PR Times - Pinterest × SCANDAL "HONEY" PARTY
Posted Tue Feb 20, 2018 7:17 pm



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A real experience with powerful tags by 「ARCH DAYS」 and 「Pinterest」! A 『HONEY』 PARTY with SCANDAL, the all-girl band who opened the first Pinterest-certified artist account
PR Times - Pinterest × SCANDAL "HONEY" PARTY YOI1QLh

「ARCH DAYS」, the information site for enjoying parties managed by Sony Music Entertainment Inc., and Pinterest, a tool for gathering ideas and inspiration around the world, will be doing a series of joint events to 「realistically experience world views and inspiration」 with artists and creators who are active in various fields.

For the first series, a women-only party was held on 2/18 to experience the world view of the eighth original album 「HONEY」 (released 2018.02.14) by the all-girl rock band SCANDAL who is active in both Japan and abroad.

SCANDAL opened the first Pinterest-verified account as a Japanese artist, and this collaboration materialized from the development of the artwork of their album 「HONEY」, which was visually produced by the fashion icons AMIAYA representing TOKYO using Pinterest, the global inspiration tool with over 200 million users per month.

Taking inspiration from SCANDAL's 『HONEY』, ARCH DAYS produced the decorations for Pinterest Japan's offices in Nakameguro, which served as the venue. The music video of their new song streamed in the venue decked out in red, taken from collage motifs and roses as the theme of the album, and was a space where, just by taking one step, the world view of the album could be enjoyed intuitively with the eyes and the ears.

PR Times - Pinterest × SCANDAL "HONEY" PARTY AYbWPrc
PR Times - Pinterest × SCANDAL "HONEY" PARTY J03oa6h

The SCANDAL members spent valuable time close to the attendees by appearing as a surprise, enjoying the collage workshop with attendees, and using Pinterest to think of ideas for the photo booth that will be set up during 「SCANDAL TOUR 2018 "HONEY"」, their hall tour that starts in March and will be their first hall tour in three years.

PR Times - Pinterest × SCANDAL "HONEY" PARTY Zdxf8P8

PR Times - Pinterest × SCANDAL "HONEY" PARTY 39iLxaW

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