by myself to Manhattan after arriving at the airport, but I didn't expect that doing things like that would give me experience points. That made me happy.

―Why did you feel like traveling alone at that time?

HARUNA: Right? For some reason, I started to get into this "I want to travel alone somewhere and do something by myself" mode during the latter half of 2018. After my New Year's trip to New York, I felt more interested in seeing and experiencing more things. Turning 30 probably has a lot to do with it. I want to try doing things by myself that I haven't yet experienced.

―Has your mindset changed after turning 30?

HARUNA: I think so. I've been able to comfortably come to terms with all sorts of things, with music and in my private life, too. From the start I've been the type that tends to pay attention to other people's needs, but the more I insist on my ideals, the more I can enjoy life and relationships. I don't know if it's because I have this sort of career, but I always felt like I was a child. For example, it was a given that I'd be picked up when going to work; when on tour we had everything arranged for us, and all I had to do was go with it. I wanted to try taking a solo trip, and I also wanted to try doing everything for myself. I've turned 30, but I'm still childish. I've been alive for 30 years, so it's just a waste if I live my life only listening to what people say. If I have another 40-50 more years of life ahead of me, it might be more fun to live life my own way.

―Is that the same for your musical activities as well?

HARUNA: Yes. I realized recently that, as a vocalist, it's important to convey your feelings during each and every live show. It's important for all of us to say things, but you need to say what you're thinking about. I hope it'll be connected in the future as well.

―It feels like the atmosphere between the members has grown more intimate because of personal growth such as yours. It's close to the love comedians have for their partners.

HARUNA: I get that (laughs). It's like we're absolute partners. Also, we've recently been going to the studio once per week.

―Really? That's shocking! Since when?

HARUNA: About 4 or 5 months ago. Just the four of us voluntarily began going. We always meet up whether we have things to be done or not. So, there are times when we're completely honest when talking with each other (laughs). That also might be showing in our recent moods. I think we've grown to care more for each other.

―You guys are too strong (laughs). How did that start?

HARUNA: It was pretty natural, but if I had to guess, I'd say it was probably due to starting our label "her." Although we check in every day via LINE, we thought it's better to have more days where we're able to meet face-to-face. Actually doing it is really great.

―Lastly, what's something you want to challenge yourself with?

HARUNA: Compared to last year, there are quite a few festivals we're playing at—like ARABAKI ROCK FEST—that we haven't yet played at. I want to get even more pumped for those. Although we travel while on tour, I'd also like to travel domestically separately from the tour. Going to all kinds of places via car and such. The travel bug has bit me pretty hard after all.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 7QnMJFc

HARUNA's current obsession:

Tarako pasta

I'm so obsessed with tarako pasta! It originally started when I went to Dan , a restaurant specializing in tarako pasta in Meguro. I first got hooked on that place, and I've also gone to the Hategaya sister store Kabe no Ana in Shibuya, which is said to be the birthplace of the dish. The thickness of the noodles is slightly different, there are many toppings, and each is respectively unique and delicious. I think my favorite right now is Uncle Tom in Ebisu. For the time being, I'm taking care of myself and don't eat it often, but I did eat it two days ago (laughs).

Countdown - 2020-02-05 (RINA) - Wed 05 Feb 2020, 20:05


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 N4lfaj7

Our new album
Is finally in our hands...!
The CDs are completeー! Yayー!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 TnAcLAM

Next Wednesday
On 2/12, 【Kiss from the darkness】
Will be released!

The countdown has begun!

A number of music videos for songs that'll be on the album
Are on our YouTube,
And today, we released a trailer
Where you can hear a little bit of each song, so


Add this hashtag
And post as you'd like on social media!

HARUNA and I will be appearing
On FM Yokohama's 「Tresen」 radio program.
Please tune in if you'd like〜!


2020/2/5 20:14





2/12 【Kiss frome the darkness】







2020/2/5 20:14

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【"her" Magazine, Vol. 1】What is "her"? Interview - Part 2
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 9P0irFS

Koyanagi: You could say that you thought long and hard about yourselves in 2018. Do you feel like you can see what's on the outside now?

RINA: Yes, that too. Since we're doing this as four women, we feared that that many people would not understand unless we sharpened ourselves up more than necessary. After being liberated from that, we began thinking that classic melodies and straightforward lyrics are really cool. That makes us happy. We don't need to play songs like that—we want to play them. We're able to write lyrics that are completely different from before.

HARUNA: We still feel that way now.

MAMI: When songs that are like part 2 of our past songs are born, it's not about going beyond things like, "We need to include a phrase with more impact here," or, "We need to start it off like this," and not that we can only see part 1. It was around the end of the year that we decided to get rid of that and just make them sounding like a band. After that, the four of us agreed that we started to be able to create songs that we could say are good. It feels like we're brand new. We're able to make things that we like. That sense of security is such a big thing for us.

Koyanagi: So, it's like you were moving houses and were like, "Onto the next place!" (laughs)

TOMOMI: Essentially (laughs).

MAMI: Although we didn't have anything clear-cut, we thought a lot about who we are. We didn't need to put it into words; everyone could tell from the ambience. It was overflowing.

Koyanagi: The four of you say "It's always so much fun," but I think you guys really were in a crisis. Your excitement goes down, and if you think you're in a crisis, that is how it'll seem.

HARUNA: Yeah, I think it was a crisis. We might have still been in a crisis if we didn't talk about creating a label.

TOMOMI: And now we can't think of any other way we could do things.

HARUNA: We forcibly created [our label]. We might have been going about things in an uncomprehensible way.

Koyanagi: The name of your label is "her." Could you explain the name?

RINA: It's our own theme. When we thought about we as a rock band—and with the four of us being women—continuing on for a long time, we realized that there are many aspects of how men continue their bands, that don't fit with us. We really do love the things that we can do because we're women, and things that are girly—it's better that we embrace things like that. We wanted to have cool lives as women, which comes before being musicians. Recently, we've started talking about things like, "As an all-girl band...", and we had conversations every day about stuff like, "Maybe that's a little too mannish," or, "This can't be done unless you're a woman; how interesting." We came to think that that's our theme. "her" is a word that has various meanings depending on the words that precede and follow it. We thought that that word should be our theme from here on as well, including its degree of freedom.

Koyanagi: So it's a word that came up in your conversations. Were there any other candidates?

RINA: There weren't, but our staff told us, "Please submit at least five choices" (laughs). When we looked up various company names as references, we thought there were a lot of simple and cool ones. In the end, we only submitted "her" (laughs).

Koyanagi: Hahaha. It's more about the theme than the label name. It was probably easier after raising that point.

MAMI: Yes, we envisioned how things would turn out. I think the fans too were watching us and were wondering what would be waiting after HONEY, which we said was our greatest album. It was a big thing to be able to present our image beyond that.

HARUNA: We as women had to continue on. When you're in band, there are times when you must not forget that you're a woman. However, to reach 30 and continue after that, you enter into a time frame where you must get on with things no matter what while also being a woman. I was happy that I was able to affirm myself.

Koyanagi: I thought that was a stylish way of thinking.

TOMOMI: That's the first time we've been told that (laughs).

Koyanagi: It's very chic.

MAMI: Yeaaah. It's a little embarrassing to hear that (laughs).

Koyanagi: You can start to fight more flexibly.

MAMI: It feels like we can head forward nimbly. Freedom is a word that has been important for us too. It feels exactly like we have the freedom to go anywhere.

Koyanagi: That's why the songs that have been born have also been different. You're doing what you're good at, but it feels like they were born in a completely different way. I dare say that they're "masterpieces" (laughs).

RINA: (laughs) I went crazy with the lyrics. After we decided to use this melody since it was insanely good, I was worried about what lyrics to start it off with. In the first place, we don't like to sing too much about ourselves. However, it seemed unnatural to ignore what we've been doing for 10 years, and that we were about to kick off to a new start. So, at the studio the next day, I said, "We've avoided writing songs where we're the protagonist, but maybe we could do it at this point in time." Everyone said that that'd be great. That's why we were conscious of writing it as a song to kick off a new start.

MAMI: We thought that we should let the words "beginning," "newness," and "rebirth" come next. From the start it felt like it came together nicely.

HARUNA: We thought, "Is it still possible for us to feel like newcomers?" (laughs). It just felt embarrassingly fresh. But if we didn't do it now then we wouldn't be able to sing it, and it's because of our efforts that we scraped by and finally hit on lyrics that anyone could understand.

Koyanagi: Your singing is also straightforward.

HARUNA: I feel like the song called to me. I was excited.

RINA: It really suits you.

HARUNA: Given how SCANDAL is currently, I didn't think that we would sing this melody with these lyrics. Although we've tried out lots of things and tried updating ourselves, this song brings us back to our roots. I didn't expect to be able to go back there.

MAMI: Yeah. We need to put a twist on it somewhere. I think it turned out to be a song that makes us go, "Oh!", even though we didn't make it like that. That's exactly what it means for SCANDAL, after 10 years, to make and sing our songs now.

HARUNA: By making this song, our subsequent production has become easier. It's better to write very easy-to-understand lyrics. People are listening even if we don't use metaphors or analogies, and we know what we want to convey. We were able to reach a point where we can keep continuing to create songs like this.

Koyanagi: It's nice to draw on a white canvas, is what you're saying. There are still so many things that are new to you even after 10 years.

RINA: The rules we have for songwriting are decreasing. There are times when we leave something rough on purpose. Like, we do a mixture of "kimi" (you; typically less polite) and "anata" (you; typically more polite). It's like when watching a movie and a line aimed towards the audience suddenly pops up. It's possible to do a mix of tricks and reality in a movie, but it's more difficult to do in music. We wondered if we could appeal to people one-on-one with just one phrase. We never thought we would ever do that. If you use "kimi" once then you should use "kimi" throughout the whole song, but we thought we'd try taking on a new challenge. That's such a minute detail, though.

Koyanagi: That's wonderful.

RINA: I think it's kind of fun.

MAMI: We've been experimenting with different ways of making songs, and since we're going through a number of stages, we have a lot of our own rules. But, we talk about whether to review things or not. This song was made when we talked about doing things freely. It's the first step.

Koyanagi: For example, even if there are mistakes, you're just like, "Let's just be fun and free." This side of SCANDAL is appealing.

MAMI: Originally, the arrangement was completely different and I also put in some strings. It was leading up to the chorus. But, I wanted to do this song with the input of a third party. I couldn't make it completely different by myself. I think I was in a situation where I could only do a part 2 of the song. So, I left the arrangement to the staff we've been working with for a long time, and it turning into a song that was completely changed also means that SCANDAL as we are right now are progressing. It turned out to be a very satisfying song.

Koyanagi: "Mabataki," the other A-side song, is also another wonderful song. It's a very RINA-like song with each of its pieces filling in one by one.

HARUNA: We were like, "Is okay to have everyone listen to an emotional song right after 'Masterpiece'?" (laughs)

RINA: We've written plenty of love songs that stays the course until the finish line, but we also wanted to write a song that starts and finishes vague. We finished it up with TOMOMI on main vocals for the first time in a while.

Koyanagi: In regards to vocals, why did you decide to go with that?

RINA: We also tried doing vocals with all four of us once, but it felt a little too upbeat. So, we focued on TOMOMI's voice. All of us sing during the choruses.

Koyanagi: That's also another easy decision.

TOMOMI: It was close to the beginning. We all sang it once. It felt puzzle-like as we were making it.

Koyanagi: With this private-like feeling and crown called "her," I think it makes it even more charming.

RINA: We talked about how it's good to be charming and have music that fits everyday life and that has lived-in feel to it. It feels like we can now do girly songs that shake free from our preferences.

MAMI: We probably wouldn't have paired those before. After establishing "her," it now truly feels like we'll be putting out what we love, and what we want to do. If "her" didn't exist, we probably would have just put this song on an album, but that's the usual pattern we take anyway. Being able to change that is also because we have "her."

Koyanagi: The songs you'll make will continue to change, and I think you'll also be able to make classic J-Pop songs. Lastly, could you tell us your hopes and desires for your future activities?

RINA: Let's see......

HARUNA: There are endless things to do...but I can't think of any at all right now (laughs).

RINA: We want to live cheerful lives while also living alongside music. We're not trying to make it seem like we're holding a festival called "her"; we want to live our lives as female musicians while releasing music from a place called "her."

MAMI: Releasing songs to the world and playing live shows won't change, but what will be changing completely are the delivery methods and our desire as SCANDAL to deliver them. At any rate, we're very happy that we're able to do this feeling very fresh. Everything is new again, so we want to have fun while feeling this freshness even more.

TOMOMI: It really does feel like we're newcomers redoing our major label debut. We'd love to appear at festivals again feeling like freshmen. It truly feels like everything's anew. We want to do this feeling as though we're starting from scratch.

MAMI: That's surprisingly stoic (laughs).

Koyanagi: You really do seem to be in a good, pleasant mode. I'll be looking forward to what's next as well.

All: We'll do our best!

If you haven't already, please support the band and pick up a copy of this edition !

#front-page #masterpiece_mabataki

Thanks so much for waiting for the second part of this interview!

Individual interviews with each member will be posted soon. We will be translating and posting 「"her" Magazine Vol. 2」 as well when it comes out with new album Kiss from the darkness![/size]

Also, thank you for checking out our translations! Please consider donating if you'd like to continue supporting us and our work:

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 KTaQ9Ti

We've also set up a Patreon, if you'd like to support us there instead!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 WbfaNFx

her merch - 2020-02-04 (RINA) - Tue 04 Feb 2020, 10:32

her merch

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 113e2bO

You can now get the highly requested
【"her" merch】
From our online store〜!
Thanks for waiting〜!

Wearing merch from your favorite band's label
Kind of makes you feel like you're repping a core part of them◎

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 TMQmjLd

By the way, I'm 160cm
And I have these:
Hoodie: M and L sizes
T-shirt: S and M sizes
And I often wear them when doing stuff like recording〜! For your reference.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 5klMUZ0

Check it out!


2020/2/4 18:13

her goods



「ROOFTOP ONLINE STORE」の「her」カテゴリーの商品一覧



フーディー : Mサイズ と Lサイズ
Tシャツ : Sサイズ と Mサイズ




2020/2/4 18:13

#front-page #merch
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Here's the merch line-up for the Japan leg of 「SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 “Kiss from the darkness”」, available at the venues in Japan + online store presale from 2/3, 20:00 JST - 2/9, 23:59 JST:

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 FTvlw9o
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 STlpwzW

Shibuya store + online store-only color variant:
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 GISWpJC

#front-page #kissfromthedarkness #merch

Arrival - 2020-02-03 (RINA) - Mon 03 Feb 2020, 09:03


I know that fans
Have been posting about this on social media since the morning,
But as of today,
It's been exactly 10 years since "Shunkan Sentimental" came out

In the song we sing,
【Juunen-go mo konna fuu ni irareru kana issho ni (I wonder if we'll still be together like this 10 years from now)】,
And we've finally arrived at it today.

I'm so happy
That this song has been loved for so long

All-girl bands are said to have short shelf lives
We'll continue to experiment for ourselves
Just how far we can continue
While transforming
We'll hit our 14th anniversary this summer!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 QghRM5v

Today, let's all listen to "ShunSen"
On CD or Spotify〜◎


2020/2/3 16:43



瞬間センチメンタル, an album by SCANDAL on Spotify

【10年後もこんなふうにいられるかな 一緒に】
って 歌ってるけど、






2020/2/3 16:43

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Melon soda - 2020-02-02 (RINA) - Sun 02 Feb 2020, 21:55

Melon soda

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 E3bq6i1

Drinking melon soda for the first time in forever
Felt nostalgic, and it was delicious〜!
Today, MAMI and I
Went to a cafe we were interested in
And sat around chatting, making for a peaceful Sunday◎
It was so much fun〜

It's already February...!?
There are only 10 days left until our album's out...
More than ever before,
We seriously can't wait for your reactions for it,
And I feel like saying, "Hurry up! Hurry up!" every dayyyy
I've said stuff like that so many times already haha

There might be people who have already seen it,
But there's an interview with us
In the February issue of 【7 Pia】
That can be found in 7-Eleven stores!

Check it out if you happen to see a copy〜!

There are a bunch of opportunities when large crowds will gather
At our release events and the like this month,
So please make sure to take precautions
Against the flu or coronavirus!

I too am continuing to do whatever precautions I can
Like wearing a mask, gargling and hand washing, and disinfecting with alcohol...!
We can only hope that these outbreaks do not spread any further

I'll blog again◎
Let's fight on for another week starting tomorrow〜!


2020/2/2 19:52




まいにち 早く!早く! って感じだあああ

【7ぴあ 2月号】に

セブン-イレブン限定 先行情報 |チケットぴあ
セブン-イレブン限定 先行情報,チケット,チケットぴあ,予約,先行






2020/2/2 19:52

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FLYING POSTMAN PRESS, Volume 238 - Fri 31 Jan 2020, 09:00


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 1

We are ready to face music with all of our humanity and frankness

We want to connect to our music all the good and bad things we feel as we live our lives

SCANDAL, who has established itself as Japan's leading all-girl band, started their private record label "her" a year ago. They have completed Kiss from the darkness, their first new album on the label. By breaking down the rules and methodologies that had bound themselves up to now, they now are presenting a vivid world view containing both light and darkness.

―I felt that this album is chock-full of SCANDAL's freedom and strength obtained after establishing "her," and a positive energy unique to women.

MAMI: Thank you very much. It became a piece a work that's jam-packed with everything that happened with us last year. We feel quite accomplished and satisfied, and we were also able to actually experience a good sense of nervousness and weariness. Before, we had been trying not to really talk about being tired—rather, we thought it wasn't like us to say something like that. However, since we were able to do away with that by launching "her," we were able to show all of our true colors.

RINA: We started "her" to be able to always face music with new feelings, and also so that we're able to play music for a long time while having fun. By creating "her," we were able to once again share our awareness of playing cool music while enjoying being women, as well as gain more freedom with our songwriting. We can now try out all kinds of sounds experimentally. "Saishuuheiki, Kimi," for example.

―That song is awesome.

RINA: Glad to hear it (laughs)! It encourages us when our team tells us things like, "This song is great! Let's release it!" This past year we've realized the many positive effects of launching our own label.

MAMI: About "Saishuuheiki, Kimi," guys from bands in particular often tell us they think it's a cool song. It also really makes us happy that there are many comments from people other than Japanese and English-speaking countries in the comment section of the video on YouTube as well.

―How about the entire album?

TOMOMI: I think we've put together songs that'll widen the range of staple songs for our live shows. There are surprisingly very few songs like "Saishuuheiki, Kimi" that can change the scene with a new image, "Tonight" has a new sound sensation, etc. This album is all about songs that we can take different approaches with live. It's now more fun to put together setlists.

―Something unique to this work is the many producers who worked on it. Among those, I was surprised that SASUKE produced "Tonight."

MAMI: For "Tonight," we had already made a demo that contained all of our band sounds. We were okay with keeping the arrangement as-is, but we wanted to do something new. We thought, "What about asking a trackmaker to do what we've asked an arranger to do up until now?" That's when SASUKE's name came up. When we had him listen to our band demo, he told us, "This is already complete" (laughs), but we ignored our arrangement and sent him an offer to give it a SASUKE-like sound.

RINA: It made us happy that he did such a good job and that he really changed the song. Since this was SASUKE's first time working with a band, it was great that he had no preconceived notions. It felt fresh for all of us.

TOMOMI: The first arrangement we did was really cool too, but the arrangement had no live instruments in it and we weren't sure how we would play it live (laughs). So, in the end, we settled with the current sound.

―"NEON TOWN ESCAPE," the song with lyrics and music by HARUNA, was arranged by Chiaki Sato.

HARUNA: Chiaki and I have been good friends for about two years now. When we went out to eat in early 2019, we talked about how we wanted to write songs that year. Since I was like, "We made a promise, so I'll do my best!", I started writing it. I decided to go with a 90s-like sound. I made the demo myself, had the other members listen to it, and we all made a demo together. When I was wondering what to do with the arrangement, I remembered that it was Chiaki who made the promise at the beginning of the year, and that she herself is playing songs that sound 90s-like. I thought it'd be interesting to do this together and then spoke to her about it.

―Including acoustic instruments like the trumpet and the saxophone was also something fresh for you.

HARUNA: It instantly makes it super 90s-like. I also like the feel of it fading out. I got to challenge myself with this song and got to write a song I had wanted to, precisely because it was before we decided on the album's theme.

―"Laundry Laundry," the song with lyrics and music by TOMOMI, is a gentle song arranged by Yusuke Takeda from RADWIMPS.

TOMOMI: When I was feeling a little frazzled a while ago, I felt as though doing housework cleansed my feelings. I then turned that into a song. Since I made with just one guitar, it turned out to be a funky song that also made me think that it'd be difficult to translate this into something that we could do as a band. But, I wanted to challenge myself to playing acoustic guitar for this song that I personally am attached to. When I talked with Takeda in advance about how I'd like to step up our live show game someday, he put his all into finishing it up with an acoustic arrangement. It made me happy that I was stumped with how to arrange it, and it felt like I had been rescued from the uneasy feelings I had of not being able to translate it to a band sound.

―A dark and hard world view is shown in "A.M.D.K.J." It's an ending song for the anime "GeGeGe no Kitaro," correct?

RINA: Yes. We wrote it specifically for the anime. It was right around the time we had been wanting to write a song that could be a killer tune at our live shows, and we went ahead with pairing together a Kitaro-like world view & an eerie atmosphere. Kitaro's catchphrase, "Mieteru sekai ga subete ja nai (The world you see isn't all there is)," is also a great line. This was the first time anger was the theme for a song, as we wanted to put all of our emotions—not just our sparkly side—into the album.

―The personal aspects in this work certainly are richly depicted.

RINA: Our range of attack has definitely expanded. I wrote words I thought I would never use before, and I felt like I chose words that could get rid of the lyric rules I had created for myself. In particular, all of the words in "A.M.D.K.J." are strong.

―"YOU GO GIRL!", the bonus track that can only be found on the physical CD editions of the album, features a positive attitude despite feeling that you have a weakness. It's wonderful that the album closes out with this song.

RINA: I'm happy to hear that. You can see almost the whole story of the album with it. Though there are days when you negatively fall down with a crash, you just need to take everything in a brighter direction. Tomorrow is another day. Those are the thoughts we put into the title, Kiss from the darkness. At that time, the staff gave us the idea to put "YOU GO GIRL!" as the last track. It certainly is a song that explains the entirety of the album title. "You go, girl" is an encouraging slang term that means "Give it your all!" or "Keep at it!", so I'm glad we concluded the album with this song.

―I can clearly feel your resolution to be a band that doesn't only show their positive side.

RINA: Yes. We are ready to face music with all of our humanity and frankness.

HARUNA: We need to show that side, or else we certainly won't be able to continue on for much longer. Rather, it feels weird just showing a positive side. It's natural as a human being to have all sorts of waves in your life. We thought about what we, who were only showing our positive side, could say to people. We're performers, but we're the same as you. We want to keep being people who can convey those same feelings via our music.

RINA: It's not that we want to vent our difficulties or anger, but we also can't always be cheerful. We want to connect to our music all the good and bad things we feel as we live our lives while being true to ourselves every day.

―Doesn't the music you create often help your own selves out?

RINA: Exactly! It gives us hope. We sing about not giving in to your weaknesses in both "Saishuuheiki, Kimi" and "Masterpiece," so that's basically what my thoughts are (laughs). It's good that SCANDAL is feeling fresh right now. Although it's still an unknown factor, we always have an unfounded confidence that we'll be just fine.

HARUNA: We started a label because we wanted to head to a new phase, and in 2019 we did regular tours, a fan club tour, events, festivals, joint shows, etc. We did it all. It was a year where all of our challenges came to fruition, and it all gave us a ton of confidence. 2020 is going to be the best year for the band to be able to tour around Japan and the world as we are now.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 2
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 3

How it's made - 2020-01-30 (RINA) - Fri 31 Jan 2020, 02:31

How it's made

We're almost done deciding on the setlist
For our world tour starting in March〜!
It's so new. We have a good feeling about it.

When we decide on setlists,
We now take into consideration
The play counts on Spotify〜
We're happy that more people are listening

Those who haven't used Spotify yet,
Download the app and try it out〜!
I think it'll have a domino effect
And you'll have even more favorite songs◎
Follow us〜!

Since the album's release date is drawing closer,
We're starting to announce
The many kinds of magazines and media we'll be in!

The March issue of 【ROCKIN' ON JAPAN】
Is on sale as of today!

We did a thorough interview
About the album〜!
We also had pictures taken◎

Also, MAMI&HARUNA are on the cover of
The March issue of 【SOUND DESIGNER】!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 FKCSPpP

Those who want to enjoy the album
While exploring technical aspects
Such as sound creation and equipment should look forward to it in particular!
A lot of creative stories
Will be known◎
※On sale from 2/7(Fri)

Can't wait


2020/1/30 19:28





SCANDAL, Category: Artist, Albums: HONEY, YELLOW, HELLO WORLD, STANDARD, Queens are trumps -切り札はクイーン-, Singles: A.M.D.K.J., 最終兵器、君, Fuzzy, マスターピース / まばたき, マスターピース, Top Tracks: 瞬間センチメンタル, A.M.D.K.J., HARUKAZE, 少女S, 最終兵器、君, Biography: SCANDAL(スキャンダル)は、日本のガールズバンドである。2006年に大阪の京橋で結成された。2008年10月にメジャーデビュー。所属事務所はROOFTOP。所属レコード会社はビクターエンタテインメント・Colourful Records内のプライベートレーベル「her」。, Monthly Listeners: 245104, Where People Listen: Tokyo, Jakarta, Santiago, Osaka, Singapore




ROCKIN’ON JAPAN(ロッキング・オン・ジャパン)
ロッキング・オン・ジャパンは、「シリアスなロックをシリアスに語る」をテーマに1985年創刊。通称は、ジャパン、ロキノン、ロキノンジャパンなど。 ミュージシャンが半生を語る2万字インタビュー等、他誌では読めない記事満載。日本のロックを読み解く全ての少年少女必読のリーディングマガジン!写真ページも豊富で読み応えのある音楽雑誌です!


そして【サウンドデザイナー 3月号】




SCANDAL『Kiss from the darkness』
Preview, download or stream music by SCANDAL



2020/1/30 19:28

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Unveiling the Zexy (bridal magazine)-like commercial for new album 『Kiss from the darkness』 Magazine Edition/Limited Edition B , containing her Magazine Vol.2!!

The magazine will contain topics such as:

•Explanations of all album songs
•A look into the members' days off
•An amidakuji (ladder lottery) fortune-telling

#front-page #kissfromthedarkness

Recently - 2020-01-24 (RINA) - Fri 24 Jan 2020, 19:25


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 TLdhCsN
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 IJcc85m
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 IMVO73y

Recently, we've been having days of doing interviews the entire day
Release day is approaching faster and faster!

It turned out to be a precious album to us
That we truly want to reach many people

Although this is the age of streaming,
CDs really do have
Something special about them.
There's a CD-only bonus track
Called "YOU GO GIRL!",
And we truly do want you to listen to it.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 Nq0STzG
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 FPGjXOc
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 Pcw7vfD
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 FiGnha7

In regards to "YOU GO GIRL!",
If the words come together someday,
I think I'll write about it on the blogー.

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 Gmc4qK2
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 Lk3Aw2u
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 KHsjEhe
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 WJaSPTL

We've been doing nothing but recording radio programs and comments
In the studio recently,
So there are no picturesー!
I decided to post pictures from when we were on a bread break, haha

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 Uz4mO4E

I'll blog agaiーn◎


2020/1/24 22:43








"YOU GO GIRL!"に関しては、






2020/1/24 22:43

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Space Shower TV - SCANDAL「Kiss from the darkness」SPECIAL

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 XNyfzuf
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 F8oXbSk

The all-girl band SCANDAL will be releasing 「Kiss from the darkness」, their first original album in two years, via their private record label "her" on 2/12.

To commemorate the release of this album, we will be airing a special program that shows the appeal of these girls who also announced that they will be holding a world tour starting from this March!

This program takes place in Osaka. Named 「Kiss from the OSAKA」 and taken from the title of their new album, the members themselves will be reporters on the city of Osaka where the band originated, and will introduce places of interest, places they wanted to go to, and places related to the band.

They will visit various places in Osaka over the course of a day, where they will visit the dance school the band formed at and the park they dropped by before and after rehearsals; climb to the viewing platform of the Tsuutenkaku in Osaka; eat kushi katsu in Shin-Sekai; and report about the night views from Abeno Harukas, the tallest building in Japan.

Don't miss this special program via Space Shower TV that shows the appeal of SCANDAL!

Air date: 2/22 (Sat) 22:00~23:00 JST

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 Hr5XiuV
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 LbHD1V0
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 Tu9MNgo
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 7hW5l1I
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 1gw2xF9
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 Oqk4r5a
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 CD3nDQ6
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 39WKnk7
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 FgBnB9y
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 Q0VPNH1
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 Tb3DukC
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 HsrIRHZ
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 LC3HnIt

#front-page #kissfromthedarkness

Wednesday routine - 2020-01-22 (RINA) - Wed 22 Jan 2020, 23:38

Wednesday routine

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 54y6EEi
On Wednesdays, SCANDAL
Has their weekly studio rehearsals & meeting

It's a very fixed part of our schedule
And is an aspect of our job that we have to do,
But because we have this day,
It doesn't feel as if we're losing a day of the week◎

Ah, that's right!
We will be doing
MANIA-member only meet & greets
On our world tour (Japan performances) that starts in March! Yay〜!

After the show,
Those who win will be invited to the dressing room.
Let's speak to each other directly
And have a fun time〜!

Applications are open〜

We're also thinking up some fun things
For our mobile club "CLUB SCANDAL" too〜

Those in our fan clubs, thanks for your continued support!


2020/1/22 20:20





MANIA会員限定 ミート&グリート




モバイルファンクラブ "CLUB SCANDAL"



2020/1/22 20:20

Posted in: Blog 2020  Topic: Wednesday routine - 2020-01-22 (RINA)  Replies: 4  Views: 459
As per TOMOMI's tweet , the song "Laundry Laundry" (Lyrics & Music: TOMOMI / Arrangement: Yusuke Takeda [RADWIMPS]) that will be on Kiss from the darkness will be aired during J-WAVE's "SWEET DONUTS" radio program tonight, which airs from 2:30 am to 3 am JST!

#front-page #kissfromthedarkness

Overseas - 2020-01-18 (RINA) - Sat 18 Jan 2020, 21:00


Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 Hymgp2i
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 S7IsW74
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 0FyFRAe

Thanks to everyone
Who watched J-MELO
This morningー!

Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 5dk6XpF
Topics tagged under front-page on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 5 KbGvwXw

They aired HARUNA&TOMOMI on location in Kobe,
And two songs performed in the studio〜!

You can also watch it on demand,
So those who missed it, check it out here☝

That's right;
By doing world tours,
There are people [in Japan] who ask us,
"Should I refrain
From going overseas from Japan?"
In our case
There are no particular restrictions

It's also like this in Japan,
But the atmosphere in each country is completely different and interesting overseas as well◎

Thank you for thinking about
Even the smaller little detailsー!
We'll make it a great tourー!

Rain mixed with snow fell in Tokyo as well,
And it was so cold that it took courage to go outside〜

Take care of yourselves
And have a good weekend〜!


2020/1/18 20:53






J-MELO in Kobe: SCANDAL and Frederic - J-MELO | NHK WORLD-JAPAN On Demand
Join May J. for Japanese music! This week: a visit to Kobe. 2 locally connected bands, SCANDAL and Frederic, visit musical places that hold special memories. And they play their latest songs.








2020/1/18 20:53

Posted in: Blog 2020  Topic: Overseas - 2020-01-18 (RINA)  Replies: 4  Views: 641

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