Natalie - SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour in Nagoya
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SCANDAL's first joint band tour; speaking sincerely at their show with 04Lim; 「We want you to be friends with us」
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The Nagoya performance of SCANDAL's first joint band tour, 「SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour」, was held yesterday 10/20 in Aichi Prefecture.

「SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour」 is a tour hitting Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka that invites three bands that SCANDAL recognizes as "the strongest live bands." Following UNISON SQUARE GARDEN as their guest for opening day in Tokyo, 04 Limited Sazabys hailing from Aichi performed as the guest for the performance in Aichi.

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04Lim hit the stage first, and their live began from GEN's (bass & vocals) announcement of, 「We are 04 Limited Sazabys, repping Nagoya! Here we goー!」 . KOUHEI's (drums & chorus) substantial drumming and GEN, RYU-TA (guitar & chorus), and HIROKAZ (guitar) vibrant performances raised the excitement of the venue all at at once. After the song 「Warp」 that has a pleasant beat to it, and 「Chicken race」, which RYU-TA wove the word 「SCANDAL」 into during a call & response, GEN expressed gratitude to SCANDAL for invited them to their tour. With confidence, he said, 「There are three formidable enemies on this tour......we're the strongest among them!」

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Midway through, as they surged from the speedy 「nem...」 to 「Now here, No where」, GEN's speaking-like vocals rode on HIROKAZ's melodious guitar arpeggios, spreading clapping to the floor. As GEN stirred up the crowd with, 「It's going to get a little violent; can you guys keep up!?」, the quartet dropped 「monolith」. Crowd surfers appeared one after the other on the floor as RYU-TA and HIROKAZ's sharp guitar sounds resounded with KOUHEI's tight drumming. The aggressive numbers continued with 「fiction」 and 「cubic」, quickly envelping the venue in heat. As the crowd was hyped up, GEN, with a smile on his face, conveyed their thoughts of, 「Nagoya really is the best!」, and one of the topics talked about was properly talking to SCANDAL for the first time when they participated in an event the other day. 「We're happy to think of SCANDAL as an awesome band. We've known for a long time that they're awesome so we saw them as being celebrities, but we talked to them and they spoke the same way as us. We're so happy to have been invited today by a band we've continued to love for such a long time」. With 「With love for everyone in Nagoya」, the guys delivered 「Terminal」 and 「Squall」 emotionally and exited the stage.

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Next up was SCANDAL, attracting the audience from the first song with a solid performance. When MAMI showed off a guitar solo in front of the stage after HARUNA's 「Nagoya, let's go!!」, loud shouts of 「Oi! Oi!」 arose from the venue. The vocals of the members resounded vividly during the number 「LOVE SURVIVE」 with deep bass from the rhythm section of RINA and TOMOMI. After HARUNA welcomed the audience during the first MC, she did a call & response of, 「Guys! Girls! Everyone!」. Listening to the audience's voices, they said, 「The girl fans of 04Lim really are powerful!」 with smiles on their faces. After she and MAMI, who are from Aichi, sang Aichi's local commercial song, the venue filled with a peaceful atmosphere.

Natalie - SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour in Nagoya Uanbt2v

During the latter half of their set, the quartet had the floor dancing with 「Taiyou Scandalous」, a song where the members alternate vocals. When RINA called out to the floor with, 「It's so hot in here! 04Lim fans, are you having fun?」 after the song, they began talking about a time they visited Nagoya on a previous tour and coicidentally happened to catch a glimpse of a special program about the 04Lim-sponsored festival 「YON FES」 on their hotel's TV. At that time they had been impressed, saying, 「They got their friends together and put on such a cool festival in their hometown」, and the girls had hoped to hold a joint live with 04Lim: 「GEN-kun talked about this during their MC, but since they had often appeared on TV when we were doing had our major label debut, we thought they had different impressions to them aside from being a "band." But, more than that, they've always cherished their live shows and songs. This time we wanted to do a fruitful joint band tour......This tour started with a wish of 『playing together with the bands think they are cool so that we'd be seen as being straightforward. If there might also be people who don't like SCANDAL, we'd like them to return home with a straight-forward impression of us. We want you to be friends with us.」 They drew great applause from the floor expressing their sincere desire.

Natalie - SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour in Nagoya KENW6Bn

What they played after HARUNA words of, 「This night in Nagoya's not over yet......How about we make the night even better together!?」 was 「Koisuru Universe」, their new song that they were able to make for this joint band tour. HARUNA's vocals as if talking, TOMOMI and MAMI's ornate chorus work, and RINA's fast drumming captivated the audience, and the quartet kept up the momentum with a performance of their killer-tune 「Shunkan Sentimental」, and made their last spurt. Entering the final stage of the live, the quartet faced each other and sounded out violently with the oriental dance rock number 「Take Me Out」, throwing the floor into a craze.

SCANDAL will be holding the finale of 「SCANDAL's Joint Band Tour」 today, 10/21, at Zepp Osaka Bayside in Osaka. BLUE ENCOUNT will be appearing as their guest.

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