BARKS - SCANDAL Copy Band Contest Article
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At the finals of SCANDAL's Copy Band Contest 「We want to do this again」

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SCANDAL held their annual copy band contest 『SCANDAL Copy Band・Vocalist Contest Vol. 6』 on 11/3 at Shinagawa Stellar Ball. Starting from 2010, this event has been held annually in the hope of further building up girl bands. This time it was the finals of the sixth contest.

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『SCANDAL Copy Band・Vocalist Contest』 is an event that is also treated as a tournament for girl bands. For Vol. 6, a record-number of 637 groups applied. With SCANDAL joining on the judging, an audience of 1,200 gathered at the final stage that was carried out.

After all of the finalists' performances were done, it was finally time for SCANDAL's live. The set list with a concept that was touted as being a definitive one for SCANDAL, and the song selection went perfectly with this contest. It began from the usual songs 「Shunkan Sentimental」 and 「Shoujo S」, and an MC was inserted in. They rushed through with killer tunes that interwove the new and old SCANDAL with their new song 「Sisters」, 「Your song」, and 「Image」. During the MC, HARUNA said, 「The personalities get stronger year by year! We want to do a "Coming home Copy Band Contest" again!」 while valuing the final stages of the contest, looking back on past contests, and saying words of gratitude to all those who were involved.

The awards ceremony held after started out with each member of SCANDAL announcing the individual awards, leading to the final announcement. The winner was 「Namamugi Otome Band」. Mikan Kouno-san (Vo &B), who won a double crown by also winning the TOMOMI Award, said while crying aloud, 「I thought I'd mess up, but accepting an award like this in front of my beloved SCANDAL-san really makes me happy!」 It was a passionate finale. 「Namamugi Otome Band」 will perform at SCANDAL's sponsored event <Band Yarou Yo!! Vol. 7> to be held in 2016.

「This event had started with us thinking "It'd be great if we could make more friends," but we're very happy now to have friends nationwide!」──HARUNA

HARUNA spoke about that at the end of the event. SCANDAL, who is currently leading girl bands, will hold their first Toumeihan (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka) arena tour <SCANDAL ARENA TOUR 2015-2016 『PERFECT WORLD』>, mobilizing 40,000 people at the end of the year. They will also hold an outdoor live in the hometown of Osaka on 2016/8/21 (Sun.), the day of their 10th anniversary.


For some reason, people were wrongly assuming that this was the "final"/last contest they will hold. That is not the case. "Final" simply meant that it was the finals of the contest. For the past six years, they've always referred to the final stage of the contest as the "Copy Band Contest Final." Also, as mentioned in this article, HARUNA had said that they want to do another one. Hope this clears things up.

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