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small thoughts
Posted on Tue Sep 02, 2014 7:39 am


Caless Student
Caless Student
From 2006 to 2014, much has moved. Not to make use of the society, the individual personality to each and every cell of the body .. reversed, unchangeable!
This movement goes on and on!
Manager considers this!
Artists considering this!
Each step will be considered, for you have great influence on your fans.
From the eyes of most fans it is not only on stage higher than they.
There only a few know what happens backstage and in your minds.
Few know of the hard work which is to be paid not only before a concert.
Few know the daily lives of artists (especially bands).
Sometimes they do not even notice it.
It happens change, movement.
Pay attention to your movement well in body and mind, okay!
I myself am going Haruna, Tomomi, Rina and Mami never see in life face to face.
I'll never learn to know you personally.
This is very very sad --- and I believe I am not alone with this sadness.
You also have such fans.
For them, you will always be unattainable.
Please also remember them.
I love your music, I love your emotional spectrum, I love you SCANDAL. Praise

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Re: small thoughts
Posted on Sat Sep 06, 2014 11:25 am



International Performer
International Performer
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i think we can use this thread to write our small thoughts that have been lingering in our minds for our girls Happy
I know some of us have this kind of thoughts that cross in our minds, especially during the late night hours

"For us, the band is more like "life" to us than it is a "job." We're wonderful friends who are sharing life that only happens once." -Rina
small thoughts Zd1XFwZ
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