Natalie - SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour in Tokyo
Posted Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:43 am



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SCANDAL's first joint band tour kicks off! "Feeling Sympathy" and wowing the audience at Zepp Tokyo with UNISON
Natalie - SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour in Tokyo LIdAPin

SCANDAL's first joint band tour, 「SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour」, kicked off yesterday, October 6th, at Tokyo's Zepp Tokyo.

「SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour」 is a tour hitting Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka that invites three bands that SCANDAL recognizes as "the strongest live bands." UNISON SQUARE GARDEN appeared as their guest for opening day in Tokyo.

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First guest UNISON SQUARE GARDEN commenced their live show with 「Serenade ga Tomaranai」 (The Serenades Won't Stop), a song with sharp guitar sounds and piercing vocals from Kousuke Saito (vocals & guitar). Their performances of 「Miss.Sandy」, where Takao Suzuki (Drums), Tomoya Tabuchi (bass), and Saito each get their own spotlights while overlapping their sounds; and the fast-paced 「10% roll, 10% romance」 had enthusiasm spreading throughout the venue. During the MC, Saito spoke about their impression of SCANDAL: 「Although they're showy in appearance, they're also rough-cut as a band. We think they're a very cool band.」

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They spoke of the time they appeared on the same TV program with SCANDAL, and the song that the girls performed, 「Take Me Out」, was similar to the unreleased song that didn't make it on UNISON SQUARE GARDEN's latest album 「Dr.Izzy」; the trio then improvised playing that number. Saito said, 「That was dangerous; it's basically stepping into plagiarism territory」 while laughing and also revealed, 「But our music tastes match. So, the title of that song was 『Symphathy wo Kanjiru』 (Feeling Sympathy)」 while greatly wowing the audience. The trio shook the floor with 「Sugar to Bitter Step」 (Sugar and a Bitter Step), a song with an impressive bouncing rhythm and playful bassline, during the final stage of their show. They then played 「Galileo no Showcase」 (Galileo's Showcase) with an enthuastic performance and closed with 「Tengoku to Jigoku」 (Heaven and Hell). Saito introduced SCANDAL with 「This has been UNISON SQUARE GARDEN! SCANDAL's up next!」 and stepped off stage.

Natalie - SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour in Tokyo LrCFP0p

SCANDAL heated up the floor with their engines at full throttle from the first song. 「Take Me Out」 was delivered with HARUNA's words of 「Tokyo, make sure to keep upー!!」, and the delayed guitar riffs of MAMI and danceable rhythms made the audience dance. HARUNA addressed the crowd with 「Welcome to 『SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour』! Zepp Tokyo, how's it going?」, and said, 「There's a nice vibe all the way up to the second floor. This really is a great live house!」 with a smile. Regarding UNISON SQUARE GARDEN's MC about 「Take Me Out」, she joked, 「They performed it for us and it really does sound similar (laughs). I'm glad we put ours out first」, and had the audience laughing. Then, she said in a loud voice, 「We arbitrarily feel "symphathy" for UNISON. Let's have UNISON's and our fans mix together and make a chemical reaction! Let's go crazy on this Friday nightー!」

Natalie - SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour in Tokyo HUCyvHv

They performed 「Taiyou Scandalous」, where TOMOMI and HARUNA's alternating vocals excited the audience; and 「Koisuru Universe」, their new song written for this joint band tour, where tricky and refreshing sounds with HARUNA's cute vocals reverberated throughout the venue. During the final stage, they played 「Awanai Tsumori no, Genki de ne」, where HARUNA, MAMI, and TOMOMI's emotions that were in unison with each other along with RINA's dynamic drumming captivated the crowd. After that, the quartet who finished their performance amidst loud cheers applauded loudly for UNISON SQUARE GARDEN together with the audience. HARUNA called out, 「Thank you so much! Our first joint band performance was so awesome!」

After this, SCANDAL will be holding their 「SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour」 performance in Aichi at Zepp Nagoya on 10/20, and their performance in Osaka at Zepp Osaka Bayside on 10/21. Appearing as guests are 04 Limited Sazabys in Osaka and BLUE ENCOUNT in Nagoya.

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