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SCHB Rules/Recording Process
Posted Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:08 am



Shiroten Performer
Shiroten Performer

  1. To participate, you must first submit an application. If you meet the requirements, you will be added to the active roster.

  2. New projects may only be started by a SHCB moderator.

  3. Participating members must stay up to date with the forum and try their best to communicate swiftly with each other. Please be considerate of the deadlines and assess whether or not you can commit to the project so that it doesn't drag on for months.

  4. Send in your recordings with the highest possible quality at your disposal. (think 720p 30 fps minimum for videos, and wav/aiff audio files)

  5. Allow every member a chance at participating in a cover by participating in at most every other cover. (There are exceptions, such as lack of participants on a certain instrument/part, replacing members who drop out, audio mixing/video editing)

  6. In regards to the guitars, drums, and bass, please only sign up for one role. (You may sign up for preferably a backing vocal, audio mixing, or video editing role if you sign up for an instrument)

  7. Do your best, and HAVE FUN SCHB Rules/Recording Process 628112 

NOTE: We understand that this is a fan forum and we are not a professional cover band, but please give your best effort and talent to each project because things of this nature may happen: 

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SCHB Rules/Recording Process 13515324_10205183827955863_696060534_n
so showcase your absolute best for SCANDAL, because you never know what may transpire! SCHB Rules/Recording Process 97539 


1. Once the positions in the band have been filled, the recording of the cover shall commence.

2. Following recent points bandied about in the General Discussion thread ( ), some aspects of the recording shall be made slightly more flexible but shall be moderated/facilitated as to not make this project go longer than we like it to be.

3. Band persons, apart from the person on vocal duties, shall record their parts in this order DRUMS -> BASS -> RHYTHM GUITAR -> LEAD GUITAR, with each person having 10 days to complete their part.

4. However, if any of the band persons on a musical instrument want to get on to lay down their tracks earlier than their stipulated time for recording, they are free to get on with it.

5. The vocals and backing vocals are best done last, and preferably done with the actual minus one SHCB mix of the cover as a guiding track (which shall be made available).

6. The recorded audio and video tracks are to be provided in the best ever quality you can muster as this helps greatly with the finished cover.

7. Once you are done with your part please upload the respective files into an easily accessable file-sharing site (eg Mediafire) and post the link in this thread below.

8. Those on an instrument should also include a mix of his/her intrument with those that had been recorded prior to his/her take, so as the next person may do the same. eg the rhythm guitarist sends two files - one of just the rhythm guitar, and another of the rhythm guitar mixed with the bass and drums.

NOTE: This is a cover, so there is flexibility when it comes to your own flair and creativity. Just make sure that it stays within the spirit of the song (for example, playing an extra drum fill that Rina did not play in the original song is awesome, but don't turn it into a death metal remix)

SCHB Rules/Recording Process HO2yovn

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