Fender - SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour @ Zepp Tokyo
Posted on Sun May 14, 2017 11:51 pm



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Fender - SCANDAL「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』」

This is a report on the Zepp Tokyo performance held on 2017/4/15 as part of the nationwide tour 「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』」.

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SCANDAL is currently holding 「SCANDAL TOUR 2017『SCANDAL's 47 Prefecture Tour』」 in support of their two-disc best album 『SCANDAL』 released on 2/15 in commemoration of the band's tenth anniversary. The 18th performance of their tour was held in Tokyo at Zepp Tokyo on 4/15.

They have been the only popular band leading the all-girl band scene that has been increasing momentum in recent years, and of course this day was sold out as well. Not only did the first floor have a standing-only section, but there was also a standing section on the seated second floor. The live began with 「Shunkan Sentimental」 with the packed audience watching. With the second floor already on their feet, audacious cheers of 「Oi! Oi! Oi!」 rose from the audience the minute that MAMI kicked into her guitar solo. Contrary to expectations that they're a band that girls look up to, their fanbase is wider than imagined as you take another look at the audience again. From a wide range of fans including men who were in their 30s--no, 40s, you could see that they have various charm points that simply do not stop at being an all-girl band.

As HARUNA yelled out, 「Tokyo! Dance~!!」, the band jumped into the second song 「Take Me Out」 without giving a breath of air to the audience who showed a passionate welcoming from the first song. From there they played for an ample two hours. The quartet on stage showcased their enthuastic performances. In response, the entire audience raised their hands, waved their hands, jumped, spun their towels, and raised their voices.

Including the encore, they performed a total of 18 songs from their best album. The set list changes just a bit each time. However, since this tour won't finish until 7/17 in Tokyo at Toyosu PIT, in this report we will not be sharing details or which songs were played, but as the songs recorded for that best album were chosen by fan voting, the live was very exciting. As for the memories and emotions for each fan, loud cheers were heard every time a song was played. It was the same for the members, of course. This tour that retraces their ten years that is supposed to be not only for the fans but also for the performing quartet has turned into something very deeply emotional.

By the way, on this day HARUNA used the HARUNA TELECASTER, her own signature model nicknamed "Skullsilver," and three other guitars. The "Skullsilver" has a skeleton print decorated with a silvery body that shines and radiates its own presence, but it's worth noting that she also used the newly introduced American Professional Telecaster Deluxe. Not only does it have a refreshing appearance of Sonic Gray, it showed an active part in creating a distinct sound image with the chords played in 「Stamp!」 and other songs.

Meanwhile, MAMI, who stood on the stage wearing sporty fashion, used her beloved Fender American Standard Stratocaster and two other guitars. This Strat that features a vivid circle pattern that she had painted on the black body shows her affection and attachment to her instruments. And, TOMOMI plays a Deluxe Active P Bass Special with gold stripes that shine on its navy blue body, as well as a Fender Precision Bass with a black body inlayed with lamé. With slow songs, her playing on 「Switch」 became the driving force of the performance. On 「HARUKAZE」, she incorporated impressive phrases with slapping and fingering while supporting the performance of RINA's heavy drumming.

While watching these girls perform, I was made to realize again that they are a band with a unique ensemble that cannot be described with the single phrase "all-girl band." What's unique is that, even though they do a so-called lead · guitar phrase-playing melody, there are many songs where they make an ensemble around two rhythm guitars. Such attraction was manifested remarkably in the dancable 「Flashback No.5」 and 「 EVERYBODY SAY YEAH!」, and the funky cuttings of HARUNA and MAMI intertwining was prominently shown in 「Shoujo S」. I was also impressed by MAMI's supple wrist movements that lightly emanates the melody while strumming her chords.

For this ensemble that includes heat into their solid playing without relying solely on excellent, surprising playing, words that you would use to describe these girls who have brilliance as part of their appealing points  is simple and sturdy. The great appeal of SCANDAL's songs must be pop sound that can appeal to all music fans. Songs like 「HARUKAZE」 that make you listen to them carefully made me consider the ensemble three-dimentionally.

You cannot understand a band unless you see them live, and if you see them live, you can see all sorts of things that you cannot understand by simply listening to their recorded music. It was a spectacular live in that sense as well. When their 47 prefecture tour ends, there's no doubt that SCANDAL will gain a new appeal again as a band.

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Shiroten Performer
Shiroten Performer
This is a great article! I also do believe that a band is better understood when you can see them perform live. I have seen a lot of bands live and hope to one day be able to add this quartet as well Happy

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