SCANDAL @ FUJIFILM presents Koyabu Camera
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SCANDAL's "camera talk" with Kazutoyo Koyabu at a radio program public taping; 「We're happy we got to talk plenty about the cameras we love」
SCANDAL @ FUJIFILM presents Koyabu Camera 170224_st_183012

The first public taping for TOKYO FM's 「FUJIFILM presents Koyabu Camera」 (every Friday from 17:30~17:55) with Kazutoyo Koyabu serving as its personality was held at Roppongi Midtown Fuji Film · Square 2nd Floor Special Site in Tokyo on 2/5. The camera-loving members of SCANDAL made guest appearances.

During the event, they introduced photos taken by the members of SCANDAL. The fans in the venue were entertained as the "camera talk" with Koyabu unfolded.

This taping will be on-air on the 2/10・17 broadcasts of 「FUJIFILM presents Koyabu Camera」.

<Event Summary>
「FUJIFILM presents Koyabu Camera public taping~Koyabu and SCANDAL~」
Date: 2017/2/4 (Sat.) 13:00~
Appearances: Kazutoyo Koyabu, SCANDAL

【Official Report】
Kazutoyo Koyabu and SCANDAL made their appearance on stage. The 200 members of the audience broke into applause.

The event promptly kicked off with Koyabu inviting laughter, saying, 「Because I love cameras, they're letting me host Fujifilm's camera program, and I too have sold well!」 He looked back on meeting SCANDAL: 「I met SCANDAL at a different job. When these beautiful ladies approached me, I remember being greeted courteously.」

In the 「Pictures from SCANDAL」 segment, photos taken by the members of SCANDAL were unveiled.

MAMI, who is hooked on doing DIY, introduced pictures of her colorful room at home. Koyabu praised it highly, saying how stylish it is and that her personality really comes out in it.

When RINA, who loves vintage things and collects pictures + frames, talked about the details of her room, Koyabu came back with a sharp comeback, saying, 「SCANDAL must be popular due to liking vintage things at such a young age」, as the venue was engulfed in laughter.

During the segment with questions from the fans in attendance, HARUNA was consulted: 「I talk so fast my friend tells me they don't know what I'm saying.」 She confessed she too was worried about speaking fast during MCs at lives.

Hearing that, Koyabu spoke of his own experience and gave his advice: 「I learned from my senior to speak twice as slowly when you're at a large venue with thousands of people. It's funny how that's even stranger, isn't it?」

While music was playing throughout the program, Koyabu, who is the drummer for the band "Yoshimoto Shinkigekizu," and SCANDAL's drummer RINA got excited about the subject of drums.

Koyabu spoke about his troubles as a drummer: 「Although I'm an entertainer, I hate looking like I'm showing off when playing the drums, so I straighten out my back tautly. But, that makes it difficult to get into the rhythm.」 When he talked about how he can't drum well with his left hand and makes a lower sound, he listened attentively when RINA gave her advice from a pro's point of view: 「You can hear a rock sound when you try to bring your hand down even more on the snare! The shot really changes with one setting!」

SCANDAL celebrated their tenth anniversary last August. When the four of them were asked about their memories up until then, they talked about how the members have always been good friends and still go out together on days off, as well as things that have happened on their own time.

Koyabu asked, 「Didn't you ever think of quitting?」 HARUNA immediately replied, 「Not at all!」 Without a moment's delay, Koyabu divulged a dramatic story: 「When I was new to Shinkigeki, I thought about quitting twice. A long time ago I used to go to play darts often and was good enough to beat famous people, but I couldn't win against the third best player in Osaka and thought that the only way to win would be to quit Shinkigeki. But, just before I said it to my wife, I thought, "What am I thinking?" and went back to it.」

At the end of the event, HARUNA, who was asked about her thoughts on the taping, said, 「We're so honored to have been invited to Koyabu Camera's first public taping!」 Koyabu replied, 「Thank you very much. It's an honor to be called an Osaka dreamer by SCANDAL.」 as the venue was filled with excitement until the end.

The other members each spoke of their thoughts: 「I'm happy we got to talk plenty about the cameras I love. I'll be able to put all of the advice we were given immediately into practice, so I'd like to keep them in mind  when shooting from here on out」 (RINA), 「You cannot meddle with the texture of the film, but I want to get even more of a feel for cameras knowing that there are cameras that can give such textures」 (TOMOMI), 「This had made me want a camera. I'm the type of person who'll stick to something thoroughly once I fall in love with it, so I might get a camera to save in my memories what I see」 (MAMI).

As Koyabu addressed the listeners in the venue with 「Thanks so much for staying until the end!」, the recording closed with the excitement.

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