myty's Interview with SCANDAL
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mytySPECIAL!!! An Interview with SCANDAL, Japan's Strongest Girl Band

Girl band SCANDAL, who not only has passionate fans in Japan right now but worldwide as well, and whose world tour was a success, will be releasing their 22nd single 「Sisters」 on 9/9!

We asked these girls who are admired by other girls about their new song and, of course, their enthusiasm and the like for their 10th anniversary!

A royal-road pop song inspired by movies

―How did you make your new song 「Sisters」?

RINA: 「The lyrics were completed first for this song. I love old movies, and one day I came across 『Daisies 』. It's a Czech movie from the 60's that depicts the everyday lives of sisters who do whatever they please, and sometimes war scenes are included in it. When I looked into the movie after I finished watching it, I learned about the Cold War and its historical background. The fact that this kind of liberated movie was able to be made in that age really moved me.」

―It's a famous movie, isn't it?

「Even though we now have the freedom to choose many things, I don't think we can live as freely as these sisters did…. I went ahead with wanting to write lyrics about living more freely and preciously right now, and I texted MAMI to add on music to her liking.」

―What did you do then, MAMI-san?

MAMI: 「When I saw it, an "I'll make an incredibly bright song!" image suddenly came to mind. Right around that time, I wanted to make another royal-road pop song for SCANDAL. We had a 4-beat song that we didn't put on our previous album. We come from a dance school, and because we studied gospel, I tried adding in a gospel-like chorus and our favorite things with our roots.」

―It really makes you want to dance!

HARUNA: 「Definitely! I wanted my voice to be as cheerful as possible because it's a very positive song. I want everyone to dance together with us rather than listening to it carefully!」

―By chance, does it excite your dance school roots?

MAMI: 「I first realized it when I watched the music video that, although we didn't decide on it, we're all dancing together when the rhythm starts (laughs).」

HARUNA: 「It involuntarily makes you want to feel the rhythm in your chest...」

TOMOMI: 「That really makes you feel excited (laughs).」

―By the way, do you all have "Sisters"?

RINA: 「I have 2 younger sisters. They drop by during summer vacation and we go to Disneyland, the movies, etc.」

TOMOMI: 「I have a longing to lend and borrow clothes〜. I wanted a little sister」

HARUNA: 「In my case, my mother has become my Sister (laughs).」

―The B-side song 「LIFE IS A JOURNEY」 has lyrics and music by TOMOMI, correct?

TOMOMI: 「It's a song that stops at the bridge. The words "LIFE IS A JOURNEY" came to mind while we were on our world tour. If I combined this and that song, I thought, "I can make something from this!", and made this song after the tour.」

―It's a journey-like song that's full of the ups and downs!

TOMOMI: 「It originally was a straightforward song, but, while we were recording it I thought, "I want the chorus to have more of a hook," and the result of trying out a bunch of things was a journey-like song.」

The state of our fans and us as we head towards our 10th anniversary

―I've heard that many girls that look up to SCANDAL have been starting bands recently.

RINA: 「There are even middle school and elementary school (!) students~」

TOMOMI: 「There were many girls in our generation who studied dancing, and it seems like it's like that now too. The girls among those who are venturing to choose to be in a band are very precious to us.」

RINA: 「When we hear those kinds of voices and see those kinds of videos, it really becomes a driving force and makes us want to continue as a band for a long time.」

―Is there something you want to call awareness to by communicating on social networking sites?

RINA: 「We created a hashtag (#SCANDAL_Sisters ) for Instagram and we had people use it when we shot our MV. It was used by everyone after that, which is how it got so exciting.」

―You also announced an outdoor live for your 10th anniversary next year!

HARUNA: 「We want to make it a great live because it's our very special 10th anniversary.」

MAMI: 「We want everyone to come out!」

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This is awesome! 10th anniversary. I feel excited!

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Thanks for the translation. This was a fun read

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