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Nagoya! I'm home! - 2015-12-24 (MAMI)
Posted Wed Dec 23, 2015 8:08 pm



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Nagoya! I'm home!

SCANDAL ARENA TOUR 2015-2016『PERFECT WORLD』at Nagoya・Nippon Gaishi Hall
Everyone who came out, thank you very much!!
My and HARUNA's hometown!
Gaishi Hall has been familiar and profound to me since I was little!
To think that we'd return to Nagoya on our arena tour!
I'm so, so, so happy!
Thank you for the lovely scenery; it was the best!!

My hometown friends came to watch, which was kind of embarrassing
...It's turned out to be like this after I moved to Tokyo(^O^)haha
This was one return favor for those of my friends and family who sent words of encouragement; or rather my gratitude was conveyed.
I'll keep working hard. It was fun(^O^)
Next up is Budokan next yearー!

This was my eye makeup today,,
Nagoya! I'm home! - 2015-12-24 (MAMI) YjCrlmv

I mixed gray and blue, giving it a lovely feeling◎
Nagoya! I'm home! - 2015-12-24 (MAMI) MBRQs0h

I didn't curl my hair as much as I did for Kobe
And tried to give it more texture◎

Now, we announced a lot of things today, but let's review them!
SCANDAL NEW ALBUM『YELLOW』 will be released!!
Nagoya! I'm home! - 2015-12-24 (MAMI) DRK3dUI

Yesー! We'll finally be able to send it to everyoneー!!

Accompaning that!!
SCANDALTOUR2016『YELLOW』 has been decided!
Nagoya! I'm home! - 2015-12-24 (MAMI) IgRi58a

This time it'll be a live house tour♡
We're coming back to Nagoya! 5/3 & 4, during Golden Week! The venue will be ZEPP NAGOYA!
Haaaaa, I can't wait♡

The date has changed, so as of yesterday 12/23, SCANDAL "Documentary film「HELLO WORLD」" DVD&BD,
What we had recorded on our overseas stops of our world tour that was held during the first half of this year, has been released!

And, and, the finale of our tour on 1/13 will be broadcast live on WOWOW!!
We'll be playing a live at your house♡(^O^☆♪

Today, the dressing room was Christmas'd out (thank you to our promoters!)
Nagoya! I'm home! - 2015-12-24 (MAMI) T7FShqA
Everyone who assembled on the eve before Christmas Eve, thank you so much!
Have a nice Christmas, okay♡


2015-12-24 02:01:23

Nagoya! I'm home! - 2015-12-24 (MAMI) 39iLxaW

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Re: Nagoya! I'm home! - 2015-12-24 (MAMI)
Posted Wed Dec 23, 2015 10:39 pm



International Performer
International Performer
I am sure your hometown friends thought you were amazing the same as us Mami and you looked wonderful !

Nagoya! I'm home! - 2015-12-24 (MAMI) Sig_sc10
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