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DAY 3 : SHANGRI-LA / Osaka
Current mood: DAY 3 : SHANGRI-LA / Osaka - 2008-08-23 (SCANDAL) If8nv4g loved

DAY 3 : SHANGRI-LA / Osaka - 2008-08-23 (SCANDAL) Srvb4x0 DAY 3 : SHANGRI-LA / Osaka - 2008-08-23 (SCANDAL) TPZLRon

=In Osaka=======================
SCANDAL's hometownー! We've come to Osakaー!!

We'll do our bestー!!!!! We're excited since it's our hometown, and we're nervousー. We'll do our bestー!!! We're going to play now!!

Ah, I found an Osaka tour guide(^ω^)

DAY 3 : SHANGRI-LA / Osaka - 2008-08-23 (SCANDAL) SpuiG6K DAY 3 : SHANGRI-LA / Osaka - 2008-08-23 (SCANDAL) SNcrV3T DAY 3 : SHANGRI-LA / Osaka - 2008-08-23 (SCANDAL) 8EtAebM DAY 3 : SHANGRI-LA / Osaka - 2008-08-23 (SCANDAL) OxtGLkA

=Osaka Shangri-La=====================
RINA here(^∇^)/ Stop #3 of our tour @ Osaka Shangri-La♪

Ahーit was so much fun♪! Since SCANDAL is all-girl band from Osaka, Osaka really does have lots of excess energy! Thanks so much for singing along with us, headbanging, and going crazy L(・o・)」 It felt great!

I also talked about this during the MC, but I broke two new drumsticks lololol
That alone made Osaka hot (haha) Thanks for calling us out for an encore☆

But the tour's still going onー☆ Tomorrow's Nagoya!!!! Nagoya, let's get even crazier!!


DAY 3 : SHANGRI-LA / Osaka - 2008-08-23 (SCANDAL) YPTx7tF

=Osaka, TADAIMA======================
TOMOMI here. Day 3!! Osakaー! We're homeー! I'm kind of happy since it's been about three months since we were last in Osaka!!

During the show, sound didn't come out of my bass and I got impatient. Sorry about that ; Live shows really are live!! I didn't think something would happen. It doesn't really go the same rehearsalsー. I want to be someone who can ad-lib. I'll follow the examples of entertainers. Manー! I'll work harder!!

But it was fun today too★ Thanks to everyone who came (-△.)!

Tomorrow's Nagoyaー!! We'll do our bestー.

HARUNA here★ Day 3 of our tour! Osaka's doneー.

Our first time in Osaka in a while! And what's more, it was at Shangri-La, a venue we wanted to play at! Ahーit was nervewracking! The other bands were so wonderful and stimulating♪ We'll keep running swiftly all the way to the end☆ See you later


DAY 3 : SHANGRI-LA / Osaka - 2008-08-23 (SCANDAL) XZteITA

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DAY 3 : SHANGRI-LA / Osaka - 2008-08-23 (SCANDAL) 39iLxaW

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