SCANDAL's 『YELLOW』 Tour Finale
Posted Thu Jun 30, 2016 1:56 am



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SCANDAL's tour finale in their hometown of Osaka! 「Let's fully enjoy ourselves!」
SCANDAL's 『YELLOW』 Tour Finale 0Wc2L2O

SCANDAL held the final performance of their live house tour 「SCANDAL TOUR 2016 ”YELLOW”」 on the 28th of this month at Namba Hatch.

The performances were originally to be held on 5/19~20 but were rescheduled for 6/27~28 due to MAMI's poor health.

The live began, starting from the instrumental number "Room No.7" from 『YELLOW』, their album that released in March. They then unfolded the live while intertwining both new and old songs such as "Stamp!", "Space Ranger," and "Kagerou." When HARUNA asked, 「Welcome to SCANDAL TOUR 2016 “YELLOW”! Everyone in Osaka, how are youー?」, the packed audience replied with loud cheers. She then said,「This tour began from April, and after coming back from our Asia tour this month, we've returned again to Osaka. Since MAMI was in poor health in May, we've been able to return here for our rescheduled performances. We're also very happy that we're able to have our tour finale in Osaka. Today, we want to put our hearts into sending out our new album 『YELLOW』. Let's fully enjoy ourselves!」, and they began to play "Sunday Drive"; "Konya wa Pizza Party," with TOMOMI's main vocals and a funky sound; "Hi-Hi-Hi" from their second album; and "Heaven na Kibun."

SCANDAL's 『YELLOW』 Tour Finale S2Og95g

Midway through the live, HARUNA inquired, 「There's something we'd like to ask everyone. Are there people with birthdays today?」, and the hands of four people raised. 「We have a birthday song on our album this time, and we'll perform that now. We want to celebrate those four people today!」, and they performed the album's song "Happy Birthday" together with the audience. Following that they played reggae-style "LOVE," winter rock-number "SUKI-SUKI," the standard song at lives "SCANDAL BABY," the lead track from 『YELLOW』 "LOVE ME DO," and the medium rock-ballad number "Chiisana Honoo."

During the second half of the live, HARUNA said, 「We'll be celebrating our tenth anniversary this August. When we think back to ten years ago, we think of how we've really continued to be a band. We're still standing after ten years, and we want to keep 『SCANDAL』 going forever! Also, we will be holding an outdoor live in Osaka at Izumiotsu Phoenix on 8/21, the day of our formation. It'll be ten years on 8/21 and aiming for that has already come into view, but we'll be off to a new start again from there. So, please come out on 8/21. For our next song, we'd like to play our new song that we wrote for that outdoor live.」 They performed their new song "Take Me Out," out on 2016/07/27 (Wed.). They then followed up with "Image," "Sisters," and "Taiyou to Kimi ga Egaku STORY." Following HARUNA's MC of 「Although this is a tour for our new album YELLOW, we'd like to close with this song.」, they performed "Koe" with MAMI on lead vocals and finished their main set.

SCANDAL's 『YELLOW』 Tour Finale Q3ZsaFj

The four members appeared on stage again in response to the encore. Pouring out their emotions for their tenth anniversary live, HARUNA said, 「Again, thank you very much for coming out today. We had to reschedule the performances for June, but considering the result that we were able to have the finale of this tour in Osaka, it makes us very happy as a hometown Osaka band. We'll be returning to Osaka again on 8/21. It's our anniversary live, and we want to keep our same feelings from ten years ago. We want to play a live on 8/21 with those same feelings from ten years ago. We've played many lives thus far, but we want to create even more new sceneries together with many people; we want to always keep seeing them.」 Amidst the loud cheers as they played "Your song -English ver.", "Rainy," and "Taiyou Scandalous," the curtain closed on their three-month-long live house tour.

SCANDAL will be holding an outdoor live on 8/21 in their hometown of Osaka to celebrate their tenth anniversary, and will also be holding a solo European tour in September. The momentum of the girls who are celebrating their tenth anniversary remains unstopped.

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