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SCANDAL's "YELLOW" tour begins from Sendai + Announcement of a European tour & fan club tour

MusicMan - Opening Day of SCANDAL's "YELLOW" Tour Ua4GcdO

All-girl band SCANDAL, who is celebrating their tenth anniversary, began their live house tour 「SCANDAL TOUR 2016 “YELLOW”」 in support of their new album on 4/13 in Miyagi Prefecture at Sendai PIT.

On this tour as well, they appointed Terry Cook from Woodroffe Bassett Design, the team of world-famous lighting designer Patrick Woodroffe, who handled lighting for their previous tour as well as for the opening and closing ceremonies for the London Olympics, The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and many other big artists.

As for the live, together with HARUNA's words of 「Welcome to SCANDAL TOUR 2016 “YELLOW”ー! Sendai, have fun, okayー」, they debuted a set list of both new and old songs, with the main focus being the songs from their new album 「YELLOW」.

During the MC, HARUNA said, 「I will bestow upon myself the title of beef tongue ambassador. I love Sendai's beef tongue way too much; whenever we come to Sendai, I must make sure to eat beef tongue」, the warm and fluffy talk giving the venue a harmonious atmosphere. She further declared her love for beef tongue: 「As a joint project with our mobile fan club 『CLUB SCANDAL』, we are holding a catering championship with the theme of 『LOVE ME DON』 [don = rice bowl with toppings] (LOVE ME DO) and 『Heaven na Soup』 (Heaven na Kibun) that parodies songs from our new album 『YELLOW』 for each of the promoters! Sendai's LOVE ME DON is a beef tongue don!」 She also gave her thoughts to Sendai: 「It makes us happy that we're able to play a live in this place that's packed with the emotions from those in Japan and around the world. We'll play this live together, and we want to make even more memories at such a lovely live house!」

MusicMan - Opening Day of SCANDAL's "YELLOW" Tour Fcww7ve

During the encore, the words of 「We'd like to announce a few things to everyone today!」 from HARUNA stirred up the audience, and she announced 「Firstly, let's all meet up in Osaka at Izumiotsu Phoenix on 8/21, the day of our tenth anniversary」, and when she said, 「After that, in Septemberー」, the crowd went abuzz. HARUNA continued with 「SCANDAL TOUR 2016“YELLOW”IN EUROPE!」 When she announced that they would be playing 10 performances in total, beginning with Amsterdam・Netherlands and ending with Paris・France, loud cheers erupted from the audience.

Additionally, HARUNA said, 「Of course, we didn't forget about Japan! We'll be holding a fan club tour in October/November! And, we'll have a very maniacal set list」, hinting at content that would be out-of-this-world for fans. At the end of the encore performance, HARUNA said, 「Sendai, you were the bestー!」, the opening day performance was brought to an end.

「SCANDAL TOUR 2016 “YELLOW”」 will continue domestically until the performance in Osaka on 5/20, leading to the performance in Bangkok・Thailand on 6/18 and SCANDAL TOUR 2016“YELLOW”IN EUROPE, announced today.

MusicMan - Opening Day of SCANDAL's "YELLOW" Tour 9Aq3Ivg


MusicMan - Opening Day of SCANDAL's "YELLOW" Tour 39iLxaW

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Caless Student
Caless Student
Thank you for the information! I hope to be able to attend their European tour! I would even sell my soul to go to their concert lol

MusicMan - Opening Day of SCANDAL's "YELLOW" Tour Scanda10


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