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SCANDAL: 「It makes us happy as adult women that we completed this work this year, the 10th anniversary of our major label debut」
KyoTore by Tarzan - SCANDAL's 『HONEY』 Interview 11XJJRd

HARUNA: I feel that we had written lyrics with the consciousness of the band SCANDAL rather than us as individuals until now. However, we were able to frankly put forth our feelings as women with this work. This change gave us more self-confidence.

MAMI: We were able to make music we want to make right now. We were able to find our individualities and apply them to our songs. We're so satisfied!

The female image of having both beauty and sharpness is included in the title 『HONEY』. Realistic psychological depictions stand out in lyrics.

TOMOMI: There are many songs on which you can feel temperature or body temperature. We included personal feelings that weren't passed through filters. I'm happy as a 27-year-old woman who was able to make this work at this timing of our 10th year after making our major debut in school uniforms.

RINA: We had always been thinking about how we should express ourselves in the world that is dominated by men. We decided to fight using weapons unique to women instead of being the same as male bands. Just because we're a band doesn't mean that we want to get rid of our femininity. In that sense as well, this time we shook free and made some music!

KyoTore by Tarzan - SCANDAL's 『HONEY』 Interview QG6vmS7

This work, produced with thoughts of, 「Let's make an album with momentum」, is gushing with energetic sensuality.

MAMI: 『Electric Girl』, which begins with onomatopoeia lyrics "BI-BI-BI ," has a buzzing melody and arrangement (laughs). I created it instinctly while playing around freely with my instruments, as it calls for it in RINA's lyrics.

RINA: The lyrics suddenly came to mind when I was heading home in a taxi from the studio. Our previous album 『YELLOW』 was a very relaxed album, but those reactions may have created chemical-like songs!

TOMOMI: With 『Mado wo Aketara』, I made the hazy feelings I had in my heart three years ago into lyrics. I asked my friend Mizuki Masuda from Negoto to arrange it. There hadn't been many times I created music with my friends, so this was very exciting.

Reactions spread out from the words of the members. Their way of thinking about music has also changed from when they initially had their major label debut.

HARUNA: Until now, by supporting someone with our music, we had them support us back. However, in addition to that, I noticed in this work that there are songs that make our hearts lighter simply by listening to them.

TOMOMI: We make message songs with thoughts of, 「We want to convey this」, but sometimes feelings change before you know it. But, our mood now is wanting to make personal songs that we can keep singing forever.

RINA: On top of playing music, it's also important to have time to do things other than music. The times when we're being a band is the number one thing that won't change, though!

MAMI: The bare necessities of life (food, clothing, and shelter) and music are closely related.

All members realize the importance of maintaining "a body that can keep on playing music."

RINA: When your mental state is good, the sound of the drums will also sound good. Also, just by applying ice to your limbs for 10 minutes at a time after a live completely changes how your condition will be the following day.

TOMOMI: Since you need power in your arms to play the bass, I've started bouldering, which I had been interested in. It's a lot of fun!

MAMI: In addition to running that started with a full marathon appearance, I also do kickboxing, which is not affected by weather.

HARUNA: Your voice is an instrument of your body, and mentality is the most important thing. I have stabilized mentally since establishing a daily routine of running. My voice training teacher praised me for naturally filling my lower abdomen used for vocalization with power, and that's thanks to running.

KyoTore by Tarzan - SCANDAL's 『HONEY』 Interview 39iLxaW

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I adore Scandal.
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Caless Student
Caless Student
I never thought I could admire these girls even more, but their interview shows them to be strong & positive as well as funny, bright and alot of fun to hang out with ! I wish ...

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