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Today's summary - 2019-04-01 (RINA)
Posted Mon Apr 01, 2019 8:10 pm



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Today's summary

We were in Osaka today too
We went to
"SCANDAL her ~Kanojo-tachi no Atelier Ten~ (A Girls' Atelier Exhibition)"
Currently on exhibition until 4/14 (Sun.)
At Tower Records Abeno Hoopー!
Today's summary - 2019-04-01 (RINA) 8kSewvu
Today's summary - 2019-04-01 (RINA) VPZl0gg

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Today's summary - 2019-04-01 (RINA) HardJib
The space is so large
That it can't be shown with just one picture
It has so much stuff
And is so, so awesome!
It made me really happy
That we had a space made
Where you can enjoy
Our precious songs in new ways
And in such a three-dimensional form

We've buried
Comments and autographs in all sort of spots
There's also a place where everyone can leave messages,
And I tried reading as many of them as I could
The thoughts conveyed through text
Made me tear up a bit
Thank you so much as always

After that, we did several
TV and radio recordingsー!
Today's summary - 2019-04-01 (RINA) ZSNDepV
Today's summary - 2019-04-01 (RINA) IxTVCAv
Will air on 4/11 (Thu.) from 1:59 am〜
It was a taping that was so feverish we lost our voices haha
We'll have the other info posted on our site soon!

And then,
At night we had our anticipated
"Hohoemi Zadan-kai (Smiling Round Table Discussion)"
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Today's summary - 2019-04-01 (RINA) 2gQnbpk
Today's summary - 2019-04-01 (RINA) 0eRevG2
Today's summary - 2019-04-01 (RINA) MMi78vL
Many people gathered
In the cold while it drizzled!
It was so much fun haha
It felt so warm
To be able to spend some great time together✌️

A new imperial era was also announced
And I think there are plenty of people
Who will be starting something this spring, or whose environments will change.
I hope that "Masterpiece" or "Mabataki"
Can be a small switch
That'll diminish the anxiety of changing moments
And boost your hopes
We'll always be supporting you☺️


2019/4/1 23:03

Today's summary - 2019-04-01 (RINA) 39iLxaW

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