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Rock Kyoudai
Posted Wed Jul 27, 2016 12:50 pm



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Mainstream Artist
Scandal on Niconico Live: Ginza. Rock Brothers #152

Jul/27/2016 (WED) Opens: 19:50 Starts: 20:00 Ends 23:00

Guests are Scandal/Uverworld/DJ Misoshiru and MC Gohan/Glim Spanky/ЯeaL

As mentioned on Sony Website before:


Office program website:

Program official twitter:


On air.

Guest appearance order so far:

Dobondobondo - Only Tomomi and Mami appeared.
Talked about their tracks.

Now all 4 members appeared Happy
Talked about Pokemon Go.
They talked about wanting to walk around outside to hatch their eggs.
Now talking about Take Me Out.
Haruna mentioned the set list has already been decided for Scafes.


Members 10 years memories.

Haruna - Collaboration with TK (Tetsuya Komuro) 2 years ago.
Rina - Hawaii Ekiden 
Mami - Being sick in Hospital (first time being in Hospital for being sick, hospital food was good)
Tomomi - Rain Band (talking about songs for rainy day)

Biggest change:
Tomomi - Appearance/look of the band. Clothes/hairstyle.
Mami - Song writing.
Rina - "Intonation" accent, how should she speak especially with translators (overseas tour) if she uses her Osaka dialect/accent it would be difficult.
Haruna -  Vocal voice.


Talk about overseas tour.
Mami, Haruna about taking English classes.
Rina about taking French lessons.


Signed wall of studio.
3 signed posters to be given away.
Rina mentioned about the photographer and being shot on film.
Then mentioned about the SCAFES, overseas tour and Mania tour.


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Re: Rock Kyoudai
Posted Fri Jul 29, 2016 8:08 am



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Mainstream Artist
Youtube user sofaman has uploaded the video

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