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SCANDAL's release event for 「Masterpiece / Mabataki」 - a huge success
masterpiece_mabataki - Musicman - SCANDAL's "Explosive Listening Party" Release Event 4QoD9iO

SCANDAL, who released their first single 「Masterpiece / Mabataki」 from their private label "her," held 「SCANDAL New Single 『Masterpiece / Mabataki』 Release Commemoration - Bakuon Shichou-kai (Explosive Listening Party) at Kawasaki CLUB CITTA'」 on 3/27.

MAMI: Just like our standing positions when we play a live show, the guitar sounds are divided between the left and right sides so that you can hear each of phrases played by HARUNA's guitar and MAMI's guitar.

TOMOMI: We make sounds so that the bassline can easily be seen on typical recordings, but this time it was distorted to the limit to do the same thing live. Please feel the vibration of the bass with these big speakers today.

Talks about manical "sounds" unique to this explosive listening party unfolded. Additionally, as a special surprise, they streamed the first demo of 「Masterpiece」 made by MAMI, exciting the fans throughout the venue who were able to hear this rare audio that is completely different from the CD version.

masterpiece_mabataki - Musicman - SCANDAL's "Explosive Listening Party" Release Event 1la38wU

At the end of the event, RINA said this: "The four of us got the courage to start our label, decided to try creating various things from scratch for the first time, and began our new musical lives together with this year's spring. 「Masterpiece」 means "an excellent work," but it's not simply about this work only; I want to call fun things, sad things, and stories I've walked through so far, "masterpieces." There are all sorts of things that happen in your every day lives, but there are no useless moments. Those are the thoughts we put into this song. We're always thinking of how thankful we are that you've chosen our music among the many bands out there. We'll keep making music that gets close to you and makes your daily lives brighter and enjoyable."

They also conveyed a message to the fans about the joy of being able to release something from their new label, ending the successful event as the venue was filled with warm applause.

The short film-like music video for 「Mabataki」 that's like peeking into SCANDAL's room has been released as well. They will also be holding 「SCANDAL New Single 『Masterpiece / Mabataki』 Release Commemoration Hohoemi Zadan-kai (Smiling Round-Table Discussion)」 at Abeno Q's Mall in Osaka on 4/1.

masterpiece_mabataki - Musicman - SCANDAL's "Explosive Listening Party" Release Event 39iLxaW

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