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【Translated Summary】LINE LIVE Specials to Celebrate SCANDAL's New Single, #2 - February 25th

So, nothing too interesting happened during the stream, which makes it kind of pointless to do a very detailed summary of it. So, here's a fairly brief rundown.

-The band talks about how this is the second live stream, that a month went by fast, that you'd get to hear the recorded version of "Masterpiece" here before anywhere else, that they'd be announcing new tour info, and that they'd be finding out which members are going where for the Tower Records one-day manager event on 3/26.

-They talk about the first press bonuses again (info here). HARU messes up the stores that has her solo file and RINA's file. She says HMV will carry hers while TSUTAYA will carry RINA's. A little later on, they read a comment from a fan that says they mixed it up. So, the correct stores are: TSUTAYA = HARU, HMV = RINA.

-They air a short version of "Masterpiece." Before that, the MC mentions the "Mabataki"/"shirataki" joke from last time (15:10 - 17:00) and says he has something new. RINA is not amused at all lol. TOMO is handed a bag and pulls out a pouch of "matatabi" (catnip) from it.

-They briefly talk about the Valentine's chocolate exchange (33:25 - 39:50). RINA, who made this year's gifts, says she forgot what she made lol (HARU: "But it was delicious"). It's something about a French recipe with 4 types and floriography attached to it?

-RINA says how she recently backed up her phone for the first time, and HARU laughs and says that RINA's not really tech-savvy. RINA says she upgraded her phone for the first time in a while (most likely went to an Apple store) and didn't know what to say, so she just said, "Please give me an iPhone X." They told her to wait a bit and she thought she said something wrong. The band assures her that she didn't. MAMI reads some comments from people agreeing that RINA is not tech-savvy.

-They talk about recording vocals and how they took a while to do it for "Masterpiece."
-HARU: "It's been a while since we put out a single, and I was kind of nervous to record vocals."
-RINA: "We usually do it 2-3 takes, right? How many did we do this time?"
-HARU: "I did one take, and when I listened to it, I wanted to fix some parts and redo it. I did it over and over again, and we got a good take."

-They mention how they shot the music video, which is currently being edited.
-RINA: "It's our first step after establishing 'her,' so it's like we put all of this new energy into it. It's like what we had been wanting to do has taken that exact shape. It's the same for the songs and their videos too. We're confident in these two songs, and it makes us feel like we're progressing forward."
-MAMI: *reading comments* "I wonder if we'd be able to hear 'Mabataki'~"
-RINA: "Maybe next month?"

-They then announce SCANDAL TOUR 2019 "Fuzzy Summer Mood". TOMO holds up the board with the dates and she's told to do "screenshot-worthy faces" again.

-Next, they do the lottery for the one-day manager event on 3/26 (info here). MAMI = Fukuoka, RINA = Nagoya, TOMO = Sendai, HARU = Sapporo

-The audio goes out for about a minute. When it comes back, they say how all of the info will be on their homepage (official label site). They then talk about homepages and HARU mentions that making your own homepage was a thing back when she was in high school.

-They start playing random games like last time (47:50 - 56:10), like a rhythm game, the "Aishiteru Game," and the "Mozzarella Cheese Game."

-Finally, they sum up the things they announced during this stream, and to look forward to the final stream next month.

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