Hello! This is RINA!! - 2008-03-01 (RINA)
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Hello! This is RINA!!
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Long time no see♪
SCANDAL's drummer Rinax here(ノ)--(ヾ)

We played a live at Shiroten in Osaka today★ We've continued to play street lives for almost exactly a year now, but we got the biggest reactions so far with today's live(^ー^)

Although we had played a street live without informing everyone beforehand, it made us really happy that so many people stopped to watch ⊂(^--^--)⊃ SCANDAL was still pumped up afterwards as well.

We'll be playing a live at a live house called Osaka MUSE HALL tomorrow(o`w´o) Also, it's the long-awaited release day of our CD★ I'm so excited♪

Ah, it's also [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] --haha-- In Japan 3/3 is a special day called Hinamatsuri where girls have the leading role--・--・--

・・・And, finals start tomorrow(ノ_・。) I'll do my best with studyingー!!!
Okay♪ Bye bye
Hello! This is RINA!!
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Hello there! This is RINA the Drums. We had street live at SHIROTEN at Osaka today. We have been performing on the street for about a year now and it was one of the best Today. We did not put out the live notice this time but lots and lots of people paid kind attention and listen to our music that made me and us so happy!! SCANDAL was HOT Today!

Tomorrow, we have live at Osaka Muse and yes, our first single CD will be released!! And it's March 3rd the girls day here in Japan! It's the special day for girls! but... final exam starts also Tomorrow... SCANDAL has to study, too.

See you all!!



ストリートライブをする事を告知せずにやったんですけど、たくさんの人が足を止めてみてくれてとっても嬉しかったです⊂(^--^--)⊃ ライブが終わった後もテンション上がりっぱなしのSCANDALでした。

明日は大坂MUSE HALLとゆうライブハウスでライブです(o`w´o) しかも待ちに待ったCDリリース日だ★ 楽しみな事がいっぱいです♪

あ、ひな祭りもだ--笑-- 日本で3/3はひな祭りってゆう女の子が主役の素敵な日なんですよ--・--・--

・・・しかし、明日から学年末テストです(ノ_・。) 勉強も頑張りまーす!!!

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Hello! This is RINA!! - 2008-03-01 (RINA) 39iLxaW

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