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3 days leftッ! - 2006-12-23 (HARUNA)
Posted Sat Aug 06, 2016 11:00 pm



3 days leftッ!

3 days leftッ! - 2006-12-23 (HARUNA) N6NBqvt

Haruna hereッ☆

There are 3 days left until the live(>д<)

What do we do…↓↓haha

The four of us got together today and practiced at the studio until nighttime♪♪

We're in a dangerous state where there are still many things we can't do, and we really don't know if we can make it in time~…(*_*)

At any rate, we'll do our best until the last secondッ☆★

Thanks for the commentsッ♪

◇Baron Kuni-san◇
The visual kei people were pretty scary↑haha
Humans aren't that amusing even when they swing their heads that much(^_^;)
There's something interesting about Goku, isn't there★

Nice to meet you!
That's right; I'm from Nagoya(o^-^o)
There's only a little bit of time left until X'mas, but we'll do our best and get fired please support us♪♪

docomo is a pain, isn't it↓↓
Incidentally, it's still continuing to swell even now...(*_*)
What should I do if it really does explodeッ! haha
We need to make our X'mas live a success for the we'll do our best★

Today's picture is of me and Tomo♪
It's super white ^_^;haha

2006-12-23 10:17

Comments that HARU answered from this blog:

Baron Kuni: You went to see a visual kei band? They swing their heads that much? I know the way they perform. Since they're holding instruments, they can only swing their heads.

I've been called Goku recently. I have an ape-like face.
Who's a monkey! Who's an old man monkey?
That's Kuririn!

Hikari: Nice to meet you☆
I'm Hikari from Shizuoka^^
I learned of Sukyandaru at HEAVY RHYTHM and became a fan(>∀<●)
Haru-chan, are you from Nagoya??(゚Д゚)
I'm sorry if I'm mistaken!
Commuting to Osaka is hard, isn't it(´・дpq)
Please take care of yourself until the live!!
I'm afraid I can't go to the X'mas live, but I'll be supporting you guys(>Д<)!!
Please do your best☆

Maya: I'm jealous you have docomo~(^ω^) Speaking of battery packs, my friend has a D902i phone and it seems like it really does swell~(;Д;) I guess that's something that happens with docomo phones??(>_<)

Yes!! I'm currently living expectantly for the 29th(*ーω・艸) I'm determined to get the image of Haru-chan seared into my mind! haha

3 days leftッ! - 2006-12-23 (HARUNA) 39iLxaW

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