Previous wallpaperー - 2006-11-09 (MAMI)
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Previous wallpaperー

Previous wallpaperー - 2006-11-09 (MAMI) 8gJTN1K

Hello! Mamitasu here!
Today, I'd like to introduce you to Mamitasu's specialty♪
I like making images, so I occasionally make wallpapers for my phone(*´∀`*) I made sparkles, doesn't makes you feel down, doesn't it...sorry that it's not very good... By the way, this picture is of my previous wallpaper(゜∀゜) It sparkles, doesn't it´`
My current wallpaper is a Sukyandaru Christmas version of it⊂二二(^ω^)二二⊃ Rather, the image of a Sukyandaru Christmas version of it is my wallpaper★Yessum

Also, I dropped my calculator 3 times today! My partner..._(\○_(My cell phone changes 『oira』 to 『chasing good opportunities』)

I tried to think of ideas for the song today tooー! Yepーnothing's really formed doesn't have a good chorus...yepー゜ω゜`...It's hard... My fingertips look like hot dog buns! Maybe I can put cabbage between them(*´∀`*) But I've gotten used to it★ I'll do my bestー!

2006-11-09 17:48

おいらは画像を作るのが好きなので自分の待受なんかをたまにつくります(*´∀`*) これつくりました…ちーんですよね…しょぼーんですよね…下手でごめんなさい…ちなみにこの画像は前の待受でーす(゜∀゜)ちーんですね´`



2006-11-09 17:48

*The image has "Sukyandaru" written in katakana; the 4 members names are also written below that in katakana.

Previous wallpaperー - 2006-11-09 (MAMI) 39iLxaW

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