Premium Melodix! recording. Feb 5th 2017
Posted Sun Feb 05, 2017 9:01 am



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Melodix staged has changed since I went last time, Scandal like the "live house" look.

More info once it has been aired:


Guest: SCANDAL / Akai Ko-en
TV Tokyo :2/14 02:50~3:20 
TV Hokkaido:Thursdays 1:35~2:05

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Re: Premium Melodix! recording. Feb 5th 2017
Posted Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:43 am



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Since it has now been aired I will write a bit about the experience this time.

This recording was for members of the "Club Scandal" mobile fan club, it was lottery based.
We were all given participation numbers and had ID checked.

When recording the program it is for various different bands, usually there would be one larger group of fans for one particular artist/group. This time the largest group was Scandal fans, there were probably over 100 Scandal fans, there were many people missing, i.e. they did not turn up.

It seems the stage is set for each Melodix recording, as its done weekly and I guess they create a new stage each time, hence when you watch an actual program of Melodix, it looks like they change the stage, but its because its different recordings put together to make a show.

The program is edited, but not much important facts were cut.

What was a bit different this time they didn't tell us to make sure our phones were switched off etc. it was then obvious when it was time for Scandal to sing Shunkan Sentimental, I noticed the equipment wasn't as complete and Mami didn't have her Marshall amp with the bear sticker. Whilst still enjoyable it was performed with pre-recorded backing music. Sad  As a fan we were not as enthusiastic with our cheering compared to a live performance. 


Quick summary of TV show.

- The first part is about the European tour where the members did their instrumental shuffle.
- Living and traveling on the tour bus for 15 days with about 20 members on the bus.
(Rina talks about water dripping in her compartment, she bared it out and didn't get angry, staff offered her tissues)
- Missing Japanese food during the tour, Timo had Polish Ramen.
- Extra service from convenient store, Timo ordering pork bun, but getting getting pizza bun as well.
(one bit they did cut out was Mami and also the Female MC also used the same store and similar thing happened to them)
- Haruna driving, mixing up signal indicator and windscreen wiper.
- Haruna bicycle riding to studio, wearing sunglasses etc.

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