DAY 1 : DRUM SON / Fukuoka
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DAY 1 : DRUM SON / Fukuoka - 2008-08-18 (MAMI, TOMOMI, RINA) AmkJWGz DAY 1 : DRUM SON / Fukuoka - 2008-08-18 (MAMI, TOMOMI, RINA) ERSIu7I DAY 1 : DRUM SON / Fukuoka - 2008-08-18 (MAMI, TOMOMI, RINA) XZ8ilcP

=First day of tourー★=====================
We're in Fukuokaー! Hello, MAMI here★ Today was our first day of tour, and we played a live show at DRUM SON in Hakata, Fukuoka!

We practiced until now, and this was the first time we debuted this performance, we were way too nervous... but I hope we were able to convey SCANDAL's merits to those who came to see usー★

Tomorrow's Hiroshima! We'll blow everyone away and smash everythingー!


=Our nationwide tour has begun!!=====================
TOMOMI here. Day 1 of our nationwide tour!! This was my first time going to Fukuoka, and I was super nervous with this being day 1. But, when I saw everyone's smiles, I too was able to smileeeeeee!! Thanks so much★ It was fun(∀)

So, in between rehearsals and the show, people from KBC Radio came to see us. Everyone was so nice, and we were able to do a fun recording! Thanks so much^^ It'll be broadcast on the 27th, so tune in★

Ahー, at any rate, our nationwide tour has begun.

Tomorrow's Hiroshima!! This is our second time in Hiroshima. I'm happy because it's been a while(-△.)! We'll do our bestー. See you tomorrow★

=DRUM SON=====================
RINA here(*⌒-⌒*)

Opening day of our tour at Fukuoka DRUM SON is done・ω・♪ We were super nervousー(w_-;) But that's what I truly think each time☆ It was such a fun live!! Playing a live show really is when I'm the most happy(^ε^)

I was so happy that there were people in the front who were singing "Space Ranger" together with us(^∇^) Thanks♪ Thank you so much to everyone who came to see us(*^_^)(*..)(*__)

But our tour has only just begun! There's still much more to come♪ We're growing each and every day!!!

So, speaking of another thing on the tour that I'm looking forward to ・ω・ Eating! lololol we ate mentaiko, you know, mentaiko!
The mentaiko was so delicious lololol I wanted to have been able to get acquainted with it sooner w(( ̄ ̄0 ̄ ̄))w

Yep, Fukuoka is lovely★★★ We'll definitely come play a live show again★!

DAY 1 : DRUM SON / Fukuoka - 2008-08-18 (MAMI, TOMOMI, RINA) RDTse2J DAY 1 : DRUM SON / Fukuoka - 2008-08-18 (MAMI, TOMOMI, RINA) XkwbF6J DAY 1 : DRUM SON / Fukuoka - 2008-08-18 (MAMI, TOMOMI, RINA) IN7w2Me DAY 1 : DRUM SON / Fukuoka - 2008-08-18 (MAMI, TOMOMI, RINA) CbtNOIG

DAY 1 : DRUM SON / Fukuoka
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福岡きたー!どうも、MAMIです★今日はツアー初日、福岡は博多のDRUM SONにてライブいたしました!


明日は広島! ぶっ飛びぶっ壊れでいきまーす!






=DRUM SON=====================

ツアー初日@福岡DRUM SON終わりました・ω・♪すごい緊張したよー(w_-;)でもほんまに毎回おもう事☆めちゃくちゃライブ楽しい!!ほんにライブしてる時が一番幸せや(^ε^)



明太子うますぎたよwwwもっと早く君に出会いたかったよw(( ̄ ̄0 ̄ ̄))w


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DAY 1 : DRUM SON / Fukuoka - 2008-08-18 (MAMI, TOMOMI, RINA) 39iLxaW

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