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Caless Student
Caless Student
Hi! Since I'm new to the japanase entertainment world I have a few questions about it.

Hows does the music shows works in Japan? And how many are there?
Is it like koreans where they gets ranked and win trohpies if they got high points in terms of digital sales, physical albums/singles sales, votings and sns points?
Or the singers just go to the shows to perform?

How many music award shows are there in Japan and which is considerably the most "biggest and important" one?

Besides Oricon are there other charts and how important is the chart rankings?

The japanese music market - how diverse is it? Koreans one are pretty dominated of idols which is quite sad imo. (Not that I don't like idol's music.)

How strict are companies/labels with their singers? (idol-wise and also bands like scandal)
I get the feeling that bands (playing intruments themselves) have more freedom than idol groups.

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