A little idea for aniversary gift for the band
Posted on Sat Jun 04, 2016 11:34 am



Indie Artist
Indie Artist
Hi guys and gals Happy

For some time I have been toying with idea for an anniversary gift. Matching sets of earrings - 2 with piercing and 2 with clips (for Rina and Mami). But I could not do it completely alone - I have idea, I can arrange meanings for manufacturing those, but I would need some help with polishing design of those earring.
Rough idea would look like on this crude drawing below:

Where each S is logo - from oldest on the top to new SC on the bottom. That would represent transition through the years, or sth like that Wink What I need the most would be accurate number of logos and drawings of them. Or maybe someone would be able to recreate them some usable format. Like a good pokemon trainer  I tried to cath them all, but have to admit with shame, that I got a little lost in the process Sad
I would also love it to be delivered by someone attending actual anniversary live show in Osaka, but could settle with giving it by myself during Wrocław show.
I can make final technical drawings (some CAD or Corel DRAW ones), I can go to good silversmith and have then done in nice silver, but whole "artistic" part is a little hard for me - as my skills in that matter are... non-existent.
Anyone willing to help / collaborate?

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