MDPR - SCANDAL's WT song selection
Posted Wed Jul 22, 2015 8:08 am



The secret to up the excitement before a live for SCANDAL, who have finished a successful world tour, is...

SCANDAL, the 4-piece girl band who is widening their playing field in the world, has revealed their secrets to up their excitement.

SCANDAL has successfully completed their world tour that began from Japan and went to France, England, Germany, Singapore, Taiwan, the USA, Mexico, and Hong Kong. These girls have let us know which songs they listened to to get the excitement going while on their world tour. This time, we will introduce one song apiece from each member's playlist.

■Foo Fighters 「Bridge Burning」 (MAMI)

They're a popular American rock band led by the former drummer of Nirvana and have had a major impact on the rock world. This song that's on their 7th album has a fast-paced guitar sound that's characteristic [to the band].

■Taylor Swift 「I Knew You Were Trouble」 (RINA)

A track on her 4th album 「RED」. A song with lyrics that look back on a former boyfriend and love that hadn't been feeling like everything was going well, and a sharp sound that excellently matches it.

■Michael Jackson 「Love Never Felt So Good」 (HARUNA)

A track on the new album 「XSCAPE」 that was released in Japan in May of 2015 that contains unpublished songs of Michael's. The original song is said to have been produced in 1983. There's a solo version of Michael as well as a duet version with Justin Timberlake.

■Red Hot Chili Peppers 「The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie」 (TOMOMI)

A popular American rock band that's nicknamed RHCP, and "legends" that were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2012. This song that was released in 2011 has nonsensical lyrics and a jarring guitar sound was finished impressively.

These songs that the girls who are active worldwide are all perfect for the times you want to up the excitement. Additionally, SCANDAL has released their new song 「Stamp!」, their first single in eight months, today the 22nd.

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