First☆meeting☆Suzuki Natsuna!

First☆meeting☆Suzuki Natsuna! - 2006-09-13 (RINA) H0DcsQ1

Rina here*愛q◎'U`+)*゜

Today, I went straight to the hospital after school‰幸0∀0)q♪+~
I went to meet my little sister(・∀・)!! Her name is Suzuki Natsuna(人б<`;)

She's so small and cute(人б<`;)
I went with three of my friends from school P3`)g⌒☆

Soon, I'll be going to the hospital again with my grandma(P-`q) haha
I can look at her for several hours(愛q'X`∞)

※Thanks so much for the comments. Apologies for the late responses 凹o。(丿‥`。)※

Black☆white☆I like English~‰幸0∀0)q♪+~ Starting from the other day(・∀・)!! haha☆ I also like pink ヾ(∀(゜∀゜)∀゜) The GET t-shirt this time was cute too~ ♭0чV♪)+. Maybe I'll try wearing pink too (°_・) haha

Apologies for replying late(ハ・U・*) Simple English really does up until middle school (б焦0д0;) You need to work hard again starting from high school ヾ(・A・○)♪ I didn't use English, so I forgot everything I learned (〃_)σ¶ Being able to converse with foreigners is amazingΣ((丿'3゜) Being able to speak English makes you cool Д^ Thank you very much for the congratulatory words about the baby being born *愛q◎'U`+)*゜ Little kids are adorable, aren't they (..` That's the same as me~☆! They're the cutest at one-and-a-half years old, aren't they? I want to help my mom out as much as possible(・∀・)!!

This has been Rina(*★бдu)σ
Bye by~~~~~e(0・Д.屮)

2006-09-13 10:19







黒☆白☆英語好きかぶりましたねえ~‰幸0∀0)q♪+~こないだから(・∀・)!!わら☆ピンク理菜も好きですョヾ(∀(゜∀゜)∀゜)今回もGET T可愛かったですねえ~♭0чV♪)+.理菜もピンク着てみようかな(°_・)わら



2006-09-13 10:19

Comments that RINA was answering from this previous blog:

Baron Kuni: Rina-chan, thanks for the reply. You like black and white? Me too, coincidentally. Starting from today, though.

But it seems like pink would suit Rina-chan. I've been liking pink recently. The GET t-shirts were pink, and I bought one. When I wore it, everyone said "That totally doesn't suit you"(´・ω・`) *downhearted*

I too like English. Ah~a lot of our interests overlap... I've started to like English starting from today, though.

setagaya: My favorite subject, huh,, I too liked English up until middle school,, It was simple(ノ∀`) Ah

The other day a foreigner asked me in a hurry how to ride the train,, I forgot how to converse in English(゚ДÅ) *cry*

First☆meeting☆Suzuki Natsuna! - 2006-09-13 (RINA) 39iLxaW

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