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Re: Digital Single - 「Koisuru Universe」
Posted Sat Aug 18, 2018 4:17 am

Haruna's Ears

Haruna's Ears

Shiroten Performer
Shiroten Performer
kudo_maharizu wrote:
Haruna's Ears wrote:
I've always been bothered about how washed out the video looks in the official version and wonder if this is intentional.

I think it is. I sometimes take that low contrast approach when I edit my videos. I once saw someone refer to it as "hipstervision"... can't remember where, though.

Oh dear, for real? Well, the high contrast look was all the rage about a decade ago so I guess the pendulum has swung the other way! Seems counter intuitive to the Suspiria-esque gel lighting they've gone for, however.

I still maintain that some of their live dvd/blu ray releases have an authoring error, though. Like I said earlier, its very common with Japanese discs. If you (can) switch your colour output on your player to "Full RGB", you'll see the blacks correct themselves immediately which suggests they simply been authored in the wrong video standard.

Anyway, that's enough nerd-talk for now. Back to the (baby) action!

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