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Your 2015 top 20 songs and more
Posted Sat Dec 19, 2015 1:27 am


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Top 20
I decided to create a yearly personal top 20 songs list and maybe you might want to do the same to be able to look back in a few years and have a nice music history. or whatever else there is might save your play count but it can't know how much you like something. in my case the list would look very different as I have listened to certain songs many more times than some on my list but I would never consider them for the top 20.

I picked 20 as a number as it seems to be a good trade-off between allowing many songs into the list while still needing to be critical enough not to include everything and keep the quality high.

I don't really expect anyone to answer soon (or at all) as it is quite a bit of work to rank a years worth of songs, it took me 3 hours to list and properly rank everything.

But if you are going to go through the trouble and participate:

There is only one rule to follow (please read before posting):
-The official release date of the song must be in 2015, optionally you can include december 2014 if you want, I choose not to. Songs in 2015 albums/singles don't count if they were already released in previous years (unless it is december 2014), please make sure to check that. (There is a seperate category for those explained further down below.) If a song is going to have a release date next year but is available for a limited audience this year (pre-sale at a concert for example) leave it for next year.

Some recommendations:
-If you can't rank the songs you can state that they are not ranked and post them like that if you can narrow it down to 20.

-Try to represent the whole year by not giving current song obsessions an unfair advantage. Sure you may not be listening to song X released in month X anymore but think of all the enjoyment you had back then and rate that.

-Leave commentary explaining some of your choices if you want.

-It would be nice if you include links to music videos of the songs whenever available so we can check them out and maybe discover something new. (I mostly use Youtube, Dailymotion and

...and more
Apart from the top 20 you can create your own 2015 categories as well like top X: albums, singles, live DVDs, new groups, instrumental songs, concerts you went to, best dance routines, SCANDAL only toplist etc. and some year independent categories like "too late to the party" (song released before 2015 but discovered by you this year). These are optional and up to you.

As a bonus I am giving away a SCANDAL HELLO WORLD postcard (not official merch., it was a gift from a ticket shop) to a random participant (top 20 mandatory). It's not in mint shape but it's free. If the winner doesn't want it I will give it to the next random person. If no one answers until the end of january the first person to message me about it can get it.

On topic discussions are ok, you don't necessarily have to create your top 20 to take part, you can also only list personal categories.

My top 20 list (without december 2014):
1. LAGOON - Shout It Out!! (sadly no video)
2. Aya Hirano - SAKKAKU LOVING YOU? (instrumental)
3. Aya Hirano - DREAMER TO IU BOUKEN SHA (instrumental)
6. Red Velvet - Dumb Dumb
8. ERiHIRO - Stars
9. Do As Infinity - Brand New Days
10. T-ARA - So Crazy
11. Hysteric Lolita - DISTRESS
12. CHiCO with HoneyWorks - Pride Kamukei
13. TWICE - Like OOH AHH
14. LAGOON - futari ga hoshikatta mono
15. Playback - Playback
16. DAOKO - ShibuyaK
17. Ayumi Hamasaki - Warning
18. Gacharic Spin - Sekira Liar
19. GFRIEND - Me Gustas Tu
20. Ai Otsuka - Busy Lady

No. 1: The moment I heard this song I was hooked. One week later it was almost clear that this would be taking the No. 1 spot and it did after all. Even Steve Jobs wouldn't be able to explain its magic if he was still alive. (it's a play on the lyrics "Steve Jobs mo wakaranai yo" if you wonder what he has to do with it). It has exhausted itself by now and won't be heard much next year but the short time it was good was so overwhelmingly good it deserves the no.1 spot.

No. 2-5: I know it looks weird including instrumental versions and normal versions and in an unexpected order. The people responsible for the music did such a good job that the songs deserve to be listened to without any vocals covering them up, only then can they fully show their potential. The normal versions are also fantastic of course, I love her voice. It was not an easy choice to use up 4 slots just for Aya but there was no way around it.

No 10: I like both korean and chinese versions equally. If I had to pick one as a winner I would choose the chinese one just to be different.

Songs I had a hard time not to include (no order):
SCANDAL - Stamp! (in it's defense I had no way of evaluating it unlike the other songs, it might have gotten a place between 15-20 if I could listen to it but I am not going to cheat. Maybe I will take a look at the list again in April)
SCANDAL - Sisters (instrumental) (again no way to reevaluate, I can barely remember it, place 20 maybe? I just remember it being very good)
SCANDAL - Your Song (I can't evaluate it, probably somewhere between 6-11. I left out december 2014 so it is not eligible for the list)
Mamamoo - Um Oh Ah Yeh
Girls Generation - Lion Heart
Girls Generation - Green Light
Juice=Juice - CHOICE & CHANCE
BoA - Shout it Out

Top 4 too late to the party:
LAGOON - Kimi no Matsu Sekai (second place) 2014
DESTROSE - Prologue (third place) 2014
Gacharic Spin - WINNER (fourth place) 2014
BAND-MAID - Thrill (fifth place) 2014

Best album for "songs I like"/"songs I don't like" ratio:

Juice=Juice - First Squeeze! 29/29 100%

2015 SCANDAL songs rankings (If you want to include HELLO WORLD don't forget to leave out: Image, Departure, Runners High and Yoake no Ryuuseigun as these were released earlier in 2014 as singles. Leave Chiisana Hono for next year where it will probably be released on their next album, at the moment it is only available to audiences of the documentary)
1. Stamp!
2. Sisters (instrumental)
3. Sisters
3. Flashback No.5
4. Life is a Journey
5. Stamp! (instrumental)

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Re: Your 2015 top 20 songs and more
Posted Wed Dec 23, 2015 6:33 pm



Caless Student
Caless Student
Alright! this is fun...
(me after doing all the research): I can't, this is too much work .whiteflag.

I've spent two whole days doing my list, it was hard but finally it's ready! ^^
First of all, I want to make clear that my list is mostly composed by Rock, Indie, Alternative and J-Rock.

Note 1: I put timestamps on the Youtube links with the chorus/best part of each songs.
Note 2: ココロオークション = cocoro auction. 
             ゲスの極み乙女。   = Girl at the Height of Rudeness.
             空想委員会            = kuso iinkai

My 2015 Top 20 list:

1. ココロオークション - 雨音 (Amaoto)
2. Muse - The Globalist
3. SCANDAL - Sisters
4. ゲスの極み乙女。- 私以外私じゃないの (Watashi igai Watashi janai no)
5. Muse - Dead Inside
6. 空想委員会 - 春恋、覚醒 (Haru koi, kakusei)
7. amazarashi - Speed and Friction
8. 空想委員会 - 作戦コード:夏祭り (Sakusen kodo: Natsu matsuri)
10. ONE OK ROCK - Last Dance
11. amazarashi - 無題 (Untitled)
12. 空想委員会 - 秋暮れタイムカプセル (Aki kure TIME CAPSULE)
13. SCANDAL - Stamp!
14. Frederic - ハローグッバイ (HELLO GOODBYE)
15. Muse - The Handler
16. Frederic - トウメイニンゲン (Tomei ningen)
17. SUPER BEAVER - らしさ (Rashisa)
18. SHISHAMO - 熱帯夜 (Nettaiya)
19. Silent Siren - KAKUMEI
20. WHITE ASH - The Phantom Pain


1. Why first place? well, the music, the instruments, the arrangement it's perfect. It's a beautiful song that relaxed me, I felt an inner peace listening to this song. Also, the MV. The song is accompanied with a video that tells a story, with beautiful landscapes and...I don't know how to express haha. It's just perfect, the song is complemented with the video and vice versa.

2. In my opinion, the western rock music is dying slowly but it has some exceptions. The Globalist is a ten minute progressive rock nightmare song that can be divided in three parts. First, the intro, sounds like an old west film duel scene. Second, the climax of the song, a heavy rock sound, distorted guitar that make you feel like the ruler of the world. Third, the outro of the song, a piano ballad with a Queen-ish sound. In my personal opinion, this is a masterpiece.

3. This was the last song that I've listened of SCANDAL, it's something fresh perfect for the summer(here in my country). What I like most of this song? The chorus backed with TOMOMI vocals, it's a nice touch. The riff of the song is so catchy, MAMI nailed it with the "funky" strumming.

Top 5 too late to the party(2014):

1. sumika - ふっかつのじゅもん
2. Frederic - oddloop
3. POP ETC - is
4. SHISHAMO - 君と夏フェス 
5. Mini Mansions - Death Is A Girl

Final commentary:
Thank you Scandalsuki for doing this post! ^^ it was nice to look back at the year for the music, nice memories.
Looking forward to 2016 for music surprises.
Nothing wrong with the instrumental pieces, sometimes it's nice and relaxing to listen without the vocals.
Wow! Aya Hirano ^^ it's been time since I've listened to her music. I couldn't find Shout it Out!!, I wanted to check it out the song:( 

Thank you Scandalsuki for this haha and... Goodbye 2015! it was a nice year, especially for Japanese music ^^

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Re: Your 2015 top 20 songs and more
Posted Wed Dec 23, 2015 9:15 pm



Indie Artist
Indie Artist
Long post topic : I need to post here lol

OK let me try to make a top 20 of 2015 song (will be hard to find 20 new song from 2015 im not so much hunting for new music, most of the new things i listen to are somehow pretty old lol but I'll try to make a top 20 of 2015 song and after that i'll do the same top 20 with my favorite song currently at the end of 2015)

Let's do some research Your 2015 top 20 songs and more 807595

Top 20  2015 songs:

1. SCANDAL - Oyasumi
2. SCANDAL - Kan Beer
4. SCANDAL - Sisters
5. SCANDAL - Hon wo Yomu
6. SCANDAL - Onegai Navigation
7. Reol - Streaming Heart (its in end of 2014 november but shhh dont say it)
8. IA&ONE - Into Starlight
9. IA - Shouting Star
10. SCANDAL - Winter Story
11. SCANDAL - Life is a journey
12. SCANDAL - Love in Action
13. SCANDAL - Flashback no.5
14. IA - Circuit Disco
15. SCANDAL - Chiisana Hono (it technically does count right?)
16. Ia - Diamond Days
17. Reol - Wave
18. SCANDAL - Graduation
19. SCANDAL - STAMP! (Instrumental)
20. SCANDAL - Sisters (Instrumental)

Commentaries : 

Ok finding 20 song from 2015 was a little hard for me xD but that was not my main reason i wanted to post here.

For #1 : Oyasumi had to be there since I listened to the song everyday before going to sleep from the day it came out and for about 8 months. The fact it was a Rina song made me super happy and I just continued to do that for so long haha.

After adding all of Hello World song and all the new song i new from SCANDAL that were from 2015 really had trouble finding other songs from 2015. I'm not following any other band than SCANDAL but was searching through the other song I wanted to talk about in my second list to see if any where from 2015 and I finally completed the list with instrumental of SCANDAL since i didn't have any other idea haha sorry.

But now my list of songs I discovered this year that I really wanted to make a top 20 of because I discovered a lot of song i really like this year even tho not many are from this year haha.

Current favorite top 20 at the end of 2015 :

1. SCANDAL - Departure
2. IA (kemu voxx) - Six Trillion Years and Overnight Story
3. IA version - Kurikaeshi Hitotsubu
4. Yuikonnu - Chikyuu Saigo no Kokuhaku wo
5. Reol - No Title
6. Reol - Drop pop candy
7. SCANDAL - Switch
8. Gumi - Cosmos
9. Yuikonnu - Kakushigoto
10. IA - Outer Science
11. SCANDAL - Oyasumi
12. IA - Otsukimi Recital
13. Kagamin Rin - Tokyo Teddy Bear
14. IA - Imagination Forest
15. Hatsune Miku - Neverland
16. Reol - Asymmetry
17. IA - See the light
18. IA - We gotta run
19. IA&Hatsune Miku - iNSaNiTY
20. CUL - Circus Monster

Commentary : 

Basicly, on the music side through 2015 I played Osu! a lot (#2,4,8,9,10,12,13,15,16), and from that discovered vocaloid (#2,3,4,8,9,10,12,13,14,15,17,18,19,20), fell in love with IA's voice and Reol's voice. But kept my favorite SCANDAL song on the top of everything, Departure. And yes i discovered Switch only this year lol. Basicly other than departure, all the song in this list i heard them for the first time this year, through playing Osu! or randomly searching on youtube or with random youtube rotation switching so its technically a list of only song i discovered in 2015 haha

Anyway was fun doing that list yours have way more variation of different artist but since before this year was either not listening to music, or listening to SCANDAL i guess i got a better list now :D

Your 2015 top 20 songs and more Signat10
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Re: Your 2015 top 20 songs and more
Posted Fri Jan 01, 2016 9:58 pm


Mainstream Artist
Mainstream Artist
Thanks for taking the time to make your lists.

I listen to female vocals almost exlusively but I must say Kuso Iinkai is pretty good, I might start listening to them. SHISHAMO is also a good artist I did not know before.

Everything you posted sounds really good, looks like there is a lot of this kind of music that I need to check out this year.

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Re: Your 2015 top 20 songs and more
Posted Sat Jan 02, 2016 4:15 am



Indie Artist
Indie Artist
My Top 20 songs of 2015:

1. Oyasumi - SCANDAL
2. Hon wo Yomu - SCANDAL
3. Stamp! - SCANDAL
4. Universe - UNiTE
5. Love Begets Love - SpecialThanks
6. ユナイト - UNiTE
7. Sisters - SCANDAL
8. Winter Story - SCANDAL
9. Never ever again - GANGLION
10. Save Your Heart - GANGLION
11. Wing to Heaven - DIV
12. Story - DIV
13. Stars - DIV
14. Graduation - SCANDAL
15. CHAIN - Rides in ReVellion
16. Regret Love - BlessCode
17. 枯れ蓮 - DISREIGN
18. We are Kameleo! - Kameleo
19. Anti-Hero - Sekai no Owari
20. Cry Out - One Ok Rock


Woah, it took me 3 hours to make my top 20 list. Haha, but it's okay, though I really want to share it here.

For no. 1: I put 'Oyasumi' there because, I'm inlove into that song for a long time, Rina makes me fall inlove to her because of that song. She made me change my bias to Tomomi to her. And it is my ringtone now.

 And for the rest... I am really a BIG fan of Visual Kei bands.. Just like UNiTE and DIV, and the rest that I'm following are GANGLION, Rides in ReVellion, BlessCode, DISREIGN, Kameleo! etc..

Current Top 20 songs:

1. Senbonzakura - Wagakki band
2. Departure - SCANDAL
3. Awanaitsumorino, Genki dene - SCANDAL
4. Oyasumi - SCANDAL
5. Hon wo Yomu - SCANDAL
6. Kagen no Tsuki - SCANDAL
7. Harukaze - SCANDAL
8. Cocktail Color - DIV
9. Ice - UNiTE
10. Start - SCANDAL
11. The Invisible Wall - the GazettE
12. Cassis - the GazettE
13. Lost November - DIAURA
14. No Pain, No Game - Nano
15. The Beginning - One Ok Rock
16. Clock Strikes - One Ok Rock
17. Hungry Soul - DIV
18. Pinheel Surfur - SCANDAL
19. Image - SCANDAL
20. Nai Nai Night - SCANDAL

Top 5 SCANDAL songs for 2015:

1. Oyasumi
2. Stamp!
3. Hon wo Yomu
4. Winter Story
5. Kan Birru

 Thank you for posting this topic. Haha.. I'm happy to share my Top Favorite songs of 2015. I hope you like it too guys.  :whistle:

PS: Sorry for my bad English  Peace Onion


Your 2015 top 20 songs and more Cguh1xJU0AA4elg
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Re: Your 2015 top 20 songs and more
Posted Thu Jan 07, 2016 6:19 pm



Caless Student
Caless Student
~Tatsu wrote:For no. 1: I put 'Oyasumi' there because, I'm inlove into that song for a long time, Rina makes me fall inlove to her because of that song. She made me change my bias to Tomomi to her. And it is my ringtone now.

Specially when they play Oyasumi live, it's lovely to see Rina's expressions, singing and playing guitar. It was a nice surprise from HELLO WORLD.
I will check your Top right now. Thanks guys for sharing your best music Nice one

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Re: Your 2015 top 20 songs and more
Posted Thu Mar 03, 2016 5:55 pm


Mainstream Artist
Mainstream Artist
The SCANDAL postcard has been won by dobondo, congratulations.

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