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instagram, anyone?
Posted Mon Aug 07, 2017 5:26 am

jona DJ

jona DJ

International Performer
International Performer
i have instagram for my fandom feed, but not many to follow, so... feel free to write down your account, and i'll follow them Happy

you can follow mine to: @notjonadj
i think i'll post covers too here.

i have an account for my private life too hahaha. it's @joaann_dj feel free to follow, but it's just my daily life haha. i follow back too, don't worry.

instagram, anyone? Tumblr_mkbaztDHJP1s2ouyoo1_400

me: GENKI DESU~ Onion Shy

thinking about SCANDAL may cause extreme blushing, increasing heart beat rate, crazy actions, exhausted from jumping like a kid, unstoppable weird laughs, sudden excitement, and freaky things that you'll wish you had never done that
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