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HARUNA WEEK - 2018-08-14 (HARUNA)
Posted Tue Aug 14, 2018 6:06 pm



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Everyone who came out to "HARUNA WEEK" at Feedback! from 8/8〜13, thank you so much!

A lot of people came out in the middle of the rain due to the typhoon, and in spite of it being a busy period during obon ^ ^

HARUNA WEEK - 2018-08-14 (HARUNA) HFRh9gP

When I went to the shop, I helped out those who bought my photo book with the lottery [where you could win an autographed copy]ー!

My heart beat so fast the moment a lottery ball was opened,,
Congrats to those who wonHARUNA WEEK - 2018-08-14 (HARUNA) 1f389 I worked hard on the autographs, so please cherish them. haha
Those who didn't win received stickers as a present. It had the same design as the t-shirts and tote bag,
And was limited to Feedback! only!

HARUNA WEEK - 2018-08-14 (HARUNA) Os66w6O

It was also held during my birthday, and having everyone celebrate my birthday and having a lot of people right in front of my eyes pick up my photo book that I made for turning 30 made me happy.
Though it was a little embarrassing seeing everyone looking at the exhibition of the off-shots from the photo book.
It's been 10 years as of this year since we had our major label debut, and this was the first summer we've spent like this (member weeks), so it turned out to be a very valuable time!

Ah, in the photo book I look back on what's happened so far, and I also talk about a lot of things like what's next and personal things too. If you carefully read the interview, you'll understand why I went with the title 「SOMEWHERE」, so don't just look at the pictures; read the interview too. haha

Again, thank you to everyone who came outー!
I also left a message in the shop's notebook, so those going there from this point on, check it out, okayー!
HARUNA WEEK - 2018-08-14 (HARUNA) Q8ibcym

"RINA WEEK" starts from the 15th
Look forward to that tooー!!


2018/8/14 19:15

*I'll do my best to translate the interview in the photo book, but it won't be until after the "Special Thanks" tour!

HARUNA WEEK - 2018-08-14 (HARUNA) 39iLxaW

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Re: HARUNA WEEK - 2018-08-14 (HARUNA)
Posted Thu Aug 16, 2018 7:08 am



Caless Student
Caless Student
...おめでとう Haruna..Happy

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Re: HARUNA WEEK - 2018-08-14 (HARUNA)
Posted Thu Aug 16, 2018 8:22 am



International Performer
International Performer
Haru looks great in jeans, but then she looks great in anything Happy

HARUNA WEEK - 2018-08-14 (HARUNA) Sig_sc10
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