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The Daily SCANDAL - August 10th - Thu Aug 10, 2017 12:11 pm

August 10th:

Today, August 10th, is HARUNA's 29th birthday!

MAMI:「Happy birthdayHARU-chan

HARUNA:「Thanks so much for the many messages, everyone
I'm 29 as of todayー!
I'm excited for the last year of my 20s

HARUNA:「Ah〜what a happy birthday
Thanks, Hyunri and Erika

Erika Toda:「At last. Long-awaited. A celebration today. Happy」

A few more things from the past few days: Fender Japan released an article featuring HARU and MAMI, GYAO! released a short video with SCANDAL at ROCK IN JAPAN, SCANDAL released a short clip of them at RIJF, SCANDAL attended a clothing exhibition.

【Translated Article】Fender Japan - SCANDAL meets Mustang GT

【English Subs】SCANDAL's comments for GYAO! @ ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2017

*Those with 50 posts or more can DL it in the Media forum.

SCANDAL:「Aug 6, 2017, "ROCK IN JAPAN FES. 2017"」

SCANDAL:「Stripe Winter Exhibition 2017」

RINA:「We went to LEBECCA boutique's exhibition; the original and vintage items were adorable††† 」

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The Daily SCANDAL - August 6th - Sun Aug 06, 2017 9:25 am

August 6th:

SCANDAL performed at ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2017! Today's performances will be broadcasted on TV (on WOWOW) on September 24th, but there is no confirmation that any part of SCANDAL's set will be aired.

Set list:

02. Take Me Out
03. Shunkan Sentimental
04. Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne
05. Flashback No.5
06. Taiyou Scandalous
07. Image

RINA:「We're at RIJFWe'll be waiting at the LAKE STAGE from 14:00ー! Let's start summer together✌︎」


SCANDAL:「We made a Spotify playlist of today's set list! Those too who saw us for the first time, please check it out!


SCANDAL:「We sweated up a storm」

RINA:「Our first summer festival went off with a bang at the LAKE STAGE and felt greatー! Thanksー!」

SCANDAL:「SCANDAL's summer festival performances have begunー!! Next week we'll be appearing at RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2017 in EZO for the first time We'll do it」

Maggy (model):「SCANDAL-chama」


MAMI:「Everyone who chose our stage at ROCK IN JAPAN FESTIVAL 2017, thanks so muchー!!
Ah, halfway it turned into a "sky so blue I felt like crying," and we kicked off to great start of the summer
It was awesome!

Ahーーーthe melon here was delicious today too

More pictures from RIJF:

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The Daily SCANDAL - August 4th - Fri Aug 04, 2017 7:43 am

August 4th:

The music video for the song "Glitter" by Tokyo Performance Doll (TPD) with lyrics by RINA is now out! Here are RINA's comments for the song and my translation of the lyrics.

*Watch it here if it's blocked in your country:

A dazzling, summery love song that's packed with with the appeal of a grown-up TPD!
All of the members came to our live and told me their thoughts with sparkling eyes,
And it makes me so happy that I've been able to be involved in this way.
Starting with the TPD family, I hope this song reaches many people. The music video's so adorable. You got me.


Lyrics Translation:
Lyrics: RINA ~ Music: Jzo

I run and pass the shadows of the clouds by
I need to hurry up and tell you I love you
I'm out of breath under the sun

Kicking off your shoes and frolicking on the sandy beach
You sparkled as you looked so youthful

When was that? The time we talked about how we're so similar
You looked so cute wearing that vintage t-shirt
And it made me happy

You light me up; the glitter of love

I run and pass the shadows of the clouds by
It's getting hotter not just because of summer
I'll take down my ponytail only for today
I need to hurry up and tell you I love you
I'm out of breath under the sun

It makes me uneasy that you're a popular person who's kind to everyone
I want to be someone who's special to you

I spilled my soda and we laughed together
I'm apt to being shy during important times
You pulled my hand to you; what do you want to do?

You lead me astray; the glitter of love

Even if forever is an illusion
I want to be together with you

You laugh mischievously; the glitter of love

I run and embrace sadness too
I want to be dyed with you; summer is ending again
It's okay; if it's the two of us, it's okay
No matter what future awaits us, we can get through it
I'm out of breath under the sun
Let's share a kiss

MAMI tried her hand at singing "Rising Star" at karaoke:

MAMI:「While thinking, "Can I or can't I sing the second verse?!", the video cut off at the chorus

#そばぁにおぉいでぇぇええ (closerrr togetherrrr」

RINA:「Cleaned up my hair for summer festivals†††」

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The Daily SCANDAL - August 3rd - Thu Aug 03, 2017 12:30 pm

August 3rd:

RINA went to a clothing exhibition, MAMI visited Feedback! Shop, and TOMO had her hair dyed. Additionally, the SCANDAL × Dickies collaboration shorts that were available to pre-order in April will now be available to purchase only at Feedback! in Shibuya from 8/5.

RINA:「I went to the Lily Brown exhibition. Their autumn/winter theme is an English tea party†††」

TOMOMI:「Since it's summer, I had color butter put into my hair

*Color butter = semi-permanent hair color

Feedback!:「MAMI-san dropped by a little while ago She left a message in the welcome notebook, so please check it out!」

「"SCANDAL×Dickies Collaboration Work Shorts"〈6,800 yen〉 will be on sale at Feedback! from 8/5 (Sat.)!

A must-see for those who missed out on pre-ordering them on the webshop! Please make the most of this opportunity!」

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The Daily SCANDAL - August 2nd - Wed Aug 02, 2017 1:43 pm

August 2nd:

SCANDAL continued summer festival rehearsals + MAMI is currently appearing live on a radio program at this very moment!

RINA:「Rehearsing for summer festivals We'll believe in the sensations we caught a hold of on our 47 prefecture tour and head out with a strong set list」

SCANDAL:「#Feedback #Feedback2017summer」

SCANDAL:「-Summer festival rehearsals today too-



8/19 (SAT) モンバス2017 [MONSTER baSH 2017]」

SCANDAL:「Night tea」

SCANDAL:「Making a live appearance on J-WAVE's "AVALON" on from 22:00~」

MAMI @ J-WAVE's 「AVALON」 radio program

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July 31 - August 1:

TOMO visited her friend's new restaurant; SCANDAL began rehearsals for their upcoming summer festival performances.

TOMOMI:「My friend opened a new shop in Shibuya. It's a strange shop with delicious food in every room, a foot bath, and a restroom with a hidden door. So awesome. It's called Mizutaki Hatano.」


SCANDAL:「-Summer festival rehearsals-



8/19 (SAT) モンバス2017 [MONSTER baSH 2017]」

SCANDAL:「#Feedback #Feedback2017summer」

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The Daily SCANDAL - July 28th - Fri Jul 28, 2017 11:25 am

July 28:

SCANDAL continued to record in the studio.


RINA:「Finished recording while it was still bright out✌︎ Peace」

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The Daily SCANDAL - Thu Jul 27, 2017 1:08 pm

Been meaning to start this for a while, so here it goes!

Daily updates related to SCANDAL (tweets, Instagram posts, etc.) will be compiled and posted in this thread. Updates may be posted daily or every few days, depending on how much info is posted by or about the band.

This post will start off from the day after the final stop of SCANDAL's 47 prefecture tour.


Want to be notified about the latest posts in this thread?

• Check for them on the main page
• Check the tag #thedailyscandal
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• Follow our Facebook and/or Twitter

*For instant updates, following us on Twitter + turning on notifications is the best and fastest way. Wink

July 18-21:

After completing their 47 prefecture tour, the band all took time off and spent their time differently. HARU traveled, MAMI traveled to Okinawa with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and both TOMO+RINA stayed in Tokyo doing their own things!

HARUNA:「Though tour's just ended and it's like "Another trip again?", I'm taking a bit of a vacation
New goods are playing an active role

RINA:「Taking a breather

TOMOMI:「I went to TRICERATOPS-senpai's tour finale yesterday!
Congrats on the 20th anniversary of your major label debut!
I truly want to listen to your songs and MCs for the rest of my life.」

MAMI:「We had a bit of a break
And Kyary-sensei and I welcomed summer
Unusual women and a flower turtle,,」

(*In the third picture they're both wearing hats that say "unusual woman" and standing in front of a turtle decoration with flowers on its back)

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu:「Mamitasu and I traveled to Okinawa!」
「I came to her」

July 22-27:

RINA dropped by the Feedback! Shop in Shibuya, TOMO started playing Splatoon 2, and the band began band practice and recording sessions for new songs!

RINA:「I went to eat with a friend
Sayaka Ena:「An afternoon with gentle〜 Kansai dialect and sweet〜 pancakes.」

RINA:「I went to Feedback!
It's gotten even more fun after reopening

Instagram Stories:

TOMOMI:「I got Splatoon 2」

MAMI:「Sunny days make me want to head out in a car and go somewhere

FU-KE- (scenery)

MAMI:「A thanks t-shirt today
Everyone, itsumo ARIGATO (thank you as always)」

RINA:「We're recording

MAMI:「Since we're recording, you know, Motchy-kun (a roadie of ours) is also here!!」
TOMOMI:「MAMI-chan's jaw really is rubber」
MAMI in reply to TOMOMI:「It really is like rubber lol」
MAMI:「It's gotten fun」

HARUNA:「The other day I wore platform sandals and fell in front of my place, so to be careful I wore sneakers today, but,,
I fell in the same spot again. What does this mean?
Like a penguin



RINA:「Recording day 2†††」

RINA:「In the midst of a production period††††††」

TOMOMI:「Currently recording a new song.
Our engineer Uekou-san went crazy with fidget spinners

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Search found 33 matches for thedailyscandal

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