SUGGESTION - Resizable Image in Post Editor
Posted on Wed Oct 21, 2015 2:19 pm



Caless Student
Caless Student
This might be too much to ask, but I would like to suggest if it is possible to have an interactive posting of images in the Post Editor where you can resize it without copying and pasting the url all over again to change the resolution.

I've been a subscriber of Asianfanfics site where you can also blog there then I noticed that their Editor is easy when it comes to posting images.

I'll show the example images of their editor here and point out the things that might improve this site:

First, what I like about Asianfanfic is that with just a right click, I'll be able to access the things w/c is most used by bloggers...'posting photos and links to sites':

Then, when I click the 'Insert Image', this window pops up:

You can paste the url and adjust the size in the field. Second thing I find easy is that you have an option of constraining proportions which is efficient so that I don't have to worry about calculating the dimensions and making my pictures fat or thin (I know it does the same here as when you type 100 as the height and leave the width blank, it will result in 100x100 size.)

The third one and the most efficient is that the editor have the ability to edit/resize once you insert it:

You don't have to go over again (backspace/delete, click the image icon, paste the url, type the desired size, click insert button) whenever you want to change the size of your picture.

Lastly, when I feel like I want to change the picture that I've already resized but I don't want to mess the dimensions that I've already created and start over again, I could just select the picture and right click on it and the url window will popup again:

I'll just paste the new url and it will be the same size as the previous one:

This is the same when I'm posting videos too. The thing I am disappointed at Asianfanfics is that they did not allow posting videos from Dailymotion.

Overall, I know that every sites has their own styles of editors which some might find easy and others might find confusing and I am not into comparison of such. I assume the moderators and admins are towards the beautification of their sites but also aims to give users a more 'user-friendly' and 'ease of access' feels, just like when this site's Homepage becomes really upgraded(I totally love it!). 

I really cross my fingers that the tech team will make this happen. I hope this could be of help in the improvement and future of SH. (BTW, I also love the monkey emticons here. It really expresses my feelings when I'm posting!)

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Re: SUGGESTION - Resizable Image in Post Editor
Posted on Sun Oct 25, 2015 3:37 pm



We're limited by what Forumotion supports, and I don't think this function would be supported.

There is a way to manually resize images, though. You have to go to the editor mode so that you're seeing plain text BBCode. The only real downside is that you can't automatically constrain proportions; you'd have to figure that out for yourself.

This is how the code would look:
[img(400px,300px)]image link[/img]

For example, this picture at 480x360:

Would be like this resized to 350x263:

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