Caless Student
Caless Student
As you remember , last year I realized the most important and precious dream in my life . After 10 years 2 months and 27 days of constant waiting I was able to reach Beautiful Japan . Now I would like to share my galleries with you , because I hope to share the joy and also hope that people who already were in Japan , will remember their visits too , and people who still weren’t  will be inspired to go to the Land of Rising Sun . So , here’s the link : http://files.inbox.lv/ticket/folder/90e16214ec7441fd24db3464fc88c3c512c54b02 . Please note that the archives were uploaded in a little bit incorrect sequence , but the names are always right . “Day 1” is a first day , “Day 2” is second and so on . I also wrote an essay about my visit , but it’s in Russian language , so I guess that there is no need to put a link here . But if you have any questions , please feel free to ask and I will try to answer as precise as possible . Now I will put here a very short synopsis of the visit , so it will be easier  for you to navigate . As my dream is to become serious otaku , I was mainly concentrated on the places connected with modern art of Japan . But , of course , I was also giving attention to the traditional Japan as well  .
1 ) Day 1 , 24/25.09.2014 . Absolute positive shock . After arriving at Narita at the morning , I went to Tokyo using Keisei main line , then made a check-in in my “Tsukuba” hotel in Taito-ku , Motoasakusa-shi . As I was very tired , I planned only one activity for the evening : visit to Harajuku , observing Takeshita-dori and visiting famous “Eva-store” (unfortunately , there was no “Eva-store” any more) !
2 ) Day 2 , 26.09.2014. Almost whole day in Akihabara ! Yes ! Yes ! Visiting numerous anime shops including legendary “Animate” , Akihabara station and other places important for every serious otaku . In the middle of the day I made a visit to Kanda Myoujin , which is unofficially known as “Otaku Shrine” . The weather was very good , so at the evening I changed my plans and went to the Tokyo Skytree .
3 ) Day 3 , 27.09.2014. Very important day , the only one when I was going out from Tokyo . At the morning – visit to Heda-mura , at Izu peninsula , Shizuoka prefecture , for Heda local shipbuilding museum . The part from Tokyo to Mishima was made by KODAMA 631 shinkansen !
In the middle of the day – a long way from Heda via Shuzenji , Mishima and Numazu , up to Gotemba . After visiting Gotemba – way to Kawaguchiko , Yamanashi prefecture , for the famous “Evangelion World” in Fuji-Q Highland ! At the late evening – return to Tokyo via Otsuki and Takao .
4 ) Day 4 , 28.09.2014. Morning – visiting open part of the Imperial Palace in Chiyoda-ku . Then I was going to Ochanomizu , but I decided not to go directly , but walk through Akihabara one more time , and I noticed that there was a matsuri dedicated to anime foods and drinks . I didn’t even know about it ! After staying for a while I walked to Ochanomizu for Nicholai-do , the only Greek orthodox church in Japan . It’s so sad that I didn’t know about SCANDAL back then . I was was walking at the same places as they did ! 
In the middle of the day – going to Shinjuku ! Unsuccessful attempt to visit Shinjuku-gyoen , where the plot of “Kotonoha no Niwa” mainly took place . To my great regret , the garden was closed because of the quarantine . But , as a big fan of Shinkai Makoto-sama , I still feel very honoured to visit the area .
Middle of the day – visiting “Moshi-Moshi Nippon – 2014” festival ! I was able to make photos and videos of “Silent Siren” and other aidoru-groups performances , as well as pictures of many serious cosplayers and girls in gosu-rori , Visual Kei and Harajuku Kei outfits ! 
Evening – walking to Harajuku for the cosplayers meeting at legendary Jingu-bashi ! Making pictures and videos of “Giselle4” live performance !
5 ) Day 5 , 29.09.2014. Morning – one of the most important events , visit to Kichijoji , trying to find “Bee Train” studio , where my favourite anime , ideal NOIR was created !!! 28.09.2014. was NOIR 13th anniversary , but it was Sunday , so I couldn’t go . I was able to visit a studio and had a honour to talk with Mashimo Atsuko-sama , wife of Mashimo Koichi-sama !!! She’s also familiar with Kajiura Yuki-sama !!!  I was also allowed to visit working part (currently occupied by WIT studio , authors of “Shingeki no Kyojin”) ! I saw the place where my favourite anime was born !!! And I also witnessed work at “Shingeki no Kyojin” OVA with my own eyes ! And I had a honour to talk with authors including Nakatake-san and Asano-san !!! And key-animator of NOIR agreed to leave an autograph in my official NOIR artbook ! I think that it was happiest day of my life . After visiting Nakano for numerous anime shops in “Nakano Broadway” , I went back to hotel . Because of complete shock and overload of impressions I was afraid to lose consciousness , so I decided to stay in the hotel at the evening in order to calm myself .
6 ) Day 6 , 30.09.2014. The 6th day was reserved for any unexpected situations , but , as nothing wrong happened , I decided to go to Odaiba , and made a lot of pictures of Tokyo , Rainbow bridge , Gundam mecha series and “Tokyo Big Sight” , where legendary “Comiket” takes place twice a year ! I also saw the hall where SCANDAL performed during “Temptation Box” tour ! But without even knowing about this .
7 ) Day 7 , 01.10.2014. Leaving Japan never easy . . .

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