Excite music interview for Departure
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Found that on http://fuckyeahscandalband.tumblr.com/ with translations.


Translation part 1:
SCANDAL; Excite Music「Departure」Interview

In this time’s new song「Departure」, it’s a tune whose studio live footage was shown on 3rd March.

   HARUNA: Yes. Starting this year, I also had the theatre play (※ “Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu The Fourth Chapter Latter Chapter ‘Clash’”), and the activity between the 4 of us couldn’t quite wait. In that time, the other members created a lot of songs for us but this was just 1 song out of that bunch. In midst of presenting this song, I can say that our activities are once again starting. Since I think this song will be good for our fresh start, we released the studio live footage on 3rd March, which is an really important day for us.

   RINA: HARUNA had her theatre play till 2nd March but to us, 3rd March had really became an increasingly important day for us. 3rd March was our indies debut, and the first time we (played) at the Osaka-Jo Hall. It’s also the Hina Matsuri / Girl’s Day right. Somehow, in our band story, it’s a day which we feel we’re fated with.

It seems that much of the fan’s voices patched things up.

   MAMI: There were really a lot of voices awaiting (for this). Up till now, including the coupling (songs), the members haven’t got to personally create and release singles. Since we voiced out saying we want to create this ourselves, many of the fans were elated. The fans were thinking highly of this, knowing how very important it was to us, and to announce this on 3rd March made me / us extremely happy.

The title「Departure」was also really good.

   TOMOMI: We were really troubled over it at the start, all of us.

   MAMI: The word “sakura” also popped up in the lyrics of this song, leaving us with the impression of a scenery where sakura flowers bloom so we thought about incorporating the word inside. However, we already had the song「SAKURA Goodbye」(※ Released in year 2009, 2nd single.) Somehow in 1 word, plus the feel of the Japanese melody in this song, an English title would be something new. That’s why we decided to go with this word.

   HARUNA: Our imagination really puffed up right? The meaning and scene is distinctly presented in our lyrics so when you sing it, you can also feel,「Eh? Don’t I have such experience myself too?」It’s also true that even though Sakura flowers bloom for a short period, it can also be seen as something painful.

   MAMI: This, it’s really Sakura flowers that you often see along the shopping streets. Coming out from the convenience store, till you lose the florist and the sight around you changes slowly, the Sakura trees are the only thing that always stays there, blooming all at the same time. Yet during the times where the flowers don’t bloom, isn’t it true that it’s so plain that everyone including myself won’t stop for it? With these thoughts and scenes, I think I wrote this with mixed (feelings).


Translation part 2:
SCANDAL; Excite Music「Departure」Interview Part 2

It might be a given but compared to the scenery drawn for「SAKURA Goodbye」5 years ago, this feel different.

   TOMOMI: Most certainly, it’s different from sakura flowers that bloom in the schoolyard.

   RINA: On the topic of becoming adults, it’s probably the first time I’ve thought of myself like that. It’s not like I’ll think of「Oh I’d changed」when I see my clothing or hair style or make-up, but the real meaning of feeling「I’d changed」. I feel like I’ve became calm. This, I think couldn’t be presented 1 year back. I’m extremely happy that since 5 years ago then, this could come out. Also, since we’re a band from Japan, the four seasons are important and I think it’s a must to continue singing Spring songs. As a Japanese you see.

You’ve had activities overseas since early before, so you’ll have some new thoughts about this right.

   RINA: Regarding about SCANDAL, I’ve always thought we had a Japanese style to us. Starting from uniforms, we grew up viewing the important of having black hair. We’ll go overseas each year, and each year we’ll make sure to give off the good, actual feelings of Japan. That’s why I think I really love Japan, and that it’s a great country. Every member is a delicate, unique and expressive individual. Although I look up and follow the New York style, I think Japan is cool.

Just now the words “Japanese melody” came out but it’s also a point that Kameda Seiji-san, who was the sound producer this time round, that’d brought out this sort of SCANDAL whom holds the Japanese feel right.

   HARUNA: It’s a first for us to work with Kameda Seiji-san this time.

   TOMOMI: Kameda-san, to say so, has such a split personality. When he plays the bass himself he’s like on an invasive mode, but when he’s being the producer, he’ll be writing songs of all sorts of genres. I think he’s the sort that goes with whatever good stuff gives his ears a good sort of familiarity, and personally, I’ll also become interested.

   MAMI: Firstly, for this time’s recording, we recorded with the feel of us 4 being at a live, and from there we corrected the bass and added things. We’re people that view the band feel as something of great important.

   TOMOMI: The first things we talked about were our sound and how we wished for it to be presented during lives. However, we had some of Kameda-san’s style inside our CD and we also had the strings thrown in. I was really touched hearing the sound of the strings at close. I think the orgel at the start too was something new that we haven’t had up till now.


Translation part 3:
SCANDAL; Excite Music「Departure」Interview Part 3

Following on is 1 other song. The coupling song「Rainy」is the image song for the Japanese version of the movie『Shadow Hunter』that is now showing but it has a furious presence that will not lose to the development of the movie.

   TOMOMI: This song started from the state of zero as we thought「Let’s make this song, the 4 of us」. We went into the studio and were just going ‘okay’ while we made sound. It was a situation where we didn’t even have a melody. After that, HARUNA took the A-melody, I took the B-melody and MAMI did the chorus, which was how the melody came about.

With that, that’s a new way of doing things.

   HARUNA: Yeap, that’s right.

   RINA: From the movie-goers, since they said,「To have a feel of “The • SCANDAL”, minor rock that’s close to “Shunkan Sentimental (※ 5th Single)" would be good」, I went and wrote the lyrics right after it was okay-ed. It was just nice that HARUNA was doing her theatre play then, and for the first time since we were formed for 7 years, we haven’t done a live in 1 and a half months. In this hard time, I constantly felt I had to exceed myself and to believe in myself but because it ended up in a situation where there weren’t any lives for the first time, I remembered feeling like there was no vigor in me just yet. I’d felt the seriousness for the first time ever. For a band that did lives every week to come to a stop, I came to wonder how the fans feel. Still, I watched the TV, seeing all sorts of artists releasing new CDs each week… It’s somehow or rather complicated. With that, I thought about how it was a waste that I couldn’t write how I really felt.

I see.

   RINA: I wrote while using cold words as if any step could be wrong. Just when i thought I couldn’t write anymore, this came (laughs). That’s because I felt such bitterness with everything. Even though HARUNA’s working hard and standing on the stage, it was frustrating as I couldn’t see the 4 of us all together.

   HARUNA: That’s why on my part, I thought I have to and must go for that theatre play to convey what I’ve obtained. Again, I reaffirmed the enjoyment in my expression and how much I liked expressing myself.

   RINA: From now on the 4 of us will have all sorts of firsts which I think will become experience (for our work) in SCANDAL. I think it’d really became a great chance for us this round. If there hasn’t been such a period, I think I wouldn’t have been able to write.

   TOMOMI: Yes, yes. Right now I’m appearing on TV on my own (※ Fuji TV 『Shin Domoto Kyoudai』). However, such an experience is a first for me. Up till now, I haven’t had to be backstage alone (laughs).

   MAMII: That’s right (laughs).

   RINA: Somehow, I think it’s not that I want to be in a band but that I want to be in SCANDAL. If to be in a band, you can go have a session in the studio with anyone but I’ve never thought of doing that ever. I think I like these members and to be working in this particular band that is SCANDAL.

   HARUNA: When you’re alone, you understand the important once again of a group. If we don’t do anything that isn’t the 4 of us together, we’ll go back not realising or understanding certain things. This year for sure, I think will become a year that we’ll study all sorts of things.


Translation Extra:
SCANDAL; Excite Music「Departure」Interview Extra

Introduce to us what SCANDAL have been most into recently!

   HARUNA / Kaatsu Training: Moving towards the Arena performances, I’m doing this for the sake of my physical strength. Since starting this, I’ve became really positive. While it’s joined to my physical strength, I also received mental care which when done, will produce “happy hormones.” Since I remember all sorts of things with regards to my body, if in event that I become negative, all I have to do is remember the positive hormones. I think that’s really a huge factor. As it’s not my goal to lose weight, I will get myself together to create a feminine body shape until I’m satisfied while working on my body. I will take firm care of my body and mental health as we work towards June.

   MAMI / Herb Tea: I’ll drink it everyday. There are plenty of choices of enherbs in this herb specialised store, which I’ll go purchase once every month. Recently, I’ll add Malva sylvestris and Heath into a black soy bean tea base and drink it. This works well on throat inflammations, and also does well for skin whitening. Herb teas are closely acquainted to a healthy body right. I’ll drink a large cup’s worth but drinking 4~5 cups everyday will have it circulating all over your body. It’s delicious and I think to continue it will be great for one’s body.

   TOMOMI / Shopping with Rina: Mainly we go for western-style clothes but it’ll be like, after I end work I’ll go, “Shall I go to Shibuyaー” and she’ll follow up with, “Seriously? RINA will go too.” RINA says it’s because I’m indecisive but at the same time she’ll say this is good or that looks like it’ll compliment you, so I’ll try on lots of things (laughs). Something I’m glad I bought recently was a Comme des Garçons shoe cover. I personally have boot covers for my Dr. Martens and for rubber soles, and adding those on changes my impression. It’s really cute.

   RINA / Pokemon: I’m really into it, and the 4 of us would always play it on our DS. I have watched the Anime, and I’ll have Pokemon bread etc. seemingly every morning for breakfast but it’s the first time I’ve been into the game. I can clear the story flow, while in the past as I play I had MAMI to teach me. Right now I’m moving towards the direction of collecting Pokemon. To come to evolve like in the『Pocket Monsters X・Y』series, I’ve come out with Venusaur! It has effect on the Pokemon when you use the mega ring and mega stone, and becomes stronger afterwards when you engage in competition. There are also Pokemon that sync(?) if you exchange communication, and I am fascinated with this huge crowd.

Usually not posting things like that but hope I'm in the right section and did it right  .shy.

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Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for Sharing this !

We learned a bit more about our 4 friends !

This interview is really good  .nice.

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It still makes me really happy to hear about them working with Kameda-shishou. XD Glad to see they enjoyed it - but the strings are totally his signature!

Thanks for sharing~

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