Mamitasu no Yuuya-kun

Mamitasu no Yuuya-kun

Shiroten Performer
Shiroten Performer
I've been wanting to dye my hair again & just thought randomly to mimic Mami's hair during SCANDAL's Kagen no Tsuki single(?) & Standard Album(?):


I have a hunch some of them more or less might be extensions but what do you guys think?

The research I've done so far is probably mixing some of the following:
> Manic Panic's Mermaid -
> Spark's Electric Blue -
> Spark's Purple Passion -
> Sparks' Green Ivy -

My hair stylist said that it's mostly mixed colour & is not sure either what would be the perfect mix, though can be guessed - which we try to avoid because that's trial & error. So I thought might as well ask if you got any ideas. (Don't really want to ask via twitter Mami's hair stylist because it might be a trade secret LOL)

Hope you can help. Thanks!

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