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10 consecutive albums ranking in the Oricon Top 5 - The ever-evolving potential of SCANDAL
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SCANDAL's 10th album MIRROR ranked 5th when it made its first appearance on the Oricon (Japanese music charts) Weekly Album Ranking Chart for the week of Feb. 7th. All 10 of their original albums, starting with their 1st album BEST★SCANDAL released in Oct. 2009, have ranked in the top 5. As such, we have explored the achievements of SCANDAL, who has been at the forefront of the hit-making scene for the past 15 years, and their potential that still continues to evolve from this album.

■Sponsored contests and all-girl-band events, prolific achievements in revitalizing the scene

SCANDAL has been at the forefront of the hit-making scene for the past 15 years. They are popular not only in Japan but also in North America, Europe, and Asia. They energetically rack up world tours. All kinds of languages can be seen in the comment section of their YouTube videos. In 2019, they were the first Japanese headliner at Macau's largest music festival. They have become an all-girl band who represents Japan in both name and reality.

Their career is a novel one: Formed in 2006, the band was founded by girls who had never played musical instruments before, at a dance and vocal training school they were attending at the time. They may have been viewed from a biased perspective in their early days, being high school-girl (=school uniforms) icons and looking exactly like idols. In the first place, all-girl bands, which are often described as being "powerful despite being women" or "masculine-like," have long been considered a sub-genre of the rock scene.

Amidst that, SCANDAL does not deny the delicate sensibility unique to women, nor compete with men; and they refine playing techniques genuinely, as well as pursue musicality while flexibly absorbing different genres—they have shattered all prejudices in rock.

It's also worth noting that the early pop, garage-band sounds of these women who picked up instruments at the same time the band was formed, greatly empowered other girls. They hosted a cover band and vocalist contest for six years starting from 2010, from which Tancobuchin and KANIKAPILA made their major debuts. SCANDAL has made great contributions to the activities of the all-girl band scene from the latter half of the Heisei Era to the Reiwa Era, such as presiding over the event "Band Yarou Yo!!" that brought together all-girl bands of the same generation.

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■A new album that stands out for its versatility - A finish that will be the starting point for the future

During their 15th-anniversary year, they released the three singles eternal, Ivory, and one more time. Their 10th MIRROR contains a total of 10 songs, including 7 new songs.

All of the members are songwriters, and the myriad of expressions that come forth when each handles lead vocals is part of SCANDAL's musicality. On this album, guitarist MAMI sings and plays acoustic guitar on "Ivory"; bassist TOMOMI takes part in the soul number "Ai no Shoutai" with big-band and gospel sounds; drummer RINA sings the danceable "Kanojo wa Wave" that makes you feel the glitter of the 80's; while vocalist/guitarist HARUNA handles vocals for the remaining songs.

The love song "Ai ni Naranakatta no sa" with music and lyrics written by MAMI was released digitally ahead of the album. The lyrics that realistically spell out the sad feelings of love that did not sublimate into true love is one of SCANDAL's essences, and many sympathetic comments have already been posted on social media. On the other hand, "Ao no Naru Yoru no Sukima de," which was unveiled for the first time at their 15th-anniversary concert in August of last year, has a shoegaze-like sound that SCANDAL's never had before. RINA, who wrote and composed this song with a tranquil and tingling lingering sound, revealed that it was created with endless respect for Maisa Tsuno of rock band Akai Koen.

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Perhaps because this album was made during the pandemic, it can be said that its features are the delicate lyrics that reflect on personal feelings more that ever before, and the prominent, thorough sound with no compromises. Among them, the title song "MIRROR," which decorates the opening of the album, has a bold band sound at its center, but the lyrics about trying to grasp the light while struggling in an era with no answers, tugs at your heartstrings. With this epic rock anthem that had the members recalling, "I think this song has extended the band's life just as much as the most difficult times we've had to date," SCANDAL has absolutely advanced to their next stage.

Their 15th anniversary last year was also RINA's birthday, and now all four members who made their debut as "middle and high school-girl band" are in their thirties. This album is also a powerful starting point for their musicality, which will continue to build up towards their 20th anniversary.

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They will be holding their world tour starting from Mar. 12th. After the domestic performances in Japan, they will start their overseas dates, which were originally scheduled for 2020, in North America in July and Europe in September. Their setlist packed with 15 years' of history that will, of course, include songs from this album will surely excite fans all over the world.

SCANDAL talks about why they were able to let their true selves show in their 15th year
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15 years ago, four girls who attended a dance and vocal training school unexpectedly formed a band. Traversing down an unexpected musical path, SCANDAL walked alongside their fans while overcoming many hardships and conflicts due to their peculiar origin story, and have reached the point where they feel that they're currently "the best they've ever been."

In this interview, we traced the changes in the emotions of the quartet while unraveling the feelings contained in their latest album MIRROR that they were able to produce more naturally than ever before. Please take a look at SCANDAL's real and heartful human drama.

―You celebrated your 15th anniversary on Aug. 21, 2021, and released your 10th album MIRROR on Jan. 26, 2022. How do you feel about being able to reach this point?

HARUNA: Just being able to do this for 15 years with the same members makes us very happy. We also feel blessed that we feel that we're the best we've ever been in 15 years.

―What, for example, makes you feel that you're the best you've ever been?

HARUNA: Now we can work more like regular human beings. Up until now we had been very wrapped up in it all and in a hurry—or rather, we continued working while rushing a lot of things. But due to the pandemic, each of us were able to reflect on ourselves and became able to play music as mature women in their thirties. That's a big thing for us.

―It's now possible to work in a more natural state, then.

HARUNA: I think it's the same for everything. It's like that for recording, and especially for our live performances. We can finally stand in front of our audiences and speak our own words and behave in our own way. Until now there was a part of me that had worked hard to create a persona called "HARUNA of SCANDAL." I felt that it would be difficult to continue playing music as SCANDAL in the future [if I kept up that persona], but it was pretty hard to stop. However, the pandemic made me stop and reflect on myself, so that I could reveal my true self.

―When you show your true self, you may be scared of how the fans will react. What was it like for you, HARUNA?

HARUNA: I felt that showing my true self conveys my feelings better. The more I tried to make myself sound good during MCs, the more I often felt that things weren't being conveyed. But when I started to do my best to make my feelings reach everyone, even if I'm not good at it, I felt that the fans had come to accept that.

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―RINA, you're nodding next to her—do you feel that same kind of change?

RINA: Watching HARUNA from the back as she talks, I really feel that she's opened the door to one kind of freedom, and that we're alive and breathing naturally on stage. Because of that reliability, the other three of us have more freedom, and I think that we really can live naturally while creating music and expressing ourselves. That's why it's not about us "transforming into band-mode"—it's that music is part of our lives.

―I see. How would you answer if I asked you what kind of band SCANDAL is?

RINA: They're a super-unique and super-free band (laughs).

―It took you 15 years to get to that point.

RINA: That's right. There was a time when we wanted to keep being the people that we desired to be, and of course we still have the mentality of wanting to live up to those expectations, but we've realized the importance of wanting to play and make music true to ourselves, just as much as that. MIRROR is full of songs we wrote while cherishing that. Having reached a 15-year career with all of us in our thirties, the feeling of "wanting to play music for a long time, and wanting to create music that we can keep expressing for a long time" got stronger. That's now manifesting for us in a lot of different aspects.

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―I think the song "Ivory" that MAMI does lead vocals on is the perfect embodiment of a natural song. MAMI, what kind of impression do you have of SCANDAL right now?

MAMI: During the pandemic we celebrated our 15th anniversary and played an anniversary concert at Osaka-Jo Hall. When I thought of how we're overcoming another wall and heading towards an unknown world, it too made me want to play music that we as a band can continue to play in the future. A lot of things may happen because we're women, but I thought that it'd be great if we had songs that we could sing and perform even if those things happen. I wanted to record these moments of ours.

―I see.

MAMI: A lot of things were difficult when we weren't able to do what we wanted, but there were also a lot of things that we could do our own. I felt positive about it, and when I thought about making that into a song, the melody and lyrics for "Ivory" naturally came to me as I was just living my life. I think being able to write a song like this is related to my age and career. This was at the same time when we had paused due a lot of things, and it seems like we were able to make a song like "Ivory" because we were able to work in a very natural way. I think that can be said for any of the songs on MIRROR.

MIRROR may reflect the results of each band member confronting SCANDAL and music exactly as they are, and as human beings. TOMOMI, what do you think?

TOMOMI: Because this was made during the pandemic, we wanted to convey the sort of things we should be expressing in this situation. Like, how should we put on live performances, and what we should be doing so that people can have fun without vocalizing? We really thought about a lot things we never had to consider before. We didn't get any clear answers to that, but even though we didn't, we thought about how the music we—who don't have the answers—are creating right now is beautiful. Though we don't have any messages that reached a conclusion, I think this is an album that is able to reflect our current situation, and a work that gives us hope to continue playing music for the next 5, 10 years.

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―The other day I interviewed Goto of [the comedy group] Yonsentoushin, who is a big fan of yours, TOMOMI. He said that when he was a student and didn't have a place to belong to, "SCANDAL brought me back to life. No exaggeration—they really did save me."

TOMOMI: That makes me really happy. To think that we supported him that much...makes me most happy. We get a lot of messages every day from fans who aren't able to join a circle of friends or those who have uncommon worries, which makes me proud that SCANDAL's music reaches those kinds of people. I think it's because we've accepted everything about ourselves. We had a lot of hang-ups, but we've accepted ourserlves and have been around for the past 15 years, so it would make us happy if you could see and support us. It would also give us courage and confidence. We're grateful.

―SCANDAL isn't a band that made your debut filled with self-confidence, and there was a time when you were viewed from a biased perspective—that's why you were fighting against the difficulty of acting like yourselves. But the fans who responded to you overcoming those barriers were saved by you. That connection put together the story leading up to your 15th anniversary. The bigger picture is hard to see, isn't it?

RINA: I think I'm in the majority in terms of sexuality, but there are moments when people aren't able to like what they like, or when a majority vote is taken at school, and I was always in the minority. When the opinion of the majority passed, I thought, "Why don't you listen to the opinions of the minority?" That's how I spent my time as a student. I've had a lot of experiences like that since I was little, but ever since I started playing in a band, I've been able to express my feelings with music. I too feel saved by the band and our music. Because I can understand the feelings of those in the minority through my experiences, I always want to keep in mind that there are different kinds of "normal." I want to tour while telling everyone that you're the best exactly the way that you are.

―That feeling is reflected in SCANDAL's songs, isn't it?

RINA: I think all of our songs are studded with those elements. At first we were unintentionally working in a state where we didn't fully understand ourselves, but we gradually started to understand our dispositions and personalities on our own. We're making this kind of music now that we understand those, so there are tons of fans who have experienced feeling lonely due to being in the minority. Every time we feel that, we think that what's on the inside is being conveyed, and that we'll keep shining a spotlight on those fans. It also helps us out.

―HARUNA, how do you feel about the relationship between SCANDAL and the fans?

HARUNA: There were times when I wasn't confident that we were being "SCANDAL." The reason is that I was enrolled at that dance and vocal training school before SCANDAL formed and thought I would keep going down that path until I suddenly became a person in a band. That's why I've been worried about the differences between me and those in bands close to me. Even if I try to do something that's like the ideal picture of a band member I've drawn in my head, it doesn't feel right. I continued to feel really down from not being able to do that. However, there are fans who will follow me even if they see me like that. They sympathized me with even when I was feeling down but continued onwards while thinking that there may be something good that'll happen one day. We're around right now because they felt sympathy... We're nothing but grateful for it, and we want to make sure to help out those people.

―Since your formation was unique, you might have felt out of place in the band scene at first and therefore not be accepted. That might have made you feel bad and made you worry about what to do. However, I think those who understood SCANDAL the most were your fans. Therefore, you want to make sure to help them out.

HARUNA: Because we're a band that has taken such a unique path, I'm sure there are those who felt a little embarrassed to be a fan, or maybe those who liked us but couldn't say that they do. That's why, from here on, we'll accept ourselves for who we are and be confident in ourselves so that all fans can proudly say that they like SCANDAL.

―When a famous Japanese bandsman told Western music fans that they liked THE YELLOW MONKEY when they were a student, they were made fun of. The [artist's] fans got mad at that, so after listening to all of the Western music that those other people liked, they bluntly said, "THE YELLOW MONKEY really is the coolest band in the world." SCANDAL probably has a lot of cool fans like that, I'm sure.

RINA: We think they're really cool.

MAMI: On our radio show we have a segment called "Life Before SCANDAL" where the fans tell us what bands they used to love before SCANDAL. So many different bands were mentioned such as The Rolling Stones and The Beatles, as well as THE ALFEE and Seikima II. Doesn't that mean that our fans had felt that SCANDAL was similar somehow to those great bands? When I think about it, I think that we're a strange band (laughs), but I'm glad that fans who listen to all kinds of music have accepted us. Although it's not the same as the THE YELLOW MONKEY story, it's really encouraging to think that people can finally say that they like SCANDAL!

―SCANDAL's 10th album MIRROR was released in 2022. You mentioned earlier that it consists of songs that were born because of how SCANDAL is right now. What made you decide to title it MIRROR?

RINA: The title wasn't really decided until the last minute. But when we put together the words that popped up over and over again during meetings to decide on the title, somehow what the four of us were picturing were the same. "Light," "softness," "femininity" that we feel; "kind but strong." We had always been thinking about what kind of title it would be if we put that all together. Ultimately, when we had a meeting where we were like, "If we don't decide right now, we won't make it in time," the word "MIRROR" popped up. We've been reflecting on ourselves a lot; reflecting on the times that have changed drastically and responding just right to them; and thinking about ideas like throwing a counterpunch and occasionally bouncing back—an album born amidst that could only be called MIRROR.

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―I see.

RINA: When we gave it that title, I wrote the lyrics for the title song "MIRROR" with the intention of using the images that came from our many discussions. So, we finished the album as if foreshadowing it, saying, "This was what we wanted to say and do."

―What was your impression of the album when it was finished?

MAMI: I think it's a mysterious album. Until now, we had always wanted to make songs individually and have lead vocals sung by the person who wrote them, as well as composing and writing lyrics in different combinations. However, as we talked about previously, I think it's interesting that the songs produced by each of us have more individuality that ever before due to all kinds of things that have happened in the last few years. We didn't try to cram it full to make it rich in variety, but naturally and inevitably there happened to be a collection of such unique songs. Even though we didn't aim to make this album, it's like a collection of songs that we've been looking for from the start. It felt natural to follow up three singles with an album, and it feels like you're reading a diary of the production period for this album. In that sense, it's a "mysterious album."

―How would you like this album to resonate with others?

TOMOMI: People might still be worried that we put the current state of affairs of the world on this album. Even so, I hope this will be a work that'll make you think "I can just be myself."

―Please tell us what you'll be doing after releasing MIRROR. You'll be holding a world tour this year. What kind of year would you like it to be?

HARUNA: After celebrating our 15th anniversary, we're looking forward to "continuing on" after making this album. Before that, we couldn't irresponsibly say that we'll "continue to be a band forever." We didn't know how long we could continue doing this as women who are over 30 years old. However, while we were playing our anniversary concert at Osaka-Jo Hall, we vaguely thought, "We can still do this." We feel that we've been able to to keep SCANDAL going for a long time because we can be our natural selves, which makes us very happy. We don't really see us doing different things in the future, and we're simply excited that we're likely to be able to keep going for a long time. Also, we're happy to be able to play concerts not only in Japan but overseas as well. It's very on-brand for SCANDAL.

―It's not as if a new member will be joining at this point in time, but it's a very happy thing to mentally be like, "It's the rebirth of SCANDAL," and to be in a state of "We can still keep doing this." To put it in extremes, from here on out it can be regarded as your actual start.

HARUNA: I think it took us a long time to get here (laughs), but we didn't know if we could reach our current state unless we continued on. But if we had quit before that, I would have regretted it for the rest of my life, and I think I would have lived feeling hazy all of the time. So, now that we've reached the point where we feel that we're currently the best we've ever been, I think that I lead a very blessed life.

―I think it's a really great story. On the other hand, no members are thinking, "No, I think it's about time for me to leave...", right?

All: (laughs)

RINA: There's no such thing as leaving for us (laughs). We don't want to change the members, and I don't think we could do that. The four of us will go as far as we can go together!

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girl, purple night. - 2022-02-11 (RINA) - Fri Feb 11, 2022 10:28 am

girl, purple night.

Alone, spacing out in your usual spot
In your apartment
While the person that you miss but can't see
Comes to mind.
A girl's melancholy and reality.

Drew an illustration
To go with "Ai ni Naranakatta no sa."
The neon worldview is really adorable.

A lyric video for it has been posted to our TikTok,
So please check it out.

I wonder
If there are TikTok creators among our fans?
If there are ones who work hard to post videos,
Try making one using our music, if you'd like〜
We'll share it if we find a good one✌

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Everyone, thank you for your hard work
This week as well〜! You all get 100 points!


2022/2/11 19:14

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Fender Cover Artist | SCANDAL - Thu Feb 10, 2022 11:00 am

Fender Cover Artist | SCANDAL, Part 2
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"It turned out to be such an important work for us that we wouldn't have been able to move forward without it."

SCANDAL, who released their 10th album MIRROR on 1/26, makes their appearance in FenderNews's Cover Artist feature. In part 2 of their interview, we asked about SCANDAL's future. MIRROR, packed with different kinds of challenges, seems to have been the beginning of further evolution while leaving great results.

"We want to make music that fits us well so that we can continue to play music for as long as possible"

──When I listened to your latest album MIRROR, I got the impression that you broke out of your shell even further by having all of these varied songs and new sounds. What kind of work do you feel you've made?

HARUNA: I think this album gave us an opportunity to reflect on ourselves, likely because we celebrated our 15th anniversary during the pandemic. The enjoyment we have of being a band that formed 15 years ago at a dance and vocal training school is expressed once more, and it's a solid work in which you can feel our current ages in. When it was completed, the first thing I thought was how interesting we are.

──During "BEST★Xmas 2021" last year, RINA said, "There might be people who want us to play more intense songs, but we wanted to make a work that could accept listeners of all kinds." Was accepting listeners of all kinds a big theme for you when making MIRROR?

RINA: First, we wanted to make music that fits us well so that we can continue to play music for as long as possible. So, for this album we thought a lot about what kind of songs are right for our current ages. As a result, there are quite a few changes tempo and sound-wise. We of course also know that there's a demand for songs where we can go all out and that have distorted guitar sounds, but this time we were more egotistical about it and wanted to be allowed to challenge ourselves to go in a different direction for the time being.

──That led to a variety of songs that could be accepted by listeners of all kinds.

RINA: This is a work we're confident in that conveys a new kind of fun by listening to it. We felt that it was a very important time to make something true to ourselves and go through with it, so we tried it out. It turned out to be such an important work for us that we wouldn't have been able to move forward without it. That's why we're convinced, and now we're telling you guys that this work is a fun one.

──I'm sure each of you had new challenges to tackle; how was it?

MAMI: For composing, I tried to keep the tempo down really low. Also, I used to make 100% complete demos, give them to everyone, and then decide how to record it. This time, we made the songs together: I would send them voice memos of me singing to my own accompaniment, and then we'd all discuss how to arrange them. I'm sure plenty of bands make songs that way, but that was something I couldn't do until now. That's why it was very challenging for me—or rather, it was a new way of doing things.

──RINA, you also tried something for the first time, right?

RINA: Yes. Each member has a song that they did lyrics, music for, and lead vocals for. For me, I did the lyrics, music, and lead vocals for "Kanojo wa Wave," and I used computer music for the first time to arrange it.

──It's an 80's-like new wave funk song.

RINA: I really like the funky guitar cutting (laughs). Including that, I chose all of the components in GarageBand, sent the demo assembled as a song to the members, and had them play in their own nuanced ways.

──Is it likely that more songs will be arranged in this way from now on?

RINA: If I come up with something, I would like to give it shape.

──TOMOMI, what was a new challenge for you?

TOMOMI: We worked with producer Satori Shiraishi for "eternal" and "Ai no Shoutai" and went one by one to record at Satori's home studio. That was a new thing. Since we went one at a time, you were able take your time if you wanted to, or you could record right away. We did things pretty liberally, so it was fun to be able to do whatever you wanted (laughs).

──You did lyrics, music, and lead vocals for "Ai no Shoutai." I was a little surprised by the gospel choir that joins in midway through, but I thought it was really nice.

TOMOMI: Gospel is part of our roots since we all studied it at our school. I've always liked that kind of music, so when making this song I told Satori, "I wish we could include a choir in this part," he said, "I have some acquaintances." When I said, "I want a horn section here," he said, "I'll introduce you." This song was made in that way, with Satori's connections.

──Since Satori likes that kind of sound, he was probably really into it.

TOMOMI: Satori also had fun. Because the choir consisted of Americans, we asked them to record it in the US and send the files to us. Due to the time difference, Satori was directing them remotely in the middle of the night.

──HARUNA, as a vocalist I'm sure you were challenged in terms of singing unprecedented songs.

HARUNA: Up until now, I found it fun to sing each song as if I were singing it as a character rather than myself. Since this work is a reflection of ourselves, I tried to keep myself in the song instead of trying to change my voice, though that wasn't my intention from the get-go. I think we're really great as we are right now, so I wanted to finish recording all of the songs exactly the way I am.

──Even so, the expressions are different for each song because you've added to your expressiveness as a vocalist.

HARUNA: That might be true. If so, that's something that's automatically done.

"I think that it being fun to all play in sync motivated me to continue playing my instrument"

──You'll be going on world tour, which runs from March to June and will be held at halls all over Japan, and then in July in North America and September in Europe. Please tell us how much you're excited for this tour.

TOMOMI: We think that MIRROR is an album that suits halls. We want to create that world view using the atmosphere found in halls. At any rate, we're looking forward to it.

──Do you have feel that you want to take revenge for not being able to hold your original world tour due to the pandemic?

TOMOMI: The tour 〈SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2020 “Kiss from the darkness”〉 in support of our previous album Kiss from the darkness wasn't able to happen. We only played one livestreamed concert for it, and we're hoping to be able to play some songs from it [on this new tour]. However, since cases are rising again, we're particularly worried about our overseas dates. I hope we're able to go on tour.

HARUNA: We'd love to see our overseas fans soon. They've been waiting a long time. The passion from the overseas fans is insane right now, judging from social media posts and YouTube comments. Of course you'd want to see someone when their fever's at its peak.

──Are overseas fans different from Japanese fans?

RINA: Since there are different lifestyles and cultures of each country, of course, there are many differences, but their mindsets are similar. They're all good people (laughs). Maybe there's something about our music that brings together people that share common interests. Our audiences are really great.

TOMOMI: You can't deny that. We've been around for 15 years and are playing music so different that it's enough to call us a different band. So, it's not's a normal thing for people to continue to like our music despite not being like the songs that got them to learn about us. We're grateful.

──I think that's due to the fact that even if your musicality changes, each of your four personalities are reflected in your songs and live performances. By the way, I happened to hear that you've been using new Fender models recently.

TOMOMI: I'm using that prototype in the "one more time" MV. It's a Jazz Bass. I started out with a Jazz Bass, so I wondered if there were many people who associate me with the Jazz Bass. When I was asked to make a signature model (TOMOMI PRECISION BASS), I went with a Precision Bass because it suited my mood and our music at the time, but I really do like Jazz Basses as well.

──MAMI, you're using a Stratocaster?

MAMI: Yes, a white Stratocaster. The red Strat I'm using right now (MAMI STRATOCASTER) has a standard single coil pickup, so this new one is a little more powerful so as to match SCANDAL's current songs.

HARUNA: I steathily used my new Telecaster at our 15th anniversary concert (laughs). It still has the merits of my current Tele (HARUNA TELECASTER) while being a little more powerful, and can also handle our early songs.

──This time we asked you to take a look at Fender's new Player Plus line released last fall. Can you tell us your impressions of the instruments' appearances?

MAMI: This has a color gradient I've never seen before, so I thought it was really novel. It'd be cute if more color gradients are done in the future. It's something cute to have on display, and it's also unisex—or rather, it'd look nice on anyone.

TOMOMI: At first glance, I thought it was American West Coast-like. It seems like it would go with the look of American mid-century interior design. The horizonal gradient was fresh since I had never seen something like that before.

HARUNA: If you use it in public, it'll really stand out. I think it's easy to show individuality. Whoever uses this first wins (laughs).

RINA: It's amazing that they thought up of such new models. Guitar players must get excited when new, unique guitars are released.

──Thank you very much. Lastly, please give some advice to beginners on musical instruments!

MAMI: I want you to have fun playing. I think loving music and musical instruments is a really good way to start. However, it's a waste if you find practice to be difficult and you get frustrated. Therefore, I think it's best to first keep thinking about having fun so that you don't lose your feelings of love.

TOMOMI: Thinking about myself, if I had started out alone, I might not have known what to do midway through. However, I think that it being fun to have friends starting together with me and all playing in sync motivated me to continue playing my instrument. So, find some friends and start a band. You don't have to form one, but having friends with whom you can work together is a big factor in continuing to play.

RINA: My younger sister is in her third year of middle school and is now practicing different songs on the guitar, and there are all sorts of sites where you can view easy-to-understand chord charts. Starting to play an instrument has become more casual like that, and since singer-songwriters are popular, I think there are many fun songs to play and sing along to. I want you to find music and an instrument that you like while being excited about it, and also enjoy it.

──Lastly, HARUNA, if you would.

HARUNA: Let's see. It'd be nice if you checked out the "Start Your Journey!" series on Fender's YouTube channel (laughs).

──These videos feature the members of SCANDAL explaining to beginners the appeal of the guitar and bass + how to play them.

HARUNA: There are a lot of easy-to-understand explanations that even beginners can understand, if I do say so myself (laughs). I hope you can learn various chords while watching them. They're really great videos (laughs).

RINA: We got a message on our radio program from someone who said they became a SCANDAL fan after watching those.

HARUNA: That made me think that there really are many different ways you can discover something.

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Cover-2022-SCANDAL-d

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SCANDAL|MIRROR vividly reflects who we are right now, more freely and flexibly

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Pc-header

SCANDAL has released their 10th album MIRROR.

Each member of SCANDAL, who celebrated their 15th anniversary last year, reflected deeply on themselves and the band, and sought music that that they ought to be expressing as who they are right now. Born during that process, MIRROR was compiled together while having the singles eternal, Ivory, and one more time acting as leads—it is an innovative work that realistically reflects the current mood of the soft, flexible quartet. Some of the best parts of it are that all of the members are involved in writing lyrics and music, and that there are songs in which each member sings lead vocals on for the first time in a while.

We talked to the four members about this work, which vividly presents the diversity of SCANDAL and which they personally say is "the strangest album we've ever done, in a good way."

After finishing their 10th "BEST Xmas" concert overall

──You held your Christmas concert "BEST★Xmas 2021" on December 24th at Toyosu PIT. What was your first "BesuKuri" in two years, and 10th one overall, like?

HARUNA: It was so much fun. The flow from the very start to the middle was crazy (laughs).

TOMOMI: The fans couldn't vocalize, but it was as if we tried to get them to—that's how intense the setlist was (laughs). "BesuKuri" is a concert that makes of the most of SCANDAL's variety of weapons, so we also had a lot of fun performing it.

RINA: That's right. This concert was jam-packed with everything we can do: singing, dancing, performing, chatting a bunch. This was the 10th one overall, and it made us feel again that this kind of concert style is one that we'd like to continue to hold dear to us. Closing out the year amidst a happy atmosphere made us feel happy.

MAMI: The fans also feel that you can't close out the year without having "BesuKuri" (laughs). We sensed that they came to let out all the things that happened over the past year, so we were really glad to be able to hold it.

HARUNA: This time, we felt a change in the way we show ourselves during fast-paced songs. Up until now we had used our voices to get the audience excited, but as this was held during the pandemic and we also didn't feel it was right [to get everyone riled up], we didn't dare to stir up the audience even during the intense songs. Nevertheless, we did realize that we did have to hold a proper concert. Although the atmosphere was different than in the past, this is how we're performing our intense songs as SCANDAL right now. I'm glad we were able to realize that as we were moving forward while making various changes.

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Photo01

Their "weirdest album so far," made up of the four members' art

──You reported at that concert that you made "a fresh and unique album," and now SCANDAL's 10th album MIRROR has finally been released. It has a different vibe that your previous 9 albums, but I think it definitely is a masterpiece. Do you feel that the response to it has been pretty big?

HARUNA: We do. We're very happy that everyone will get to experience our new form at the beginning of the year. It has a slightly different atmosphere than what we've done before, because this was made during the pandemic. We're now all in our thirties and it's filled with who we are right now, so we would be happy if you could feel that.

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Photo03

MAMI: During these past two years of the pandemic we've been searching for all sorts of things, even when we didn't know for what and for whom to write songs for. It was also a time when each of us reflected quite a lot on ourselves and the band. Meanwhile, we thought it might be good to write a song for ourselves, and we made a lot of new discoveries because of that. As a result, it feels like we've made our oddest album so far, in a good way (laughs). I personally felt overwhelmed many times and had moments when I felt like giving up, but I was able to muster up my strength and get it done. That's why I feel a sense of accomplishment and relief like never before. At the same time, I felt energized and refreshed.

──In that case, you're probably more worried about the fans' reactions than ever before.

MAMI: That's true. How will it reach them, how will it make them feel... I think this might be the most indeterminate it's ever been (laughs).

──But the flow of eternal, Ivory, and one more time released last year clearly showed the style that SCANDAL's currently taking, so it feels like you can comfortably immerse yourself in the mood of the entire album.

RINA: Yes, that's true. I'm really drawn to works that are ephemeral, vague, and unanswered. I like it when things can be perceived freely without pushing for something or making a decision. This time, I really wanted to complete that kind of art as SCANDAL's music. It's kind of difficult to do something like that based on the image SCANDAL's had thus far, and of course we thought that it might be too pop-like, but it felt like we couldn't move forward unless we do that now. So, we don't know how the fans will take it in, but we were able to make something that we really like. As MAMI said, I think this is the most accomplished we've ever felt.

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Photo07

TOMOMI: As a result of wondering what we should be singing about and expressing right now, it's like we've put together "songs with no conclusion" overall. We haven't yet seen the correct answer as to what music should be like during this maelstrom of a pandemic, and there are also many things we still don't know, including how we will carry out our musical activities. That's why this time we were able to lay bare the parts of us we had hidden until now, and we feel like we were able to affirm that it was okay for us to do so. In that sense, I think this is a mirror-like album that clearly reflects who we are now as adults. That's why we titled it "MIRROR."

──It must have been necessary for the future of the album to release an album with kind of mood as SCANDAL's 10th milestone album, and as you celebrated your 15th anniversary.

RINA: We really think so. The reason why we reflected on ourselves more than ever before and started production on this is because we wanted to continue playing music for as long as possible after our 16th year. We're now all in our thirties and seriously gave thought aboout how to continue being a band for a long time. As a result, we now have more songs with a slower BPM, and it's now possible for us to incorporate more softness and suppleness in terms of word selection. It was nice to be able to make music that's true to who we are right now, and I also think we completed our own kind of art.

Ephemerality, calmness, and softness formed the title track "MIRROR"

──The title track "MIRROR" opens the album. It features lyrics by RINA and music + arrangement by MAMI.

MAMI: This was actually the song that we had the most trouble with.

RINA: It was the last song we made.

MAMI: Yeah. When we had completed the other 9 songs, I felt that it had turned out to be a very cool album. From our point of view, we didn't include so-called intense songs that will get the audiences hyped up at concerts. But this is who we are right now, and this lineup of songs will definitely make our concerts fun. However, we also felt that we wanted a song that a bit more of a band-like sound and that can give inspiration to ourselves. So, we decided to make another song, but it took quite a while since I wasn't in the right mode to make such a heavy song. Consequently, I was able to condense the music I usually listen to and the feelings I feel every day into a satisfying song.

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Photo05

RINA: First, MAMI sent me a demo that had a heavy-hitting rhythm to it, saying, "I want to make a song with this kind of rhythm." When I listened to it, I thought that with this rhythm we could make a fierce song with a sense of scale that would definitely match with ourselves now. I wrote the lyrics from the image that came to mind from words like "ephemerality," "calmness," "softness" that came up during the dozens of meetings we had to decide on the title of the album. It took us a long time to come up with the word "MIRROR" that puts the entire album together, but I'm glad that I was able to write the lyrics for this song because of the many meetings we had.

The wonder of chorus work born after trial and error

──The sound is fierce, but the vocals are definitely a different approach than what you've done before.

HARUNA: In the case of a song with a band-like sound like this, I think I would have sung it a little more powerfully in the past. However, after making almost the entire album and this song being the last one to record, I felt the strength to match the mood of the album while being right on the line of where you could feel a supplness, calmness, and kindness.

──As a result, it connects easily to track 2, "eternal."

HARUNA: Right, right. The melodies are completely different, but you have the same person singing in the same kind of atmosphere. I was very aware of that part for the other song as well.

──There's also the impression that there are many songs on the album where the choruses pay off well. That is suddenly visible in the first track "MIRROR."

TOMOMI: Since the chorus of "MIRROR" is the core of the song, we all tried singing it at first. But because the vibe changed a bit with the addition of my voice, so we wondered whose voice should be at the forefront, or perhaps edit it so that it doesn't sound like us. After a lot of discussions it turned out as you can hear on the recorded track.

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Photo10

MAMI: We asked for filters to be applied to our voices so you can't tell who's singing. The result is a very mysterious chorus that's like one person, four people, or even more singing.

TOMOMI: The chorus was made by trial and error for each song.

RINA: Yeah. We tried changing the microphones and changing singing positions. We really did a lot of things, such as wondering how we should vocalize to make it sound fresh.

Things that you can see and touch but have no shape

──The album also contains songs that each member wrote and composed, and you made sure that they each have your own tastes. You pulled no punches there (laughs). RINA, for "Kanojo wa Wave," you also sang lead vocals on it.

RINA: This was the first song I made via computer music, as well as the first time I've done the arrangement myself. I'm really drawn to things like waves that you can see and touch but don't have a solid form. I've always wanted to make that kind of song. What finally took shape was "Kanojo wa Wave," a song about a girl who lives her life freely and as she likes. I sung it on the demo, and when MAMI heard it, she was like, "RINA, why don't you sing it [on the recorded track]?" For the first time in forever I'm drumming as well as singing.

HARUNA: When I first listened to the demo, it was so complete that I wondered if MAMI had arranged it. I never would have thought that RINA did it (laughs).

MAMI: Yeah. I was also surprised when I listened to the demo. I thought, "Wow, she's grown so much!" (laughs).

──Personally, I really like the vibe of the interlude.

RINA: The interlude has an alternative rock-like vibe to it. I like it when things sound a little noisy and shoegazer-like, so I tried my best with this. It seems like a song that we can play around with at concerts, so I'm looking forward to it.

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Photo08

A great kind of love they could sing about because they're in their thirties

──Next, we have TOMOMI's song "Ai no Shoutai" that she did lyrics, music, and lead vocals for. There are a lot of elements in it.

TOMOMI: A whole bunch of them (laughs). Its sound reflects my tastes, and I also took gospel lessons when I was attending dance and vocal training school. That's why I tried adding in a bit of those roots. I asked Satori Shiraishi to arrange it. Since I wanted it to have a big band-like sound, I told him that it'd be nice to have a horn section on it. He then introduced me to some acquaintances. Also, when I asked him if we could work with a choir, he introduced me to them as well. It feels like it was made via our link with Satori.

RINA: TOMOMI and I, the rhythm section, went to Satori's house to record it. At first we used electronic drum sounds, but we then thought it might be nice to use actual drums, so we re-recorded it using actual drums at the very end. I really like the lyrics of this song. The bridge makes me tear up every time (laughs). I think it's a song that makes you feel like you're hugging people of different personalities, different races, and different genders.

──It's a song with a great kind of love that's different than romantic love.

TOMOMI: That's right. After hitting my thirties, I started to think that there's an unconditional love—love that asks for nothing in return—inside of me. I wanted to write that in the lyrics. I'm so glad that we got a choir to sing in it. We gave them the melody and lyrics and asked to do it in a certain kind of vibe, and they gave us back a song that was five times more awesome. It was amazing, truly (laughs).

Music that cannot be explained well using words

──HARUNA, you wrote the lyrics and music for "Yuugure, Tokeru."

HARUNA: I started writing it after the title "Yuugure, Tokeru" (Dusk Is Melting) suddenly popped into my head first as a phrase. The words "Dusk is melting" mean exactly that, though in everyday life there are things that you can't really explain well in words, but it's okay to just trust your gut. You'll be asked to explain things, but I think it's okay if you can't really explain it. I wanted to make a song that could affirm that feeling. So, the lyrics don't really make sense, but I'd be happy if you could feel that it's a nice song.

──That feeling may be easy to convey because it's in the form of music.

HARUNA: That's true. It's hard to convey it even talking about it like this. One of the merits of music is that you can feel it.

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Photo04

──Hibiki Nishikawa did the arrangement.

RINA: It's been a long time since we asked Hibiki to do an arrangement.

HARUNA: Yeah. I think the arrangement feels very "Hibiki"-like. The rhythm's interesting and it sounds J-Pop-like. I feel that I was able to draw out the part that I feel my own roots in.

"This song is quite the controversial work"

──And, "Ai ni Naranakatta no sa," which was released early, features lyrics and music by MAMI. This song depicts the end of love, and was performed at "BesuKuri."

MAMI: This is a song that we're able to write because we're the ages we are right now. The melody was done at the same time as "Ivory." Because "Ivory" was a song that exhaled my feelings, I wanted to write lyrics that were different and decided to make it about breaking off a relationship. Since the lyrics are from a woman's perspective, men and women react quite differently when they listen to it. By the way, (Kouhei) Munemoto, who arranged this song with us, was like, "The lyrics say 'We can stay together like this,' but you're breaking up?" and got mad (laughs).

RINA: Then I think it'd be good if you did stay together (laughs).

MAMI: But for a woman who feels the same way as these lyrics, her feelings won't change no matter what happens. Some people like Munemoto get angry when they hear something like that, while others learn and are like, "That's right." It's interesting that there are different ways to perceive it (laughs).

──It depends on the age of the listener. For people who are older to a certain extent, if they were told "It didn't turn out to be true love," they have no choice but to accept it (laughs).

RINA: That's too heart-breaking (laughs). This song is quite the controversial work.

TOMOMI: We were a little nervous to perform it at "BesuKuri." It was on Christmas Eve and there would be couples and spouses coming to the venue, so we wondered what kind of reaction it'd get. We wondered if there would be applause, or the atmosphere would get all despair-like (laughs).

HARUNA: In fact, it felt like the atmosphere of the venue changed with this song (laughs). I'm looking forward to those people hearing it on the album and hearing their thoughts on it again.

To the beloved musicians of the same generation

──There are two more new songs on the album left to talk about. Could you talk a little again about "Ao no Naru Yoru no Sukima de" that you debuted at your Osaka-Jo Hall concert last year?

RINA: I'm still wondering how to talk about this song without there being any misunderstandings... With much respect by saying her name, I wrote this song after Maisa Tsuno of Akai Koen passed away. At that time I was so shocked and sad, and I immediately contacted my other band members to talk about all sorts of things. We respect Maisa as a musician of the same generation, and as far as we know, she's a musical artist who publicly said that SCANDAL's music is cool. She was so talented and inspiring that I've felt like I've had a big hole in my heart since then. I'll never forget her and the music she made. I will continue to revere her, so I decided to leave those feelings as a song. This is one song that I will continue to lovingly play live.

──The last song is "Prism." The lyrics are by RINA and the music is by TOMOMI. This is the first time for this pairing, right?

TOMOMI: That's correct. We've done the opposite before, though ["Bitter Chocolate," which features lyrics by TOMOMI, music by RINA].

RINA: The lyrics were written first. The day before our 15th-anniversary concert at Osaka-Jo Hall last year, the four of us had a meeting about the album title at our hotel in Osaka, though we also did not end up making a decision then either. However, we were able to realize that we were extremely confident about the concert the following day. Osaka-Jo Hall is a very special place to us, which is why we had been pretty nervous during our past concerts there, but we didn't feel that at all this time. So, I thought it would be a waste to not make a song about our mood and feelings, and wrote the lyrics right away. I thought that a melody by TOMOMI would go well with the lyrics, so I left it up to her in a "make any kind of melody you'd like" way.

TOMOMI: The protagonist of the lyrics suddenly came to mind, so I imagined a melody that was being hummed by a child and wrote it freely. Since I wanted to add toy-like sounds, it contains toy piano and music box sounds. It became a song that had a small world view like a snow globe.

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Photo09

Don't forget in 2022 the spirit you started with

──Your domestic tour in support of this wonderful album will start in March. Also, you'll be going on a world tour starting in July.

HARUNA: Seeing that we were able to announce this many concerts makes it feel that the light's gradually coming into view. I hope we can safely go overseas as well.

RINA: Our entire world tour had been postponed. Our overseas fans have been waiting for a long time.

HARUNA: I wonder if they're tired of waiting?

TOMOMI: After 2021, we felt once more that we really do love performing concerts in front of audiences, so we're just simply looking forward to this tour.

MAMI: I'm really looking forward to being able to visit different places, including rural areas.

RINA: Because we think that MIRROR is an album that suits halls, we will be delivering each and every live performance while valuing them more than ever before.

──Do you have a vision for the band in 2022?

MAMI: The other day we asked [comedian and fortune-teller] Shuhei Shimada to tell us about the band's fortune. He told us that SCANDAL hadn't debuted yet and to make our debut in 2023. That's why this year too we'll pretend we're an indie band (laughs) and not forget the spirit that we started with.

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Photo06

HARUNA: I wonder what will happen in 2023 (laughs).

TOMOMI: He told us that seven years' worth of efforts will be rewarded in 2022, so won't that be the trigger for our debut in 2023?

RINA: (laughs). If we take care in writing songs and play satisfactory concerts, I wonder if somebody will discover us somewhere. We'll have hope for that and work hard.

──As a reminder, SCANDAL is a well-established artist on a major label (laughs). I'm sure that an even greater breakthrough is waiting in the future.

MAMI: That'd be great if there was. We'll do our best to write songs for that. Maybe those songs will be a hit next year.

TOMOMI: I mean, we have a theory that MIRROR will be a big hit.

──"Theory" (laughs).

TOMOMI: Right now, that fortune-telling is our only hope (laughs).

MAMI: We're very dependent on fortune-telling (laughs).

HARUNA: But I want to believe good things will happen.

TOMOMI: Yeah. Let's believe only good things will happen (laughs).

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Photo02

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Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 FdtTi4P
"her" Magazine Vol. 3 Translations

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Present

How to apply

Applications will be accepted via social media once more! The rules are simple - check the following to apply:

1. Take a photo of "her" Magazine Vol.3 and post it on Twitter or Instagram

2. Don't forget the hashtag #hermagazine

3. Write in the caption which present you want

The deadline is 2/28!

Winners will be sent a DM via SCANDAL's official account.

(*Please note that most likely only those who are located in Japan are eligible to receive these prizes.)

A-Prize - "No idea what's on these" Disposable cameras × 4

These disposable cameras have become a staple for every magazine. The band members were given the cameras around the year-end and New Year holidays and asked to take photosTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 KFjRnCh No one knows what's on them until they're developed, so look forward to itTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Yeg0azl

※There are shots still remaining in the disposable cameras - Feel free to use up the rest yourself.
※Please note that you will have to develop the film yourself.

B-Prize - Something from HARUNA's house

This time we will specially prepare personal belongings that were in each members' homeTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 XByOF4c For HARUNA who lives with her dog Lady, will it be a dog-related item? It might also be a fashion item for womenTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 W1lChHJ

C-Prize - Something from TOMOMI's house

TOMOMI has a lot of hobbies relating to nature and loves fishing, camping, and golf, and also collects tableware and plants - Could it be an organic item? Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 PSwdnTN

D-Prize - Something from MAMI's house

The most unpredictableTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 8KaTzpX There is a possibility that something really crazy might arrive because it's something of MAMI's, so please be aware before applying that no returns are acceptedTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 YOi7VWN

E-Prize - Something from RINA's house

For RINA whose artistic taste is off the charts, will it be an art book or zine? Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 CBm0a3ZTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Q3MRZva It may also be related to DAISY PROJECT, the project that she presides over for the purpose of supporting womenTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 H6ongcD


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"her" Magazine Vol. 3 Translations

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Rina1

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Rina2

Shopping for specialized furniture at a large thrift shop

While wandering around, she suddenly found a huge teddy bear! (laughs) "That's too funny that they also have stuff like thisTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Ohsn67F" There were all sorts of objects and toys in the store.

RINA, who is curious about art, design, and interior design, went to a large vintage furniture store that she had always been interested in. "I wanted to come here because there aren't many large stores like this in the city center, but I can't believe it's this bigTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 IUNPqWC" RecycleGallery NEWS Karasuyama has a wide variety of vintage, antique, and/or designer furniture; home appliances; tableware; miscellaneous goods; antiques; and clothing in a warehouse-type building. Since most of the items are one-of-a-kind, of course, you can enjoy encountering each of them at that time.

There are tons of different chairs and tables on the spacious second floor with high ceilings! "Wow! This is spectacular - I've never seen such an assortment of chairs! There are also mid-century designs to modern ones. I really don't know which to go withTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 IUNPqWC" Masterpiece brands such as MAGIS, Vitra, and Herman Miller are also available (※The selection of items change from time to time). "I'd buy so many things if I came here when I'm movingTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Ohsn67F I want to take more time to look at the plates and stuff, so I think I'll come back againTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 W1lChHJ"

Since it was around the Christmas season at the time of this interview, there were many items were Santa or winter-themed. You can enjoy the selection of items depending on what season it isTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 W1lChHJ

There is also a corner with a cultural feel to it, with sculptures such as Buddha statues and chairs that use banana leaves. It's fun to see unique items from all over the world.

Today's featured location:

A comprehensive recycle shop that boasts the largest sales floor area in Setagaya Ward. They carry not only interior items but also cute and retro accessories, making it fun whenever you go.

RecycleGallery NEWS Karasuyama - 6-18-14 Minami-Karasuyama, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo - TEL: 03-5314-3688 - OPEN: 10:00-19:00

"her" Magazine Vol. 3 Translations

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Tomo1-2

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Tomo2

Giving bait fishing a go at popular fishing spot Hayato River in Sagamihara

The water of the river is simply beautiful, and the mountains around here seem to have plenty of red leaves in the autumn. TOMOMI was also crazy about fishing in the great outdoorsTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 IbqmDZf

Camping, golf, and nature enthusiast TOMOMI heads to a popular fishing spot in Sagamihara. "My friends told me about Hayato River International Mass Fishing Ground. Although it's about an hour-and-a-half drive from Tokyo, it's the best spot to enjoy fishing in the great outdoorsTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 IbqmDZf I hear you can fish with lures and flies at River Spot Hayato next door, but I'll be doing bait fishing since I'm still a beginnerTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 YU0ZrwZ"

Scores of rainbow trout stream into the river as soon as they're released. Wearing polarized sunglasses that make it easier to see the movement of fish in the water, TOMOMI also asks the staff to teach her how much bait she should grab, and then throws it in immediately!

It took about 10 minutes to get a hit! While saying, "I think I got one! I think I got one!", she easily pulled in her first oneTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 JFyojkG Then, she suddenly pulled in 3 all at once. "Wow, I can't believe bait fishing is so much fun! Even beginners might be able to enjoy it plentyTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 IbqmDZf"

In the end, TOMOMI caught a total of 4 fish. "The rivers and mountains are beautiful, and this wide-open space is so nice! I want everyone to comeTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 YU0ZrwZ"

At Hayato River International Mass Fishing Ground, you can grill and eat the fish you catch on the spot! If you prepare ahead of time, you can also enjoy a barbecue over an open fire with friendsTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 W1lChHJ

Today's featured location:

It's perfectly fine to come empty-handed, or if you're a beginner. Fish are released into the river every day, making it very easy to enjoy. A popular spot where you can enjoy fishing in and eating at the Hayato River, rich in nature of the four seasons.

Hayato River International Mass Fishing Ground - 3627 Shimaya, Midori-ku, Sagamihara City, Kanagawa Prefecture - TEL: 042-785-0704 - OPEN: 6:00-17:00 (holidays)

"her" Magazine Vol. 3 Translations

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Mami1-3

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Mami2

Looking for bona fide fabrics at a famous textile wholesaler in Nippori

TOMATO (INTERIOR-KAN) has a overflowing selection of curtains. It seems that MAMI wanted to get new ones, and there are many in-person samples here that one can take a look at. The shop will even tailor them for youTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 XByOF4c

MAMI, who loves doing DIY things such as sewing, explores the famous textile wholesaler TOMATO. With currently around 90 stores in total from Nippori Station to Nippori Chuo-dori, Nippori is a popular area for those in fashion and those who enjoy handicrafts + making things by hand for fun.

"I do come to this area sometimes, and this time my sights are set on TOMATO, a fabric-store chain that has multiple locations in Nippori Fabric Town. There are no other stores that have as many fabrics as them, so it's exciting just getting to look at everything when I want to make things like a pouch or clothingTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 IUNPqWC" After saying this, she immediately starts wandering around the store.

Various fabrics are sold in 1-meter increments, and there are several types of materials such as faux fur, organdy, and knit fabrics. "It's nice to decide on something to make and then come here to find suitable fabrics for it. But on the other hand, it's also fun to find a nice fabric here and think about what to make with itTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 IUNPqWC Plus, everything's super cheap!" There certainly are patterns and designs that we've never seen. We can tell that her motivation to DIY something is rising. "They not only have fabric but also buttons, beads, and fasteners. You can also make any kind of clothing if you come hereTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 W1lChHJ"

TOMATO has five stores in Nippori: The main shop that has all sorts of materials, the "SELECT-KAN" that has a collection of carefully selected materials, the "ARCH-KAN" with a rich variety of things, the "NOTIONS-KAN" that sells buttons and the like, and the "INTERIOR-KAN."

The five-story main shop has a wide variety of items, from a super-discount corner of 110 yen per meter, to silk and satin for bridal, knits, corduroy, a wide variety of cotton, and cut-cloth for patchwork.

Today's featured location:

The sales floor area of the main shop is the largest in store-dense Nippori Fabric Town! Its affordability and assortment of products are impressive, and just looking at the materials gathered from all over the world is also stunning.

Tomato Co., Ltd. - 6-44-6 Higashinippori, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo - TEL: 03-3805-2366 - OPEN: 11:00-17:30 / CLOSED: Sundays & holidays

"her" Magazine Vol. 3 Translations

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Haru_1

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Haru6-2 Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Haru7-2

Enjoying a walk & an exquisite cafe with Yuuna Suzuki


With Lady the miniature Dachshund, named after the heroine in the Disney movie The Lady and the Tramp that HARUNA loved as a childTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 5zOkAE8

Yuuna & Comugi

Comugi, the small and round Pomapoo (Pomeranian + Toy Poodle), came with Yuuna Suzuki. Mischievous as always, he was boisterous from start to finish during today's puppy dateTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 URqgtbt

Meeting up with model Yuuna Suzuki at BOWERY KITCHEN, a cafe and dining spot in Komazawa that is dog friendly, and that the band members often go to. The pair, who say their lives changed after getting a dog, enjoyed a walk & cafe timeTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 W1lChHJ

Yuuna: "Nice to meet you. Lady looks so obedient and cuteTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 5zOkAE8 My dog is a bit of a bonehead (laughs). I love that part of him, though." - HARUNA: "You can forgive all of thatーTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 5zOkAE8"

It seems that their lives changed after getting dogs.

Yuuna: "I used to go to sleep late and wake up in the afternoon, but now I live a sound life: I wake up early and take [Comugi on] walks. I feel like I've gotten a bit kinder as well (laughs)." - HARUNA: "I totally get thatーTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 5zOkAE8 Your motherly instincts come out, so you can't be uncool in front of your child (laughs). Also, from a dog's viewpoint, when you go on walks outside, you become aware of things you weren't aware of before, like, 'I never knew flowers bloomed here.' It makes you realize how much of a hurry you used to live your life in (laughs)."

The pair talked about how soothing it is to live your life with dogsTopics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 URqgtbt

Guest: Yuuna Suzuki

Active on the modeling forefront for many years, she began her modeling in elementary school and has appeared on the front covers of magazines such as Seventeen and non no. She currently is a regular model for MORE. Check out her YouTube channel, too.

Today's featured location:

Founded in 1997, BOWERY KITCHEN is a well-known store that boasts a fascinating charm to this day. Its cafe menu and food are excellent, and we also recommend TOMOMI's favorite taramo (cod roe and potato) soup.

BOWERY KITCHEN - 5-18-7 Komazawa, Kawatani-ku, Tokyo - TEL: 03-3704-9880 - OPEN: 11:00-24:00

Peering in - 2022-02-07 (RINA) - Mon Feb 07, 2022 9:42 am

Peering in

For several times now,
UtaNet has let us write lyrics essays
Every time we release new songs.

As a writing enthuasiast,
I really enjoy this feature and am a fan of it.
It's really fun
To both write for it and read others' essays.

This time, throughout a total of 4 essays,
Each of the band members wrote essays
Related to the lyrics that we chose.
It's nice to know specifics
And what that person felt
About a song.

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 WFWv1LP

"Ai ni Naranakatta no sa"

"Yuugure, Tokeru"

"Ai no Shoutai"


If you'd like, read them
Whenever works best for you.
You might be able to enjoy the songs even more.


2022/2/7 18:24

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Hm? - 2022-02-05 (RINA) - Sat Feb 05, 2022 10:13 am


Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 CY92e0q

The merch for [the Japan leg of] our world tour has been made!

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Bpmbj7B

Hm? They're cute...

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 LwKFhMH

I want the phone case

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 AFnIu1k

Designs that are delicate & luxurious

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 M9y0b2B

A tiny mirror that's like a parody
Of the mirrors we used in the "MIRROR" MV

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 UQ0JHvN

1,000-point tote bag that's easy to use

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 21hvEfh

A pouch made with a special print that has a trick to it
Where the unique design changes when moved

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 HpMZ12G

Wanted to try out this color scheme...
We made these silicone bands

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 IgUioCy

We made
Some really adorable merch this time...◎
The ones in these photos are samples,
But the actual ones are going to be really〜 great.
We do plan to do a proper shoot for them,
But I was so happy that they turned out cute
That I decided to post these a little early haha

Preorders via our online store
Began as of yesterday☺
Check it out〜!


2022/2/5 18:54

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UtaNet - RINA's "MIRROR" Lyrics Essay - Fri Feb 04, 2022 11:22 am

SCANDAL's MIRROR Lyrics Essays

#4 - RINA's "MIRROR" Lyrics Essay

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 000014-trim

A sturdy, fragile mirror.

On Jan. 26, 2022, SCANDAL released their new album MIRROR! It contains a total of 10 songs: 7 new songs plus the three singles (eternal, Ivory, one more time) released last year. Also included are songs with lyrics and music written by each of the band members. Please enjoy the many songs that are unique to this album!

There will be a total of 4 essays from SCANDAL about this latest release. This is the fourth and final one, written by drummer RINA. She talks about their thoughts on building the album MIRROR to completion during the pandemic, as well as the title track "MIRROR" that opens the album. Please enjoy this essay along with the lyrics.

~Lyrics Essay: "MIRROR"~

Thrown into a pure white world with no landmarks, it was like we were searching for something the entire time. The state of the world changed completely. The music stopped. Different from working hard or giving up, we just came to a halt right then and there. We stopped running and were forcibly stopped while having to face what was going on at the time as well as ourselves. That's what the production period was like.

Light, delicate, calm, soft. I like songs that can we can play for a long time, and that have a femininity to them that we feel. More and more I wanted to write things that were abstract and soft. I didn't know what I wanted to do, and I didn't need the right answer.

It's interesting how the three singles we released during the pandemic have elicited all sorts of reactions like, "It's new and I like it!" or "Their musicality has changed and they've matured." Above all, I accepted all of those opinions and nodded in affirmation.

Carefully, little by little, we finished our 10th album with unusually high attention to detail. Even though it's our own band, I felt that if we cut something even a little, we'd be slapped by the hand of God...haha. We worked methodically while developing different mentalities. I think the four of us have each done everything we can do right now to make a very distinctive, mysterious, nice album that's unique to us.

It was hard to decide on the album title. Even on the day we were told that we can't keep putting it off, we still talked about it using vague words. At the very end, we suddenly were like, "What about 'mirror'?" We were like, "Wow...that's it!" and things went fast after that. Our conversations and feelings moved forward.

After that, we decided to make the lead song "MIRROR" for the album and its opening track. I thought to turn the feelings we've talked about so many times until arriving at this point, and that I can't explain well, exactly as they are into lyrics. I wasted no time and hit on a perfectly-suited title and song that seemed as if they were already foreshadowed.

A sturdy, fragile mirror. It reflects your appearance for what it is, including things you like and things you don't, while accepting it and sometimes striking back as if throwing a counterpunch. This song was written by taking a step forward from ourselves and facing the band and the world.

May it reach as many ears as possible! And, we hope that it flies to and reaches the depths of the hearts of those it should reach! It's also an egoistic album that we made for ourselves. I'm sure that we couldn't have moved on without making this. So, when it was completed, it felt like we had won with one point in the lead.

My hope is that everyone can be exactly as they are, with all of our different personalities, and acknowledge and and interact with each other. I will always and forever think that.


*The lyrics to "MIRROR" can be found here:

#front-page #mirror

If you enjoy my translations, please consider leaving a tip! Happy

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 FdtTi4P

SCANDAL WORLD TOUR 2022 "MIRROR" - Fri Feb 04, 2022 9:10 am

Here is the merch line-up for the Japan leg of the MIRROR tour:

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 IVzKt01
Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 KT5oduq

I've translated it into English:
Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 H89P82y

They will be available for preorder from Feb. 4-13 via ROOFTOP ONLINE STORE.

#front-page #mirror
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"her" Magazine Vol. 3 Translations - Thu Feb 03, 2022 11:30 pm

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Her-zine

"her" Magazine Vol. 3

Table of Contents

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 M1


Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 M2


Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 M3


Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 M4


Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 M5


Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Present

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 272939906-991069031837731-8383794213284084165-n
*From photographer Takuya Nagamine

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 1

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 4

Their 10th original album MIRROR is finally complete, following their 15th anniversary. Unlike other forms of media, here in "her" Magazine we talked to the members as casually as possible with a closer sense of distance. They're where they're at right now because they've experienced so much. We will directly bequeath those sentiments exactly how they are.

──You've been looking back on the past in every volume of this magazine, so I'd like to talk about the present and future as much as possible while keeping the overall picture to a minimum. But first, you've reared SCANDAL to 15 years of age; what do you feel when you look at the band from a bird's eye view?

MAMI: To start with, I didn't expect us to rear it to 15 years of age, so it feels like I should say thanks (laughs).

HARUNA: I wonder if our rebellious period is over now. But that really did happen during these past 1-2 years. We fought against some things, but it feels like we've now finally have our feet on the ground and have settled down.

──Looking back on your early days, do you wonder why things were the way they were at the time?

HARUNA: I really do, especially in regards to myself. The band formed when I was 18. In the 10 years following that, I really wonder why I was the way I was in my twenties. I wonder why I was so worried and impatient, and what I was afraid of. All of that has come out naturally in the past few years.

TOMOMI: I was 16 back then. We had already experienced all sorts of things as students, which is why we thought of ourselves as adults to some extent. But as we've gotten older and become full-fledged adults and see 16-year-olds these days being active in the scene, we feel respect and also worry at how crazy it is to leave your parents' side while you're still young. So, even in regards to ourselves back then, it makes me think, "You've done well (so far)" (laughs).

RINA: I've been in the band for over half of my life so far. Because of that fact, I've learned to acknowledge and affirm myself. I still think we're kind of alone [as far as having bands similar to us], especially since there aren't any other female drummers who have been playing since they were 15 (laughs). There are a few things that we have in common with others, but there's no one else who can share our story completely. After all, though, the things we overcome add to our confidence. Because SCANDAL's been around for 15 years, I think that the number of people acknowledging us from the outside has finally grown bigger. That's why keeping things going can be a source of nourishment and strength.

──What would you say to yourselves at the time?

HARUNA: Hmm. Maybe that nothing you're doing is wrong. All of our experiences are connected to the present. There's no point in thinking about this and that.

MAMI: I think we had worries like that, but I don't really remember any of them. I'm talented in forgetting things that I don't like (laughs). We're the type of people who can maintain a good mental balance, which I think has been the case for a long time now. And after 10 years we've finally developed a mentality where we're able to affirm ourselves. Actually, we really liked playing instruments when we first started out, and there were a few times I thought it would have been better if we started out by choosing the band members ourselves. But right now I very much think that things are fine the way they are. The way we formed is pretty unusual, and in the beginning a lot of things were said about us because we're girls, but it all turned out well. It seems like that for everything. So, maybe I'd say [to my past self], "Keep working hard" (laughs).

──TOMO, what do you feel when you look back on the past?

TOMOMI: We were armed to the teeth. We didn't know much about being a band, so I feel like we were completely armed with songs, sounds, makeup, and an easy-to-understand, rebellious spirit, like, "Rock is totally this, right?" That was fine at the time, but we ended up full of complexes from that. After that, we had so many different experiences, finally gained confidence, and were able to be more natural. We worked pretty hard. At any rate, we were always enthusiastic (laughs).

MAMI: Cute (laughs).

TOMOMI: I was happy with that because we were filling up on a bunch of gasoline in the beginning. I had longed to be like overseas divas when I studied singing at our dance school, which is why I also had a complex about my voice. Even after joining the band I was trying too hard to show what I acquired from my lessons, but I just couldn't get into it. I accepted my voice around the time our second album came out. I was born with this kind of voice, so I decided to just go on ahead with my own natural voice. I've likely had that kind of moment several times... I feel really natural now (laughs).

HARUNA: I really do think that we were heavily armed (laughs).

MAMI: That was our means of living.

HARUNA: Yeah, you can't do that unless you're young.

TOMOMI: Once you're an adult, on the other hand, you can't make it through life unless you're your natural self. So perhaps it's better to try on different personas while you're young (laughs).

──This is now like an interview with reformed delinquents (laughs).

All: (laughs)

HARUNA: I can understand that, though (laughs).

MAMI: It feels like we've done something wrong (laughs).

HARUNA: After all, gaining experience is important. We might not have stuck around if it had been smooth sailing for us.

──RINA, what do you think?

RINA: I just want to say that I was able to graduate from school (laughs). Back then I worked so hard for the band that I couldn't keep up with my school life. My days were filled with anxiety. Also, I wonder if it'd be conveyed if I said that the four of us can make many dreams come true. I was both worried and excited to make my major debut as a drummer. I wondered if it was okay. As a result, I think I grew up differently than how I had imagined I would. Even so, since I'm able to experience a lot of the things that I want to do, I would say to my past self to try opening up a little more (laughs).

──Conversely, would you say that your thoughts were constrained?

RINA: Yeah. I had transferred to a high school in Tokyo and went to school by train, but I would inadvertently cry when changing trains (laughs). I think I had too much on my plate. I always wondered why I couldn't do more. But now I want to say to my past self to do things properly in your own way and be more forgiving of yourself (laughs).

──That's all for reminiscing on a bigger scale. This is the third volume of "her" Magazine after the launch of your imprint label "her." I'd like to ask a bit about the past 2-3 years. I'm sure the pandemic starting from 2020 was especially a big thing for you guys.

TOMOMI: I felt very depressed at one point. I couldn't listen to anything other than our own music.

MAMI: It's okay even if you don't listen to it.

TOMOMI: That's not the case (laughs). Even so, music helped me out later, but since a lot of things were really difficult at that time, I hit rock bottom when I thought if there was something that should take priority over being entertained. I wondered what we were doing.

MAMI: For the first two months of the pandemic, we thought, "Now's our chance! We'll write a ton of songs. If we can't play concerts, we'll release some music." But we couldn't write anything at all...and gave up halfway. We felt like dying, not being able to write songs. We were blaming ourselves so much. But after we were like, "There's no helping that we can't do it" and gave it a rest, we started to feel better. Though, being a band and all, we do need to keep writing songs. That's why we started looking for something we could do. We decided to challenge ourselves by doing something outside of just music, and to put out videos with content that we could make ourselves. We did Instagram Lives that turned into exclusive content for our fan club, and we also started the "her" Diary series on YouTube. We were looking for what we could do positively at the time. I think it was all for the best since we made new discoveries.

──Music is born during everyday life, after all. When everyday life stops, it gets difficult to write songs.

MAMI: Exactly. Nothing can come from a life of only breathing in the outside air when you go to the market.

TOMOMI: The pandemic's still ongoing, after all (*Date of interview: Nov. 2021). We didn't know what we should shed a light on. We didn't know what the right answers were. Even though we listened to uplifting songs that looked towards the future, nothing struck a chord for us in 2020. I think it's only been recently that we finally got out of that funk and know what we want to sing about.

HARUNA: That time frame for me, on the other hand, helped me out quite a bit. I think that taking a pause was necessary. I think that my internal conflicts and impatience that I've had for a little over 10 years, starting from our debut, had carried on for quite a bit. We were all reset and I was finally able to be grateful for and be emotionally moved by a lot of things. I also felt that I was finally able to regain the feelings I had lost. Conversely, I realized once more that I want to be a person who makes others happy with music, and impresses them with performances on music programs. I was able to reconfirm what I originally wanted to be. Of course, as a band, we had to stop doing a lot of things. The pandemic has definitely not been a good thing, but it was also a very fruitful period of time for me. It was a necessary period of time.

RINA: I realized again that concerts are an important part of my life. It was also a sad and difficult period, but I got out of it gradually and started writing "eternal," so I was more interested in words and obsessed over them. I searched for words that I'd be satisfied with. It was a lot of work, but now I think it was a really good experience. After that, I started to be able to express who SCANDAL is via insanely delicate expressions. It also gave me a ray of hope that we can still do this even as we get older. Up until now, we used to play a lot of powerful songs with aggressive sounds. We had goals like, "We gotta show what we're made of at festivals!", or "Let's surprise everyone with a killer song!" But by spending time like we did, I realized that there's more to our feelings than just those. There are times when we feel as fragile as glass, and as an all-girl band, we want to find styles of music we can continue to play naturally. It was a big thing for us to be able to try things out like that, though we were prepared to be told things like, "Play more intense rock songs!" I'm happy that our fans really took it all in. We were able to make those songs feeling that everything's okay (laughs) while accepting it all. We were able to take much consideration into ourselves, feel down, and then make a comeback.

──You were able to reflect on your current honest feelings. Now then, I'd like to bring up MIRROR, completed in your current whereabouts. "eternal" is a song that shows SCANDAL's own kind of answer to the pandemic, isn't it? It's also the first song you released for your 15th anniversary. Did you all share the same awareness in having this song be your next start? You can feel the beginning of your next phase via the music and lyrics.

HARUNA: I agree. We're aware that we were able to change up our production process and feel a new wind blowing for us. Because we're a band, we have more than one way of expressing ourselves. And because we each reflected on ourselves, we were able to respect each other as individuals. It also was a year where we got to properly affirm that the band SCANDAL can have more than one side to it. We were able to make this song because we were all able to tell this kind of story. We also all officially entered our thirties that year. We talked about whether we should continue things as is, or decide on a duration for it. In the end we decided that we'll do as much as we can. "eternal" was born as we thought about what kind of approach to take.

──I think it's quite difficult as a band to grow by lithely accepting different aspects and changes. After all, because listeners like your sound up to that point, it wouldn't be odd if many people would reject those changes. However, I don't think SCANDAL fans are in that range anymore. In a good way, it doesn't matter what SCANDAL does anymore—or rather, it's amazing that you've built this kind of relationship in the form of a band with your fans.

HARUNA: I really think that the fans noticed it before we did. Even if it's not something they're conscious of, I think they're interested in and support our humanity. That's why we thought we had to be our natural, true selves. We didn't realize that in the first place because we had a complex about it, but perhaps even things like that may have been viewed by the fans from a parental sort of perspective.

TOMOMI: When I read fan letters or DMs, I think that we and our fans share similar feelings. Although we don't directly know each and every person, it feels like we're soulmates.

──It's like familial bonds are being born. Getting back to talking about the album, the second single you released in 2021, Ivory, features lyrics and music by MAMI. This is also a work that overcame that "period of time when you weren't able to write songs" you talked about earlier, right?

MAMI: We used to write songs with concerts in mind, and then we couldn't hold any. Everyone gets loud and sweaty at our shows, after all. I then tried to think about making songs that we could play in the future, but that was also difficult to do. I didn't know what to aim for when making music when that key point of ours went away. So, I didn't feel like we should be doing an intense, band-like song. "eternal" was born under those circumstances, and I then started thinking about how I should make a song with that same calm mentality. That's how "Ivory" came to be. I recorded myself humming while taking a bath, and my feelings at the time brought forth the lyrics as is. It was a very natural phenomenon.

──Though it's a true-to-life, personal story of MAMI's, I'm sure it must also be a song that helped out everyone a lot.

HARUNA: I think so. It's not too positive, it's not pushing for something, and it makes you feel very calm. We just wanted to give meaning to something and express something strongly. It turned out to be a great challenge for us.

──Did this change your stance on songwriting again?

MAMI: The speed at which we make songs hasn't changed at all (laughs). Though we still have a lot of rules, it seemed to be okay to imagine a future where we could play concerts where everyone's able to finally move their bodies around. It may not be realistically possible yet, but we were able to embrace that hope and make "one more time." We just wanted to make a song that you could dance to. We also wanted to dance ourselves (laughs). We thought it was about time emotion-wise (laughs).

──At what stage was "Ai ni Naranakatta no sa" written? That way of breaking up—you can still stay together like this, but staying together like this isn't enough—feels like a modern take on love. It's not like you break up because you've grown to hate the other person.

MAMI: The melody for it actually already existed when "Ivory" was made. I had been wondering which lyrics should come first. A lot of people I knew were ending their relationships around the beginning of 2021. I heard a lot of things from them. This song was written with all that in mind. If I were in their shoes I wondered what I would think, what would be tough about being in love, and also that feeling indifferent would be extremely painful. I recalled the experiences that my friends told me about, as well as my own feelings.

──This album features songs with each of you on lead vocals. Like MAMI, was it difficult to make those songs?

TOMOMI: I thought, "Don't choose words." I feel like the words I wanted to use were limited. There was a period when I mentally wanted to do something but didn't know what. I think that production itself was really difficult after our production period started. I thought it would be good if I could give it a natural feel as well. It took a lot of time (laughs).

──Then, did you also make "Ai no Shoutai" at that time? I think soundwise, including the horns, it's very TOMO-esque.

TOMOMI: Since becoming an adult, different kinds of love and affection have been born within me. Things like friends having children, people marrying a loved one, feelings towards pets, etc. I was taught so many things by seeing all these people around me whose surroundings had changed. I put out those kinds of feelings. Soundwise, it's totally to my liking (laughs).

──"Prism" features lyrics by RINA, music by TOMOMI. It's been quite a while since this pairing's happened, hasn't it?

RINA: Not since "Bitter Chocolate," I think? This was one of the three songs that we wrote after our concert at Osaka-Jo Hall. The lyrics were written at the hotel we stayed at before the concert. I thought about our current mindset and stance towards the venue. We stand on stage just the way we are, perform and put into words exactly what we're feeling, and are free to unleash what we want to do as we like. Those are our strengths right now. Those are the feelings we've attained. I thought it'd be a waste if those feelings weren't turned into a song. I'm happy I got to write a song with TOMO for the first time in forever, and it's meaningful for us to sing it as we are right now. I think it's a great song.

──Changing up songwriting pairings like this, and also having all of the members write and all sing lead are all SCANDAL's strengths.

All: Exactly.

RINA: We can do it while helping each other. It's nice when someone who's able to do it writes when they can.

──This album has strong aspects like that. Among those, what's the reason why you decided to sing "Kanojo wa Wave"? It's been quite a while [since you were last on lead vocals], right?

RINA: We go to the studio for rehearsals every week, and after one of them, MAMI listened to the demo. She said, "RINA, why don't you sing this one?" I was like, "Oh, makes sense," and gave it a shot. This is the first full song I've sung since "I want you," so it's been five years, I think?

──It really goes well with this computer music dance tune. Did you make it from a pre-programmed track?

RINA: Yes, I made a lousy demo of it using GarageBand without understanding how to use it (laughs). I'm not good with machines and can't use them well, but I had no choice but to do it. Like, I didn't even know how to save it (laughs). I decided to do it. But I've always wanted to make a song called "Wave." For a very long time I had been thinking of making a song that used that word. When you think of waves, you think of freedom. You can touch them but can't grab them. They can't be caught by anyone. I think that's wonderful. Though it's abstract, I wanted to make a song using something that people could imagine, and I decided to write a song about a girl who has that unfettered kind of mindset.

──"Yuugure, Tokeru" features lyrics and music by HARU. Were you able to tackle songwriting smoothly?

HARUNA: Although I'm not the type that normally writes songs, it wasn't all that hard for me. Still, I thought that this song should be one to be left behind right now as one of my works. Just about a year ago, I would take walks with my dog at the same time every day as the pandemic was happening. I had a lot of opportunities to absent-mindedly think about stuff while watching the sunset. It was then that the expression "Dusk is melting" suddenly came to mind. The words "dusk" and "melting" put together makes for an absurd expression, but it oddly struck a chord with me. I was like, "What's with this? Dusk isn't something that melts, but why do I feel this way?" I'm not the type that expresses a lot of things with words, but I've come to think that everything's about catching hold of and choosing things instinctively. The 10 years following our debut was a period of time when that part of me was causing me pain. Having to write down the things I was thinking, having to put things into words and vocalize them... That was quite difficult for me. But I wanted to express that there definitely are others like that aside from myself.

──You wanted to express something that you couldn't express.

HARUNA: Yeah! I wanted to express something that I couldn't express. So, I couldn't put it in direct words but thought there might be some emotions that people could understand, so I started making the song. It was born during that time in my life. But I thought, "If I make it like this, I'll be told that it's the 'era of wind'." Until now, this era was one where we were required to verbalize things, but now the world's changing. We're sharing emotions. I was relieved that this kind of mood is coming not only to myself but also to all sorts of people.

──"Ao no Naru Yoru no Sukima de" starts with the sound of water and makes you experience a color that's as blue as the ocean depths.

RINA: I wrote this song without thinking of releasing it. A lot of things have happened in the small world of all-girl bands in the past 1-2 years. I myself sometimes think that music and bands are so important that they're keeping me alive and that I might be killed by it all (laughs). It's fun because there's music, but there are times when it's hard because there's music. I wrote this when I was in that kind of mood.

──The drums get very emotional midway through.

RINA: Yeah, for sure. I like that shoegaze-like feel, so I wanted to create that kind of atmosphere and give it a slightly noisy feel. We first debuted it at our Osaka-Jo Hall concert. It's hard for me to talk about this song, though... We spend our lives playing music, so it's okay to run away from it all. I wrote about that sort of feeling using words as I fancied, and it felt a little like I was writing a short story or literature.

──The title track "MIRROR" summarizes these songs, wouldn't you say?

RINA: It was actually the last song we made. It contains our newest feelings, and it's also a song worth listening to because we wanted to make a song that would serve as the face of the album.

MAMI: We talked about wanting a band-like song that included our new tastes while also affirming SCANDAL up until now. I made [the music] while referencing the sounds of overseas bands. The intense sounds within me are limited right now. But, we've never done this kind of rhythm with this kind of tempo before, and it's like our new anthem. We took a slightly different approach with this song, and I hope that it'll do well during our concerts, too.

──It feels like your next course of action after "eternal" was made apparent with "MIRROR." After 15 years, how do you perceive what comes next?

HARUNA: We don't have that "Let's do this for the next few years!" feeling that we used to have, but that's exactly why we think we can do anything. It hasn't been very long since we've been able to understand and affirm ourselves, so I'm looking forward to how we'll grow in the future. We're wondering what we—and I—can do now. We haven't been able to go overseas since getting into this mindset. I can't wait to see what kind of approach we'll take in this state of things. There's still so much to look forward to. It took a while, but we really like how we are right now.

TOMOMI: Because we hadn't been able to play concerts for so long, I thought again about how much I love concerts. When we don't have concerts to play, it really feels like we're suffocating. I feel alive when I play concerts, so the only thing I'm thinking of is that I just want to play more and more of them (laughs).

RINA: We've always jokingly said that we'll break the Guinness World Record [for longest active all-girl band], but since that would be amusing, I really do want to do it (laughs). SCANDAL is special and unique, and I hope we can keep living our lives as part of SCANDAL peacefully for as long as possible. It'd be great if there was some kind of surprise or reward [for doing so]. Almost all of our dreams have come true. We feel so accomplished. From here onwards is an adventure into the unknown territory of all-girl bands. On top of that, I hope we can get as many people as possible to listen to us, and that there are more moments when we can help someone out or make ourselves happy. I think that's all.

MAMI: I wonder how things will go (laughs). I honestly can't really imagine it myself. The dust hasn't settled yet, but we played a concert at Osaka-Jo Hall for our 15th anniversary, completed our 10th album, and will be starting a tour. I wonder what will make things feel new as we do things going forward—that's kind of where we're at. We don't really have any plans established, nor know what we want to do. Whatever happens, happens. It's not that we're not motivated, but it feels like that kind of timing. We'll go with the flow (laughs).

──Fans already want SCANDAL to be just as they are, and there's this kind of relationship where they're sure to enjoy whatever you do, and whatever music you make.

RINA: Some people say, for example, "You guys should play more intense songs!" We understand those feelings. On top of understanding that, the band is quite literally our own lives. We no longer view things from the perspective that we need to write a hit song. That is how we live as a band. We have a lot of different phases. You can listen to us whenever you'd like, and you're free to come and go as you please. It's difficult, but it's absolutely necessary for us to make music that's honest to ourselves in order for us to keep going for a long time. That's why we'll continue to do all sorts of things. I think we'll keep going through a ton of changes.

──You're quite sincere with your fans, aren't you?

RINA: Yes, because we've never made any songs where we're like, "You like this, right?" We're just playing music that's true to us. We know that there are many fans who understand that, which is why I want them to always keep an eye on us.

──We wanted to make this interview as rustic as possible, but in the end it wrapped up quite nicely (laughs).

HARUNA: Yes, we're quite diligent (laughs).

──All right, let's close this with a very casual question. What made you the most happy in the past year? (laughs)

MAMI: My older brother had a kid (laughs). And, they were born on August 10th!

HARUNA: We share the same birthday (laughs).

──Wow, how auspicious!

MAMI: Yesterday they called me to show the baby's first eating ceremony. At 31 years old, I experienced a baby's first eating ceremony for the first time (laughs).

All: Wow (laughs). Applause, applause.

RINA: In the same vein, my little sister's getting married! (laughs)

MAMI: What a happy thing!

TOMOMI: My little brother might get back with his ex-girlfriend! (laughs)

All: Ahahaha (laughs).

#front-page #mirror

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Like glass - 2022-02-03 (RINA) - Thu Feb 03, 2022 8:41 am

Like glass

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 5onc117

In a pure white place
Standing isolated on the coast.
The first song of our album
That took the whole day to shoot from early in the morning!

The MV for "MIRROR" is now out!

Have you already watched it?
What do you think of itー?

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 SXIzNry

It's a performance MV
That's worth watching,
And our current mood
Of being flexible and ephemeral
Is completely contained within it.
I think it turned out pretty cool☺

There's a fragility to it that's like glass--
Strong but likely to break if you touch it.
It has both, and I'm fond of it.

We need to have you listen even more to this song
You're probably thinking that's a lie haha
Those who haven't watched it yet, please check it out〜!

Please share it with your friends as well☺


2022/2/3 17:17

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New Album - 「MIRROR - Wed Feb 02, 2022 8:37 am

MIRROR debuted at #5 on Oricon's "Weekly Album Ranking" chart for the week of Jan. 24-30 with approx. 9,654 copies sold and keeping the streak going of having every album of theirs so far rank in the top 5!

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 IxnXZxe

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Even more in February

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 9h8cTq9

SCANDAL's at Shibuya Marui too〜!
There's huge ad plastered on it☺
It's getting pretty awesome in Shibuya...
Having an ad here
For the first time in a while makes us feel all the more happy
It's so impressive no matter how many times you see it.
It's so moving (*cries*

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Ee32EEM

I'm so happy we get to share with you
All of these great pieces of news one after another!
By the way, this month we're still getting ready for things...㊙
(You don't have to live in Tokyo for these)

In February too,
We want to convey more things
That the four of can do via music
And get excited〜☺

By the way,
The Marui ad will be up until the 14th.
It'll be up until Valentine's Day〜
If you go see it, take some pictures!
You can also share these blog photos^^


2022/2/2 15:26

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Fender Cover Artist | SCANDAL - Tue Feb 01, 2022 11:33 am

Fender Cover Artist | SCANDAL, Part 1
Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Cover-2022-SCANDAL-a

"Fender produces a standard tone. That's why it's versatile."

SCANDAL, who released their 10th album MIRROR on 1/26, makes their appearance on FenderNews's Cover Artist feature. In part 1 of their interview, the ladies, who celebrated their milestone 15th anniversary last August, look back on SCANDAL's journey so far, including the reason why they started playing instruments. It seems that they have become more familiar with their signature guitars and bass made four years ago, along with a change in musicality.

"Perhaps the secret to keeping things going for 15 years is to think that we can keep going further"

──It's well known that you started playing instruments at the recommendation of teachers at the dance and vocal training schol that you attended before the band formed, but what did you think when you were first recommended to play instruments?

TOMOMI: We didn't really put up a fight. Since whatever the teachers said was absolute, you had to answer yes when asked if you wanted to try something out (laughs). We were attending the school because we liked music to begin with, so we didn't think that playing instruments was so out of the question.

──I see. You weren't unsure.

HARUNA: Rather, we were really excited that they sensed potential in us.

RINA: I had only been part of the school for about a week. So when they asked me if I'd like to try out the drums, I was like, "What!?" But because my dream was to become someone who performs on stage, I was super greedy and was like, "If given a chance, I'll do whatever it is!" Although I didn't know anything about the drums, I did become able to play them.

──Were you guys familiar back then with music played by bands?

MAMI: We listened more to dance music than bands because we studied dance.

TOMOMI: We were taking lessons where we'd use so-called divas like Beyonce and Christina Aguilera as examples. However, we were high school students at the time when bands like BUMP OF CHICKEN and RADWIMPS were popular, and those in the light music club were copying songs from bands like them. So, it's not like it was completely foreign to us; it was something that we had heard before. We just thought it was cool music instead of thinking about it in terms of sound.

MAMI: I started listening to it in a "This is what bands sound like" way after starting our own band.

──Did you play relatively well from the beginning?

All: No, not at all (laughs).

TOMOMI: This was a dance and vocal training school after all, so we didn't have a teacher to teach us about instruments.


TOMOMI: That's why we had no choice but to learn on our own. And what's more, because none of us knew anything about bands, first we rented live DVDs and watched them while starting to practice for performances (laughs). It felt like we started from the "outside," like jumping with an instrument or doing a certain kind of pose during a live performance. There was a sort of school recital scheduled one week after the band formed, and they told us, "You can be the opening act if you learn how to play one song." That's why we practiced Sadistic Mika Band's "Time Machine ni Onegai" as hard as we could.

──I'm sure there are many people who started playing an instrument but then felt frustrated. Why do you think you guys were able to keep going?

TOMOMI: I think we just thought too little about it.

──Thought too little about it?

TOMOMI: Since we were only surrounded by people who danced, at first we didn't think that we couldn't do it (laughs). We didn't get frustrated because we thought about how we were "put together." Maybe we would have felt down if there had been skilled people our age around us [who played instruments]. But when we think about it now, we just feel that we had fun because we all had incredibly strong hearts.

HARUNA: I think it was good that we always had a small goal to work towards. That was also the case when being told that we could perform on stage one week after forming if we were able to learn one song. That kind of goal has always been in front of us, and I think it's because we've accumulated the ability to accomplish the task at hand somehow.

──You've cleared your goals one by one, then.

HARUNA: Yes, it really has been one by one. Also, I think it's a big thing that the four of us started off together.

──One might have given up if they were doing this on their own, but because the other three members are doing their best, you need to do your best as well.

MAMI: In that sense, our environment may have been one where you wouldn't be able to be frustrated. As long as you answered "Yes" to the question of "Why don't you try it?", you had to follow it through. We're all responsible types.

──I'm sure you all worked hard enough to bleed. I mean, when you first play an instrument, doesn't blood seep out of your fingers when you press down on the strings (laughs)?

MAMI: Did anyone bleed (laughs)?

TOMOMI: I did back then (laughs).

HARUNA: We laughed at the fact that our fingertips hardened and the skin turned white. We were like, "It's like rice" (laughs).

TOMOMI: We did say that (laughs).

HARUNA: We were very optimistic and had guts. I think that we learned at that school was the importance of continuing to do something and having the guts to accomplish that. I think the fact that we formed at a school like that is one of the reasons why we've lasted so long.

──SCANDAL has stayed active with the same original members for the past 15-and-a-half years since then, but have you made efforts to keep going?

HARUNA: We've had a lot of fun, we've had a lot of troubles—I think we've lived turbulent lives.

TOMOMI: We haven't done anything special in order to keep going. I think the teachers who chose the four of us are amazing (laughs). People often say we have a "miraculous balance," and that's something we think as well.

MAMI: I think a big reason for that is that we didn't start from being high school classmates, childhood friends, or even just friends. From the beginning I think we unknowingly cared for each other. We don't think things like we need to care; it's such a natural thing that we've kept effortlessly going these past 15 years. From the beginning it's like we've been considerate, or can read the situation, or perhaps have good intuition. We're like a collection of people with high capabilities.

HARUNA: Each of us can simply enjoy the opinions and ideas of the others. We of course have our own opinions, but even when someone comes out with a completely different opinion, we just go, "I see." Maybe adopting that as a part of yourself has been the secret for us to keeping things going.

RINA: We celebrated our milestone 15th anniversary last year, and lately we've been talking about right now is the best time for us—we can do what we want do, the band is how the four of us want it to be. We like ourselves like this. But every time that happens, I think, "We can keep going." We feel that things are going to get even better from here on out. We've never thought that we can't go further. Perhaps the secret to keeping things going for 15 years is to think that we can keep going further while always sensing the potential in ourselves.

"I had a longing for my first guitar to be a Fender"

──During those 15-and-a-half years you also came across Fender.

MAMI: We did. When I started playing the guitar, what I pictured a guitar to be was in the shape of a Stratocaster. So, when I was told to try out the guitar and went to an instrument store, I looked for a guitar that was shaped like a Stratocaster. The first thing I bought was a so-called beginner's set, not a Fender guitar. After that, when I decided to buy a proper guitar and went to an instrument store, I told them I wanted a guitar in the shape of a Strat. Fender was recommended to me.

HARUNA: The first guitar I bought was also not a Fender, but after we started our activities as an indie band, the teacher who recommended me to try an instrument lent me a Fender Stratocaster. What I pictured a guitar to be was also a Strat, so I used that Strat for a while. It was around the time of our major debut that I thought about buying a proper guitar. I saw a Telecaster then and thought, "Oh, that's shaped differently" (laughs). Strats make me think of lead guitarists, and because I thought of how I'm both a guitarist and a vocalist, I decided to go with a different model from a Strat, which was a Tele. After that, I've been using nothing but Teles.

TOMOMI: The first thing I bought was also a beginner's set. I used it even after starting our street performances. It was then that one of the teachers told me I could borrow a Fender Jazz Bass. I went to return it when we were moving to Tokyo, and they told me, "That's yours already." That's how I got my first Fender.

──RINA, you previously purchased a white Telecaster. Why did you choose that one?

RINA: I had a longing for my first guitar to be a Fender. I got to pick one out here (the Fender showroom). Among the several that had been prepared, the design that I liked was the white Telecaster with a little bit of wood grain visible. It was love at first sight.

──Since then you've been using Fender guitars/basses most of the time. What makes Fender so appealing to you?

MAMI: Fender produces a standard tone. That's why it's versatile—or rather, I of course like their original sounds, but because we have a lot of unique songs with which we use effects, Fender guitars can handle anything during such times. They can handle any song, they're great for playing live, and they're always on the list of guitars I want to use when recording.

HARUNA: That's right. I think they're very versatile. They can handle any song. We've had changes in sound over the last 15 years, but we've continued to use Fender all this time. That's because they've responded well to those changes, and it's really easy to make sounds. It's so great that it's able to produce any tone. Also, they're easy to match with our stage outfits.

TOMOMI: In that sense, there's a sense of security. It's the main pillar of SCANDAL's sound. We've been walking alongside Fender all this time.

──It seems that the signature models of HARUNA, MAMI, and TOMOMI that were released in December 2017 were made with the idea that they could be used for a long time. How has it been using them for the past four years?

MAMI: My signature model (MAMI STRATOCASTER) has basically been my main guitar these days, and I used it quite often when we were recording our album MIRROR. I'll probably use it on our upcoming tour the most. That's how it's become my standard now. Our musicality has changed little by little over these past four years, but about 4-5 years ago I didn't have many opportunities to use the so-called Stratocaster single-coil sound. However, as I got older and became more fussy about tempo and timbre, the number of songs where I play single notes, including arpeggios, has grown, and I started to play a more active role at that time. Now, I'm basically the lead [when it comes to writing music]. I say I'm more "mature" (laughs), but as a woman in her thirties, the songs and timbres have changed and fit just right.

──TOMOMI, did you make any new discoveries while continuing to use your signature instrument?

TOMOMI: I think it can be used for a lifetime, but it perfectly fits my mood right now. I used it a lot during the recording of MIRROR. I feel that the number of songs on which I use signature bass will grow in the future, and I feel that I've gotten closer to my instrument (laughs).

──HARUNA, your HARUNA TELECASTER always sounds so powerful live.

HARUNA: That's right. I really like how it's powerful and properly produces a rich sound. I can go without changing out guitars at all. Our songs are very varied, but I think this truly is a guitar that I can use for a lifetime because it can produce all sorts of sounds by using effects pedals. Reasons why I switch out guitars might be because it'll look better visually, or because we're playing an old song and I want to remember what I felt when we had made it. However, in terms in timbre, even if we have a setlist that's 20 songs long, I'll go almost the entire set without changing out my guitar.

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New Album - 「MIRROR - Tue Feb 01, 2022 9:10 am

The "MIRROR" MV will premiere at midnight JST tonight (and it's already set to unrestricted, thankfully, which means it can be viewed worldwide):

English subs:

Here are the comments from the band that were posted in the video's chat during the premiere:

I set off to shoot around 4:30 am. I was kind of excited that the schedule was like the one I follow when I go fishing〜🎣 (TOMOMI)

It was raining a bit during the performance scenes on the grass. When I kneeled, my knees got stained green and it wouldn't come off🤣🌱 (HARUNA)

We shot this at a seaside studio, so the sound of the waves was really pleasant😍😍😍 The fish we had for lunch was delicious😍😍🐟 (MAMI)

We shot the solo scenes while hiding the staff and band members in different spots so that they wouldn't show up in the mirrors☺🪞 We got really good at hidingʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʕ•̫͡•ʔ•̫͡•ʔ (RINA)

Also, on the Oricon Daily Album Chart, MIRROR ranked up to #13 on Jan. 31st after being at #20 the previous day. Looks like the offering of the studio live helped boost sales!

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 8u9siyt

However, it failed to rank in the top 30 on Feb. 1st.

#front-page #mirror
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Next partner - 2022-01-31 (RINA) - Mon Jan 31, 2022 10:49 am

Next partner

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 BgeNS5Q

Have you already checked out the MV for
"Ai ni Naranakatta no sa"
That's out now?

The band members talked with each other
While looking at the comments,
Discussing how interesting it is
That there are impressions from all sorts of angles
For just one song☺

Like, I'm glad that we have an MV
With an atmosphere
That seems unlikely to be in one of our songs...!

The delicate facial expressions of the two actors in it
Are also really lovely.
We're really grateful to both of them
For understanding the song and expressing it in their own ways.

Those who haven't seen it yet, by all means.

May you guys be lucky in love!


2022/1/31 19:40

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SCANDAL's MIRROR Lyrics Essays

#3 - TOMOMI's "Ai no Shoutai" Lyrics Essay

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 000008-2-trim

Every time I'd hear about things like that, I'd feel something bubbling deep down.

On Jan. 26, 2022, SCANDAL released their new album MIRROR! It contains a total of 10 songs: 7 new songs plus the three singles (eternal, Ivory, one more time) released last year. Also included are songs with lyrics and music written by each of the band members. Please enjoy the many songs that are unique to this album!

There will be a total of 4 essays from SCANDAL about this latest release. This is the third one, written by bassist TOMOMI. She talks about the song "Ai no Shoutai" (Love's True Colors) which features lyrics and music written by her. What are the "precious things" that you realize after growing up? Please enjoy this essay along with the lyrics while thinking of someone important to you.

~Lyrics Essay: "Ai no Shoutai"~

The moment I went from my twenties to my thirties, I was alone at home. The first state of emergency had just been lifted a few days prior, but I couldn't get around to feeling like going out and was bewildered by the first wave of things as I watched the news on TV every day. That was about two years ago. This May, I'll be turning 32.

As usual, I stay up until dawn, I drop eggs I've just bought, I drop my iPhone into water—every day I laugh at and am amazed at myself, being as far away as ever from the image of myself at around 30 that I pictured before. However, there have been more moments recently when I feel that I'm getting older.

The environment around me has changed a lot.

When you grow up, a lot of things can occur. People get married, have kids, fall in love with the same sex, get sick, lose family and friends.

Every time I'd hear about things like that, I'd feel something bubbling deep down.

I take pride in the fact that I've always been blessed by the people around me. I was surrounded by kind and warm people, and given so much love. I had worries, but I always had someone there for me. I spent my time feeling that those days I was just given, were a given.

But now I feel that there is something just as precious as that happiness, or maybe even more precious.

That is to be the giver of that happiness.

One friend said, "I want to make this person laugh for the rest of my life." Another said, "When my daughter suffered a life-threatening illness, I wondered over and over why I couldn't take her place."

The reason why I felt a bubbling deep down was because those words pierced through me so intensely.

I also have people whom I cherish from the bottom of my heart. What I've realized as I've gotten older is that I want to be a giver to those people.

Yes, that's something you realize when you grow up.
I'm sure many people have realized that.

Even in 2022 the world is still full of problems and constant conflicts. But there are people who cherish from the bottom of their hearts both sides that are fighting, and people who want them to always have a smile on their faces.

The world on a smaller scale is full of love, but the world on a larger scale has missiles flying around.

Why do adults who know the joy of giving love purposely try hurting each other?

That's something you won't understand even after giving it much thought, but I want us to face each other despite not understanding. I want to fix the frayed threads.

And, I want to hold tight the spirit of love that all humankind should have all had from the start so as not to not let it be overwhelmed by the waves of society. I want us to acknowledge and forgive each other.

With that in mind, I'm still awake at dawn today as well.
I'm living in my thirties now.


*The lyrics to "Ai no Shoutai" can be found here:

STUDIO LIVE - 2022-01-31 (RINA) - Mon Jan 31, 2022 6:55 am


Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 CDsy6Kp

The bonus streaming live performance
For those who purchased our album!

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 MN2McXX

Studio Live

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 WEJL55x

To everyone who watched it yesterday in real time,
Thank you!
It made us happy to get so many comments〜!

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 PAvIkW0

It'll be archived until 2/6!

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Zq1rrMP

You can rewatch it over and over again until then

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 1mQu2ft

To those thinking, "I wish I did watch it after all...",
It's totally fine

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 EDHkkMo

You can still watch it
If you get the CD by 2/4
And follow the viewing method written on the included paper☺

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 OrcS1lN

As always, the four of us
Talked a lot about what we're feeling right now

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 0xfiLbq

While delivering the performance amidst a nice atmosphere^^

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 LvUD7sn

Our first live performance of the year

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 JvWAFr7

Was so much fun!

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 7fINlf1

We got to convey a bunch of things!

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 IIB3uUj

You know, we didn't know
What to do about the album bonuses
And couldn't decide until the very end.

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 KoYMtDJ

Like, should we make merch?
Or is there something more we could do?

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Sjsozc3

We remained undecided,
And around the final day of rehearsals for BEST Xmas
We did a lot of discussing,

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 QFvvDVN

And ended up being like, "A live performance really is what we should go with."

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 FA7uNOW

Be that as it may,
This is before our world tour,
And we didn't know if the situation would allow us
To get people from around the country to come to one place...

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 I3cGcds

In the first place, we didn't even know
If there would be a live music club
That'd be just right for it at the last minute!

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 YKEBjU9

That being the case,
We were like, "Let's do an extra-special streaming performance!"
And went with that.

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 0JYLjW9

We decided

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 PAmIhI8

To put on a live performance

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 HjKXXQs

While talking deeply, carefully,
Purposefully, and plentifully!

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 IXrzeVC

We had the same setup as usual,
With our filming team that also films us at arenas
And our usual live team.

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 W4EegMj

I hope you enjoyed our live performance
That we took great care in and challenged ourselves to do.
I hope that as many people as possible
See who we are right now☺

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 HC2JcCN

Now then,

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 1AKQNPt

Next up is our world tour, finally!

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 9qyE1NK

I hope from the bottom of my heart
That we're able to play every single performance on it.

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 IPTAT8H

We'll see you at the venues!

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 DagHzdq

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2022/1/31 12:37


The blog is a little hard to read, given all of the spacing in between the pictures + line breaks. Here it is in an easier-to-read format:

Posted in: Blog 2022  Topic: STUDIO LIVE - 2022-01-31 (RINA)  Replies: 2  Views: 807
RINA of SCANDAL introduces her "top female artists to look out for"! 【Coming-of-Age Albums】
Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 Rina

"Coming-of-Age Albums" is an ongoing project in which artists who are active on the front lines of music introduce their favorite songs.

The eighth one features RINA of SCANDAL, who released their 10th album MIRROR on Jan. 26th. Continuing to run on the front lines as an all-girl band, SCANDAL celebrated its 15th anniversary last year. RINA from this group that is active both in Japan and overseas will introduce her "top female artists to look out for."

Table of Contents
  • "Dorori" by ako
  • "Eeyo" by Gestalt Girl
  • "Hikiniku" by Haze
  • "California" by Mahiru Koda
  • "Kanojo wa Wave" from SCANDAL's new album

"Dorori" by ako

A very pleasant song that matches the oriental atmosphere of the track with an ephemeral and delicate singing voice that's likely to disappear if touched. So stylish.

No matter what you're feeling when you listen to it, it has the power to warp you to a different world. There's no other music like it.

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 1

A song that suits nighttime. This is a film-taken photo that I found retroactively on my camera roll

"Eeyo" by Gestalt Girl

A rock band from Taiwan that sings in Japanese.

The rhythm of the words is pleasant, and it lets you enjoy the depth and fun of the Japanese language again. I think it's a very beautiful, cool song with an exquisite balance of word selection that is neither too direct nor too abstract.

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 2

A delicious hot pot dish that we ate during a tour in Asia. I want to go to Taiwan again soon〜!

"Hikiniku" by Haze

In a good way, the lyrics have a scribbled-like feel to them and the music has a raw-like sound. I think it's wonderful that Kati-chan's way of life and her style seem to be entirely all about music, as well as the way she sings as if as she's leisurely shouting out what she wants to say.

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 3

It's nice when you play your favorite song while thinking about what to wear tomorrow

"California" by Mahiru Koda

This is some mysterious music with different elements mixed together. Even though it's like everything I like is being mixed together, it's catchy and pop-sounding.

The girlish vocals sounds punkish and has a familiarity to it, as well as being light and worth listening to. It's amazing how cross-compatible it is.

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 4

Perfect for listening to while taking a walk. A shot from a day I was strolling about in Osaka

"Kanojo wa Wave" from SCANDAL's new album

A song about a girl who lives freely like a wave.

The future will always remain uncertain and emotions that you can't control will never go away, but bring along that "hopelessness" that always follows you around and do whatever you want to. This song was created via computer music while imagining a fascinating girl who can't be stopped by anyone and lives so freely and mischievously that she forgets her worries. I sing as I play the drums.

Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 5

Equipment given to me by our live team for my birthday. I want to make more interesting songs with it

New Album - 「MIRROR - Sun Jan 30, 2022 11:05 am

The studio live just ended. Five songs were performed:

1. eternal
2. Ivory
3. Ai ni Naranakatta no sa
4. Ao no Naru Yoru no Sukima de
5. one more time

*They likely did not perform a lot of the 'newer' songs so that they can save them to be played on tour.

Again, here is a guide on how to sign up to watch the live if you've already purchased the album and received it. You have until Feb. 4 @ 6 pm JST to sign up. If yours will not be delivered to you on time, feel free to PM me about it - details here.

The stream is archived for playback until Sun. Feb. 6th @ 9 pm JST.

Also, I will be posting translations of their MCs after the archive period ends.

Oricon rankings for Jan. 27-29:

#10 on Jan. 27th:
Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 YbMVLuu

#11 on Jan. 28th:
Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 XNUE49K

#11 on Jan. 29th:
Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 VdWFLHb

#20 on Jan. 30th:
Topics tagged under mirror on SCANDAL HEAVEN - Page 4 VK7sPn6

And for the week of Jan. 24-30th, Billboard Japan reports that MIRROR sold approx. 9,626 copies.

Posted in: Official Releases  Topic: New Album - 「MIRROR  Replies: 178  Views: 12198

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